How To Make Felted Soap | DIY Felt Soap Bars

How To Make Felted Soap Bars

Hello fellow crafters!

We are excited to share a very cool way to turn soap into beautiful, hand-crafted felt soap bars. Allow us to introduce you to felted soap!

Felted soap is any bar of soap that has been wrapped in wool or alpaca fleece, and wet-pressed into place. You may want to felt your soap for many reasons, including the fact that it lengthens the longevity of your soap bars, adds to the suds allowing for a very rich lather, and it is much easier to hold. Plus, it brings some color into the shower. A felted bar of soap replaces both the bar of soap in your shower as well as the loofah you are using, and it is very exfoliating.

Go ahead! Give soap felting a try. It is easy to felt soap and we are going share with you just how we do it. But a little warning, this is fun AND addictive. 


Here is what you do to make your own felted soap bars.

Felted Soap Bars | Here is what you need:

  • Wool roving. I would suggest buying a variety pack of wool roving colors because I guarantee your first bar will not be your last!
  • Bars of soap. You can use your favorite bar of soap or even your own handmade soap bars to make felted soap
  • Water
  • Nylons that you won't need any more

How To Make Felted Soap Bars

Check out this colorful variety pack (above) we found on Amazon right here

Felted Soap Bars | Here is what you do to make felted soap:

1. Choose the colors of wool roving you will use.

2. Loosen the wool roving and place around your bar of soap. Here you can mix your colors a bit or get artsy and make a bit of a design! You will want it not too thick and not too thin. Just make sure you can't see the soap through the wool felting at all.

3. Cut the "legs" off of your nylons. You should have two to do 2 felted soaps at a time if you want to try doubles.

4. Carefully place your wooly soap into the foot of a nylon, careful enough to keep your pattern in place.

5. Tighten nylon around the soap with it inside, wrapping the remainder of the nylon leg around the soap so it is snug.

6. Time to felt your soap! Run the nylon covered felted soap under some hot tap water and alternate between hot and cold water. You will want to get that soap a bit sudsy so it gets into those wool fibers. You can even rub the two soaps together if you wanted to try two at a time.

7. Once you feel the felted soap is quite soaked and has gone from hot to cold water several times, it is time to let the soap sit. Set the soap aside somewhere to rest for 15-20 minutes.

8. Once the felted soap has rested and has dried ever so slightly, it is time to take it out. So very, very carefully, unravel your nylon and gently take out your felted soap. There may be some felting fibers that come off in the nylon, that is ok.

9. Find a place to let your felted soap dry out undisturbed for 1-2 days.

How To Make Felted Soap Bars10. After 1-2 days, your felt soap is ready to use, gift and give away! Congratulations! Wasn't that easy!?

We hope you love this quick and easy DIY felted soap tutorial! Be sure to save a Pin to your craftiest or your homemade gift ideas Pinterest board, we would appreciate that!

Until next time, stay crafty!

How To Make Felted Soap Bars

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