9 BEST Unicorn Bath Bombs & Fizzies [2024]

best unicorn bath bombs

Here are the best unicorn bath bombs for this year. We know that you are here because you are looking for some amazing bath time ideas for a spa night at home or for a gift idea. Look no further, we have found some magical shops for you to explore. 

Adults enjoy unicorn bath bombs so much and they are so much fun to watch fizzle away into an explosion of colors in your bath water.

And if you love the feeling of natural oils on your skin like shea butter, you are going to fall in love with these luxury bath items that we have found by some handmade sellers.

best unicorn bath bombs

Keep in mind that some of these cute sets are limited editions or made in small batches so that actual photos below could be sold out. But keep checking your favorite shops to see what's new. 

Best Unicorn Bath Bombs

1. Unicorn Bubble Bath Bombs

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This extra large fizzy is made with natural ingredients that are perfect for sensitive skin. And their bath bombs won’t stain your tub.

Customers are raving about the long lasting bubbles in your bath water which you normally don't get in a regular bath bomb. So if you love a bath bomb bubble bath, this is perfect for you.

colorful unicorn bath bomb

2. Cute Unicorn Bath Bombs

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This Etsy shop makes totally adorable unicorn bath bombs that are all handmade. These are sure to be a big hit for that unicorn lover in your life.

And this shop makes them extra special by hand painting all of the magical details.

unicorn shaped bath bombs

3. Unicorn Gift Set

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You will certainly be relaxing the night away in warm water with this unicorn bath bomb gift set. These bath fizzies are all handmade with essential oils.

It's all wrapped up with a cute pink gift box so if you are looking for a nice gift idea, then check it out.

Customers who used these mention that they smelled great and they had fizzy fun.

There's even some cute unicorn jewelry sitting on top for extra bling, just make sure that these are not used around children. Read the complete review to see what customers are saying about this gift set.

unicorn bath bomb gift set

4. Unicorn Deluxe Set

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Here's a colorful set that's made with jewelry inside the bath bombs. Each one has a surprise inside. This company uses skin loving ingredients with aromas like orange, blueberry and strawberry. They have perfected the citric acid and baking soda formula so that they really fizz in the bath.

Each bath bomb contains skin moisturizing shea butter for extra soft and smooth skin for personal care. While they fizz away they release essential oils and will make your bathroom smell amazing. Perfect for someone who loves surprises. When dropped into the tub rainbows start shooting out all over. So fun!

unicorn bath bombs 

5. Unicorn Poop

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Adorable colorful mini unicorn poop shaped bath treats that are handmade in small batches. A perfect gift idea for those who love lots of colorful fizzy fun. This shop really takes the time and care to make their bath products and these can be used on normal and sensitive skin.

"Exactly as described, great price, can’t wait to hand them out as bridal shower favours!"

unicorn poop bath bombs

6. Unicorn Bath Bomb Eggs

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You will find large unicorn egg toy bath bombs in this shop. They will foam and fizz and to reveal a colorful rainbow that any fairytale lover will be delighted to use.

"If you have a custom request for color, scent, larger quantities and/or custom labels, please message us with the details and we can work something out."

unicorn egg bath bomb fizzies

7. Glittery Unicorn Bath Bombs

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All of the good things are in this glittery shaped bath bomb. 5 stars goes out to this handmade shop who loves to make bath treats.

This Etsy shop also has cute donut fizzies and other fun shapes you might love. The glittery mica powders just takes this to the next level of fun.

"The seller was excellent to work with and I got the items quickly!"

cute unicorn head bath bombs

8. Handmade Unicorn Fizzies

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NMJ is a family owned and operated business that works together to create fun and whimsical bath bath & body products. These cute unicorns that fizz away into a rainbow of colors make a perfect gift idea for the horse lover in your life.

"I absolutely loved this product!! Great scent, gorgeous color, and left my skin feeling so moisturized!"

best unicorn bath bombs

9. Da Bomb Unicorn Fizzies

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Handmade in the USA using the right ingredients for an amazing soak full of color just like a rainbow sherbet bath. Did you know that the da bomb company was founded by two teenage sisterpreneurs? They started out with small batches and have grown into a really big company!

You are going to have the best experience using these colorful bath treats, and they smell so good.

"All our bombs are handmade in the USA. We used to make all the bombs ourselves but, due to increasing demand, we eventually hired some people to help us."

unicorn bath bombs

There's nothing quite like a bath bomb to help relax. Whether you're looking for some self care after a long day or just wanting to add a little bit of fun to your bath time routine, bath products that fizz are the perfect way to do it!

These bath treats often contain essential oils and other ingredients that can help to soothe and relax your body and mind. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors and scents, so you can always find the perfect bath bomb for your mood.

And if you're feeling extra creative, you can even make your own bath bombs at home or buy a bath bomb making kit! So why not give them a try? You might just find that they're the most fun you've had in the bathtub in a long time.

how to use a bath bomb

How to use a bath bomb:

Bath bombs are such a simple concept, yet they are so satisfying to use. There is nothing quite like dropping one into a bathtub and watching it fizz and foam, releasing its intoxicating aroma into the air.

But how does one go about using a bath bomb? The first step is to fill up your bathtub with nice warm water. Then, you will want to gently place the bath bomb into the water. As soon as it hits the water, it will start to fizz and dissolve.

Now, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the show! The bath bomb will release colorful bubbles and fragrant oils, creating a luxurious experience that will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

So don't be afraid to try out a bath bomb next time you're in need of some relaxation. And for those who love a little bubble bath they also come in bubble bath bombs too!

how to use a bath bomb

Did you find a perfect unicorn bath bomb from this list?

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best unicorn bath bombs


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