14 Best BATH BOMB GIFT SETS They will love [2024]

where to buy bath bombs online

Here are some of the best bath bomb gift sets for this year.

Bath bombs are everywhere and you can easily purchase them online as a bath bomb gift set. If you are into a luxurious soak then a bath bomb is your BFF when it's tub time.

Relaxing bath bombs make soaking in the tub super nourishing for your skin, it is totally the best experience.

And the aroma just puts your mind at rest, which is something to look forward to on those busy days when all you want to do is get home to a nice hot bath.

best bath bomb gift sets

Candlelit baths paired with a fragrant and skin-loving bath bomb and maybe some Epsom salt is a perfect way to end your day and help prepare you for a good night's sleep.

And let's not forget that they make the perfect gift for any occasion for the bath lover in your life.

So let's hang the do not disturb sign, make the best essential oils for your bath and soak up the best bath bombs gift set ideas.

In this bath bomb set round-up, here are our top choices for natural bath bombs, fizzy bath bombs, large bath bombs and more from Amazon, Etsy & from luxury shops.

Best Bath Bomb Gift Sets

1. Natural Bath Bombs | Set Of 6

Check Price On Amazon

Handmade, all natural bath bomb set that includes vegan and organic bath bombs. This set checks off all the boxes for a great soak. They make their bath bombs with pure essential oils and feature extras like dead sea salt and vitamin E.

Each bath bomb in this bath bomb gift set comes individually wrapped and labeled so you know exactly what aroma you are getting at bath time. Get ready to experience clean, rich bubbles and the most glorious soak.

Amazon Bath Bomb Gift Set


2. Donut Shaped Bath Bombs

This is our top pick for a bath bomb gift set! We just love the donut and shapes of these bath bombs. This bath bomb gift set comes in such cute packaging too. 

best bath bomb mold sets on amazon
If someone in your life is already a bath bomb fan, then this is a great gift idea. Cute cupcakes, 3D shapes, and adorable donuts make this set unique and totally giftable.

Coconut Oil Bath Bomb

3. 360 Feel Bath Bombs | Set Of 10

Check Price On Amazon

In this bath bomb gift set, you get 10 large tennis ball size! These bath bombs are made in the USA by a family-owned company. They source only high-grade ingredients.

They thank everyone who supports their work as they make bath goodies the only fashioned way. Their bath bomb gift sets are all hand-packed so that they are ready for gift giving.

best bath bomb sets you can buy online

4. Life Around 2 Angels | Set Of 12 Bath Bombs

Check Price On Amazon

This luxurious bath bomb gift set comes in 12 relaxing aromas. This company makes all of their bath bombs right in California with premium, naturally found ingredients from the USA.

These bath bombs are formulated for normal/dry skin and come gift-wrapped and ready for using or giving the moment they arrive.

Perfect to purchase online for gift ideas and for yourself of course! Speaking of relaxing soaks, check out the article on where to get the best bathtub caddies and trays from Sugar Me Beauty.

best bath bomb sets to buy online

5. Aofmee Bath Bombs | Set Of 14

Check Price On Amazon

This is some of the best packaging we've seen, it's just so giftable. You can surprise your loved one on Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day or any day you need to show up with something special and amazing. If your loved one loves to take a bath then this set is a perfect surprise.

best bath bomb sets you can buy online

6. Bulk Bath Bomb Set | Set Of 50

Check Price On Amazon

This bulk set of bath bombs are moisturizing and are totally luxurious. If you are looking to purchase bulk bath bombs and make them into smaller gift boxes or sets, or if you are looking to gift someone with enough bath bombs to enjoy 1 a week for almost an entire year, this is the set to choose!

There are 10 types of bath bombs in the box, and 5 bath bombs for each type totaling 50 pieces in one beautiful gift box.

Bulk Bath Bomb Gift Set 


7. Large Gift Pack Of Bath Bombs | Set of 24

Check Price On Amazon

This bath bomb gift set comes with 24 bath bombs in four smaller boxes so you can divide them up if you are giving them as gifts.

This bath bomb set is great for birthdays, Mother's Day and other occasions and makes a good little gift to keep on hand when you need a little something. This company makes their bath bombs from organic grape seed oil, shea and cocoa butter as well as organic coconut oil so your skin will feel fantastic!


best bath bomb sets to buy online


8. La Bomb Ultra Bath Bombs | Set of 42

Check Price On Amazon

Whoa! If you are looking for a serious bath bomb gift, then this set comes with 42 bath bombs! Each bath bomb comes individually wrapped so you can even split this set up and give multiple gifts out, especially for stocking stuffers or to keep on hand for birthdays.

Don't forget to save a few for yourself too! These would also be amazing if you have an air b'n'b and want to have something special for your guests to enjoy, and they smell absolutely heavenly.

best bath bomb sets on amazon


9. Biodegradable Glitter, Eco Friendly Bath Bomb Set

Check Prices On Etsy

This company makes the sweetest bath bomb designs. They source products that are not tested on animals and their glitter is biodegradable. We are so happy to see more and more companies switching over to biodegradable glitter.

Not only are their bath bombs eco-friendly, they also carry that into their packaging and only use biodegradable peanuts that are made from cornstarch. They have a huge selection of handmade bath bombs sets just like these adorable macarons.

best bath bomb sets you can buy online

10. Cricket N Willow Large Organic Bath Bomb Sets

Check Price On Etsy

This company has a large selection of bath bomb sets to choose from for the bath bomb addict in your life. They give free shipping for orders over $35.

Their bath bombs are made with organic oils and ingredients, and they come in many different aromas and sets to choose from. If you love lavender, lemongrass, and jasmine, check them out for sure!

best bath bomb sets you can buy online

11. The Burlap Barn Company Bath Bombs

Check Price On Etsy

If you LOVE just pure whole essential oils, then check out this company. They provide the ultimate bath experience with their plant-based bath bombs that will give your skin the extra moisturization it needs.

They have several different bath bomb sets to choose from and offer free shipping on orders over $35. If you love oatmeal bath bombs for sensitive skin, or if you are looking for naturally scented bath bombs with pure essential oils, they offer those too.

best bath bomb sets you can buy online

12. Bathorium Bath Bombs

Check Prices On Bathorium

For those who LOVE Bathorium, you can head on over to their online store right now and pick out your favorite bath bombs. You can grab a few different singles and make your own sets or purchase their Snooze Bath Bomb Pack of 4 for a goodnight sleep.


best bath bomb sets online bathorium


13. Grow And Make Bath Bomb Kits

Check Prices Here

If you want to try your hand at making your own bath bombs for someone or give your loved one a kit to try, then this bath bomb making kit is the bomb! We had a chance to collaborate with Grow And Make and can tell you that their kits are top of the line.

It has everything you need to start making your own bath bombs including all of the necessary natural ingredients, essential oils and decorative features to make them exactly how you like them.


best bath bomb kits online


We hope this list helped you find the perfect bath bomb gift packs! Keep checking back because we will update this bath bomb gift guide as we find more amazing companies to feature.

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