Review: Grow And Make Bath Bomb Kits [2023]

grow and make bath bomb kit review

This is a review of the bath bomb DIY kit from Grow And Make. Bath bomb kits are for those who want to try making their own bath bombs at home. They are great because everything you need to get started is in the kit. 

We had a chance to get a bath bomb making kit in from Grow And Make to review. This company makes all kinds of unique kits and we were happy to be able to collaborate with them to show you guys exactly what you get!

What we noticed right from the beginning is the packaging. It's gorgeous and those bright colors grabbed our attention right away. This kit would make a beautiful gift for crafters because whoever designed the packaging really got it right!

bath bomb kits


This kit really allows you to get a feel for making bath fizzies because you get enough of the basic ingredients and extras for a nice sized batch.

Grow And Make Bath Bomb Kit Review

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When you open it up, there's an easy to read pamphlet telling you everything that is included, as well as easy to follow instructions and other tips and tricks to help you make the bath bombs the right way.

This bomb kit will make up to about ten small bath bombs, which is great for any person wanting to try bath bomb-making for the very first time.

grow and make bath bomb making kit review

There's a bath bomb recipe card that's included. On one side is a rose and calendula bath bomb recipe. On the other side, there is a lavender bath bomb recipe. If you love lavender, then you are going to enjoy making the bath bomb recipe with the essential oils.

grow and make bath bomb making kit recipe card

It doesn't say where the lavender oil is from but it does smell fresh and inviting. You can also add in your own extra ingredients too.

So if you have your own dried flowers or eco friendly mica glitters feel free to play around and add those in! It is easy and fun to get creative when making your own bath bombs!

grow and make bath bomb making kit review

You can see that everything is clearly labeled and super easy to use, which is great if you are using this kit to learn the basics of bath bomb-making.

grow and make bath bomb making kit review

This bath bomb kit comes with everything you need: baking soda, citric acid, Epsom salts, as well as the aromatic oils, herbs, and colors.

It also comes with bath bomb molds, so you don't have to purchase anything extra to make your own DIY bath bombs.

grow and make bath bomb making kit review

grow and make bath bomb making kit review

There's nothing like a relaxing bath at the end of a long day and when you make your own bath bombs you know exactly what's in it.

These bath bombs are so easy to make and the possibilities are endless when it comes to flavors and herbs.

Whether you're looking for a soothing lavender bath bomb or a colorful explosion of herbs there's a recipe out there for you. And the best part is that you can customize your bath bomb to exactly suit your needs. If you find that the bath bombs are crumbling, you can add a little bit more liquid.

You can also add in bath bomb colorants that you have on hand. If you are looking for a fun gift for a loved one or your mom, these kits are great.

grow and make bath bomb making kit review

grow and make bath bomb making kit review

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In Conclusion:

If you are into making your own bath and body goodies, then check out their shop because it doesn't just end at bath bombs!

They have Sugar Scrub Kits, Body Lotion, Soapmaking Kits and more. These kits are well-made, thoughtfully planned out, and are of very good quality.

You will not go wrong ordering from them. We also got in their Deluxe Hemp Soapmaking Kit to try out and the full review video is up on our YouTube Channel so you can see exactly what they look like.



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More About Grow And Make

This company fully embodies the DIY spirit: they are all about making things yourself, which is something we can sure get behind! The founder, Will Johnson, wanted to start a company that inspired people to use their hands to create.

Their bath bomb kits are not only fun, but they also teach you how to make things from scratch! It's such a great way to learn new things and makes a really great gift for any creative person in your life who would like to learn a new craft!

Grow & Make sources ingredients and supplies from local companies whenever possible, and they do their best to limit packaging materials; reusing and repurposing material as well.

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grow and make bath bomb kit review

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