How To Hang Dry Flowers

How To Hang Dry Flowers

Hang dried flowers can be used in a variety of ways, and they are becoming super popular as a way to decorate your house with and to include in handmade DIY crafts.

Whether you are using hang dried flowers for decorating in a farmhouse style or you have a modern décor theme, dried flowers and greenery are becoming all the rage.

Pairing dried flowers in super cute and unexpected vases creates a really gorgeous look. You are going to want to add dried flowers to all your home décor.

Dried flowers are especially great to use in DIY's and crafts, such as:

  • making DIY paper
  • gift wrap
  • handmade cards
  • wreath making
  • scrapbooking
  • in handmade jewelry
  • in resin
  • candle making
  • soap making
  • bath bomb making
  • in bath salts and scrubs

There are so many ways to include dry flowers in all of your decorating and DIY ideas. You can also hang dry flowers for corsages or accent pieces for cakes and cupcakes! The ideas are endless.

Let's look at how to hang dry flowers and how well the method of hang drying flowers preserves flower integrity, shape and color.

    How To Hang Dry Flowers

    1. Harvest your flowers at early bloom, unless you want your flowers unopened, in which case harvest them right before they open.
    2. Find a dark place you can hang dry the flowers that won't be disturbed by children or pets. A basement, closet or somewhere else dark (and quiet).
    3. Gather your flowers into small bouquets to hang if you plan on putting them in a vase, otherwise hang dry flower stems separately to maintain their shape.
    4. Tie the flower stems together with natural twine from Amazon (you can use this twine in the flower presentation as well).
    5. Hang the drying flowers upside down, undisturbed for 2 weeks.
        How to hang dry flowers

        Hang drying flowers works especially well for flowers that are not super delicate.

        The best flowers to hang dry for color preservation and in shape include:

        • roses
        • rose buds
        • carnations,
        • gerber daisies
        • lavender
        • amaranth
        • baby’s breath
        • globe thistle
        • celosia
        • herbs
        • hydrangea
        • salvia
        • sea holly
        • strawflower
        • yarrow
        There are many varieties of flowers that will work great for hang drying. The best way to find out is to try them yourself and you can even keep track of these in a flower drying notebook! (Check out flower drying journals and notebooks in the dried flower store on Amazon).

          Hang drying flowers takes a long time (if you consider a few weeks long), although hang drying flowers gives you beautiful results and flowers for arrangements, wreaths and other artistic and decorative uses.

          There are other methods you can use to dry flowers, and these include microwaving, pressing and using silica gel.

          If you are interested in drying flowers quickly, as in the same day, you should check out this handy little tool to dry flowers in the microwave. It is called the Microfleur.

          The Microfleur is a patented design that is made in the USA and it works with any conventional microwave and involves pressing the flowers between two plates, putting it into the microwave and pressing start.

          Use the Microfleur over and over again for quickly dried flowers with amazing flower color retention. It comes in two sizes.

          Check price of 9" Microfleur on Amazon here

          Check price of the 5" Microfleur on Amazon here

          Here are some more helpful resources you may be interested in:

          The Flower Drying Store on Amazon

          How To Dry Flowers In A Book

          DIY Bath Salt Recipe With Dried Flowers

          We hope you found some great information on how to hang dry flowers, as well as some ideas on how to use your hang dried flowers!

          Be sure to save a pin for your Pinterest board, we would appreciate that.

          How To Hang Dry Flowers

          Have a crafty day.

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