How To Make A Bee Bath | BEE BATH DIY [2024]

How To Make A Bee Bath |  Bees Need Water

We are going to show you step by step how to make a bee bath. During the hot summer days, the sun is scorching and the hours are long and bright.

Often, depending on where you are, it can be accompanied by drought and dry spells, which is not good for our black and yellow thirsty bee friends who keep our flowers pollinated.

Just like humans, the bees get thirsty and need water to drink. It is something that many people do not think about, but if you want to do something to help those thirsty bees, what you can do is make a bee bath.

A bee bath will not only give thirsty bees a drink, but it will also help save them from landing in chlorinated pools or drowning in pet water dishes that have been left outside.

A bee bath is the perfect solution to help the bees get the water they need safely, and it is something you can do to help save the bees.

bee bath diy

A bee bath is a simple, quick DIY project that you can make using tools you likely have around your house. 


A bee bath is made using a shallow basin with only 1 inch of water in it, filled with rocks, marbles or gems creating a landing surface for bees to walk to the water safely while maintaining a dry body.

A bee bath can help keep bees hydrated and can actually save a hive from dehydration.

Have you ever noticed a puddle on the ground where maybe you had a dripping hose creating a wet spot outside? So often you will find a thirsty little bee nearby, trying to get a drink of that water. You can help quench this thirst and help save the bees yourself by making a bee bath!

How To Make A Bee Bath


Using a ceramic water saucer is a great idea. Just be sure to use one without a draining hole. Try not to use anything made of metal, as it will heat up the water in the sunshine.

It can sometimes be difficult to find a plant pot saucer on its own if you don't have one, but something you can use (which would be super cute) would be a succulent planter. They are shallow and are often ceramic.

Keep in mind, most succulent planters have a drainage hold so you would be to find one without a drainage hole or one with a plug, like this white ceramic succulent planter with an acacia wood stand on Amazon

how to make a bee bath


Landing stones can be anything from rocks, marbles, gems (on Amazon), gemstones or anything you can think of that won't absorb the water that they are sitting in. 

You can also use natural stones from around your house, gather a few large ones, and the rest in a smaller size.

bee bath diy


This is so they won't get their legs or abdomen wet. You want them to be able to walk to a damp spot so they can lick the water with their tongue, also known as their proboscis.

The danger with bees getting their water from an open water source is that once they get immersed in the water or get too wet, they are not able to take off again.

With a bee bath, they can land on the safe rocks and walk to the edge of the water source. A bee bath can help save the bees.

bee bath diy


Place your bee bath somewhere where you see bees often. Somewhere in partial sun, partial shade, somewhere near flowers. Watch the bees come in.

bee bath diy

Water is a critical part of a bees life. They need it to help make food, to maintain an optimal temperature in the hive for their brood and for so many more reasons. If they don't have access to water, it can be detrimental to the hive.

easy bee bath diy

You can do your part to help save the bees by adding a beautiful bee bath to your flower garden. And you don't have to make just one.

Add as many bee baths as you would like. It will probably attract butterflies as well.

Just remember to keep it relatively clean and make sure there are a variety of stone sizes so the bees can choose the perfect landing area to get to a nice drink of water.

how to make a bee bath

Another thing you can add to do your part is a bee house or bee hotel.

These are so cute and look great hanging on the outside of a shed or in a garden somewhere.

And remember, the more bees you attract, the better your blooms will be. You want these beautiful pollinators around your yard. We need to do everything we can to help save the bee population. 

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bee bath diy

bee bath diy

Here is the bee bath that we made. This was made using items from around the house. You can make the bee bath any way you would like.

You can make it natural looking, or you can use some really beautiful objects and put the bee bath in your garden as decoration.

how to make a diy bee bath


We hope you enjoyed this post! Be sure to PIN it to your garden Pinterest board. You help these little bees and they will help you grow those amazing flowers and fruit and vegetables. Give the bees a drink :)
bee bath diy


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