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best places to buy succulents online

There's one thing that melts my heart every time I see it, and that's the little succulent that sits right here on my desk. If you adore these cute little plants too, then you will be pleased to know that yes, you can purchase succulents online! It's so easy to find the perfect succulent plants to green up your space. Thankfully there's quite a good selection of companies that are selling succulents online.

All of the companies that we'll share below has a really great variety of succulents to choose from too. You can grab a mini pack of small starter plants or go all out and grab a whole collection of pastel succulents. You can even get little starter cuttings. Delivered right to your door.

If you are updating your space or home office, or want to bring in some greenery into your kitchen, then live plants might be that extra touch you have been looking for. Succulents are perfect for adding greenery without much fuss at all. There are so many reasons why I'm obsessed with these little gems.

buy succulents online on amazon


Succulents can be planted into almost anything, like a special cup or a painted jar so it's super easy to decorate with them. My favorite way of displaying succulents is each one in its own little planter. They just look so totally cute that way and then you can really begin to appreciate each plant on its own.

Also, succulents are so easy to care for and they barely need any water so if you are the kind of person who forgets to water your plants or like plants that are pretty much carefree, then these are the perfect ones for you! 

Succulents are not expensive, you can get them at really great prices. You can buy succulents in bulk too so you can get a really great variety of colors and textures. And guess what, you can easily take a cutting from a succulent and make even more succulents.

I was browsing on Amazon and found some really great deals from a few sellers. Here are some of the top sellers with really good feedback. We will try to get some in for a review and closer look so that you know exactly what you will receive.


1. Premium Pastels Fully Rooted Succulents by Shop Succulents

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These premium succulents come in beautiful soft pastel tones. The succulents are hand-selected and they are shipped in 2-inch square pots that are fully-rooted in soil. This company takes great precautions to ensure that your plants arrive healthy and safe. Shop Succulents also offers a guarantee (see the listing for specifics) so if your succulent arrives damaged or unhealthy, they will look after you. 

best places to buy succulents online

2. Mini Packs Fully Rooted Succulents by Shop Succulents 

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Another set by Shop Succulents! These assorted plants come in many different package sizes to choose from. You can purchase a pack of 4 all the way up to a huge lot. If you are looking for some really great gifts, pick a larger lot of succulents and then you will always have a plant or two to give away. Or you can use succulents for wedding favors or another event that needs an extra touch of class. These beautiful colors are sure to light up any room!

where to buy succulents online live plants


3. Fully Rooted Pack Of 5 Succulents by Plants For Pets

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A lovely selection from Plants For Pets. Every pack of succulents is handpicked so you will receive a unique variety with this 5 pack. This nursery rotates their stock often so the selection and species of succulents changes every week. This company also has a healthy live arrival guarantee so if you have any problems at all, just contact them for a replacement or refund. Another reason why this company has such great feedback is that they specifically choose succulents that will grow best indoors. If you are looking for some succulents to add to your fairy garden or terrariums, this pack would be perfect for that.

best succulent plants to buy online

4. Radiant Rosette Succulent Collection by Shop Succulents

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Another succulent offering by Shop Succulents. This pack features an array of mini rosettes. You can choose from a pack of 4 all the way up to 256! These come in small 2 inch pots so if you are needing to group a lot of succulents together in one display, you can grab all the succulents that you need all at once. These make perfect wedding centerpieces, party favors, and baby shower gifts for your guests.

mini rosette succulents online

5. Assorted Rosette Succulents by The Next Gardener

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The soft pastel colors of these succulents by The Next Gardner are simply stunning. This seller offers either a set of 4 or 9 plants in a 4" sized pot. They are careful to make sure that you get a variety of plants with your order so every succulent will be unique. The possibilities are endless on how you can use succulents. You can use this set for home decor, display them in a plant holder all together or make a live wreath. See our wreath making post here.

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6. 100 Pack Of Live Succulents

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Ready for succulent cuteness overload? You can get a pack of 100 live succulent plants in bulk! If you need a whole bunch for an event or gift-giving, or if you are making a fairy garden or school project this set will help get you started. Each live succulent comes in a 2" pot that are fully-rooted into the soil. They come in rosette formations and are totally delightful! You will be so excited to open this box when it arrives!

buy succulents online large bulk pacs on amazon

7. Succulent Cuttings by Shop Succulents

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We were excited to see that you can also purchase cuttings! Cutting are so much fun for class projects or to make a whole bunch of your own plants. It's so cool to watch a succulent grow from a cutting! These cuttings come with detailed directions so that you can properly root and care for them as they grow. The cuttings are clipped the very morning they are shipped so that they are as fresh as possible when they arrive at your door. These cuttings ship with no roots and no pots so you will have to grab some soil and a container for that. You can see some options for growing cuttings here on Amazon.

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best places to buy succulents online

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