How To Make Beard Oil | Easy, Organic Beard Oil Recipe

How to make beard oil

Hi there, and welcome! Let's talk men, beards, and beard oil.

Men who have beards. It is very on-trend right now, and I am sure if you are a man with a beard or you have a man with a beard in your life, you know that their beard is likely well taken care of.

One way to take care of a beard is with beard oil. Did you know you can make your own DIY beard oil? You can choose custom oils to use in your beard oil and make a custom blended fragrance that suits the bearded man in your life!

How To Make Beard Oil

How to make beard oil

Making Beard Oil - Directions:

1. Choose A Carrier Oil For Your Beard Oil 

Start your homemade beard oil by choosing a carrier oil. This will be the base of your beard oil. It will provide the nourishing, hydrating qualities for the beard and will carry and dilute the essential oils.

Here are some popular carrier oils to choose from to make beard oil with (you can blend these any way you want, choose 2, 3 or more and blend away!)

Here are our top picks of carrier oils from Amazon for homemade beard oil:

  • Jojoba Oil For Beard Oil: This oil is produced from the seed of the jojoba plant. It is popular in cosmetics and is often used to make moisturizers, shampoo and conditioners, and other products for skin, hair, and nails. You may find it has a very mild, nutty odor.
  • Sweet Almond Oil For Beard Oil: Comes from the nuts produced by the sweet almond tree and also has a soft, sweet nutty odor, which is very mild. It is also used in many moisturizers as it absorbs quickly into the skin. Sweet almond oil is recommended as an addition to another carrier oil as it can spoil easily on its own, especially if it is kept in a non-tinted bottle to prevent UV ray break down of it.
  • Argan Oil For Beard Oil: Popular for hair care and is produced from the seed of the fruit on the argan tree in Morocco. It is used in hair products because of the high amount of fatty acids which is very good for hair, but the people of Morocco use the seed oil for bread dipping!
  • Avocado Oil For Beard Oil: One of the few oils not derived from the seed, but from the green flesh of the fruit. It is used often in the cosmetic industry due to its quick absorption rate. It is often referred to as hair food!
  • Coconut Oil For Beard Oil: Extracted from the meat of matured coconuts, this oil has really become popular over the past 5 years. Due to its extremely high level of saturated fatty acids (82.5% of it is saturated fatty acid by weight of total fat), it has been used in the beauty industry as skin moisturizer, lip balms, hair masks and moisturizer, as toothpaste in oil pulling, as massage oil and as the base in many soaps! It is solid at room temperature though, so a few seconds in the microwave before you add to any other oils is advised. Coconut oil is a popular oil in beard oil-making.

How to make beard oil

Check prices on Amazon here

Just some advice, make sure if you are making this beard oil as a gift for someone, that they do not have a nut allergy when choosing your oils, such as almond oil.

2. Choose Essential Oil For Beard Oil Fragrance

Choosing an essential oil to add fragrance to your homemade beard oil is the super fun part of this whole beard oil project. This is where you give your beard oil personality!

You can choose the scents you like best if you are making this beard oil for yourself, or you can try to make a custom scent that matches the person who is receiving the beard oil as a gift. You can be as creative as you want with these beard oils fragrances or fragrance blends.

Here are some of the most popular essential oils for men and are the top choices of essential oils from Amazon:

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If you really are not sure where to start if you are just getting to know the fragrances, I would suggest buying a small pack of several different essential oils. We really like this essential oil variety pack by Now Foods from Amazon.

You get a great variety of essential oils and you can really get a chance to experiment with different scents and find the blends you love.


Homemade Beard Oil | Essential Oil | Amazon


3. Create Custom Beard Oil Blends For Homemade Beard Oil

You can blend essential oils for beard oils however you want to. I would recommend 4-10 drops per 2oz bottle. Try a few drops of sandalwood with a drop of lemon, or half clove, half lavender. The options are endless, and it is so fun to play with scents.

A great tip is to try filling half your bottle with your choice or blend of carrier oils and then blending your essential oils in, because you can always dilute the scent with more carrier oil if you feel it is too strong.

And yes, having some coffee beans nearby to smell in between mixing will help your nose distinguish between scents.

Not all essential oil is the same, which many of you may know if you are soap makers. We recommend using NOW brand for all of your essential oil needs. They are pure and are certified organic. They are also great for aromatherapy diffusers if you are wondering what to do with all of your leftover essential oils when you are done blending for your beard oils.


Check price of diffuser on Amazon here

4. Put Homemade Beard Oil Into Proper Bottles

If you are making your own beard oil, you are going to want to make sure you have the proper beard oil bottles ready to go. When we say proper, we are referring to something small that is dark colored because over time, UV rays can break down the homemade beard oil and the benefits or fragrance of your beard oil, which is something you don't want after making the perfect custom blend and aroma.

We also recommend something that comes with its own eyedropper lid so your bearded man doesn't pour too much. You want this beard oil to last.

Check out these 1-2 oz bottles from Amazon. They are dark colored, small, and come with an eye dropper lid. These beard oil bottles also come with decorative stickers for you to label your essential oil blends. You might want to consider labeling them with the essential oils used so you will remember the exact blend for the next time you make them.


How To Made Beard Oil

5. Properly Store Homemade Beard Oil

Once you have your custom homemade beard oils, the next step is to store them properly. The essential oils will last a long time on their own, but carrier oils have a much shorter shelf life and once the carrier oils go bad, they don't smell so pleasant anymore.

For proper homemade beard oil storage, make sure you:

  • Keep beard oil in dark bottles
  • Make sure beard oil bottles are kept in a cool, dry place
  • Make sure the lid on beard oil is kept tight. The less oxygen that can get in, the better. Oxygen will break down the carrier oils much more quickly through oxidization
  • Write the expiry date on the beard oil bottles. If you are using brand new carrier oils, 6 months is be a good timeline.

Most carrier oils have a shelf life of 1-2 years depending on the oil. However, by the time they are bottled and get to you from wherever you order from, it could take a few months. That is why we are suggesting 6 months as your expiry timeline.

Homemade beard oil is such a special gift that can be just as fun making and blending them for that special person, as it is receiving them. If you are continuing with that homemade theme, be sure to check out our very own printable paper section. We have an assortment of cards you can print, including Father's Day cards, as well as great "manly" papers you can make into some amazing cards or gift wrapping.

We also wrote a post on Gift Ideas For Men With Beards that you may want to check out as well!!

Men with beards need beard oil

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How To Make Beard Oil

How To Make Beard Oil

Thanks so much, have a splendid day!

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