October 13, 2018


One month of the year, men are challenging one another to grow unruly, stylish facial hair. Why, you ask? Because of a movement called, Movember.

What is Movember? Movember is a 30-day challenge for men to not shave their faces, to raise awareness and pledge money while doing so. It occurs during the month of November, and the slogan is to "grow a mo [moustache] save a bro", thus Movember. Funds raised benefit prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health, and suicide prevention. It is a great cause, and now you can help support a Movember man in your life as we list the best Movember gifts of 2018!

As a woman, married to a manly man who is no stranger to the beard, I know that Movember is coming, as on Halloween night, that young babyface appears like a full moon. Shaved to a clean start for the following first day of Movember.

I personally think it's great and it's fun, and by the end, I am happy to hand hubby the trimming tools. But I also want him to know I support him and all of the Movember men in my life, and here is a crafty way how, whether you are gifting him at the beginning of his Movember journey, or congratulating him at the end.

Allow me to introduce THE MOVEMBER BOX

The Movember Box

Step One 

Decide the items that you will fill the Movember box with! We have come up with a list of ideas and suggestions for you to choose from: choose a few or choose them all! We've brainstormed our very best for you below!

Beard Trimming Tools

You want to inspire him, support him, and let him know that when it's over, that beard gets trimmed! So personally, I like to add a great beard groomer and fancy razor. My husband has been using the Harry's razor for years and swears by it. It is an excellent razor, and one that feels heavy in your hand. It has a flex hinge to contour the face and has 5 blades per cartridge. It is also excellent cost-wise compared to the other brands you get at your local store. (HINT: These also make amazing Christmas presents for every man in your life to your jump start your Christmas gift buys!) We have also included the Philips Norelco Multi Groomer as our choice beard trimmer. We like that it has so many versatile functions that include ear and nose trimmers, and it can run for 5 hours on a charge.


Harry's Razor Kit

Philips Norelco Multi Groomer

Beard Oil

Adding a handmade touch will allow you to really show how well you know him by creating a custom blend. Here is an easy recipe you can hand-craft, tailored just for him!

Step 1: Buy a dark colored, 1-2oz bottle with an eye dropper lid.  I say dark colored because after time, UV rays can break down the oil and its benefits or fragrance. I like these bottles, they come with decorative stickers for you to label your blends!

Amber glass bottles with labels

Step 2

Choose a carrier oil. This will be the base of your beard oil. It will provide the nourishing, hydrating qualities for the beard and will carry and dilute the essential oils. Here are some popular carrier oils to choose from (you can blend these any way you want, choose 2, 3 or more and blend away!):

  • Jojoba oil: This oil is produced from the seed of the jojoba plant. It is popular in cosmetics and is often used to make moisturizers, shampoo and conditioners, and other products for skin, hair, and nails. You may find it has a very mild, nutty odor.
  • Sweet almond oil: Comes from the nuts produced by the sweet almond tree and also has a soft, sweet nutty odor, which is very mild. It is also used in many moisturizers as it absorbs quickly into the skin. Sweet almond oil is recommended as an addition to another carrier oil as it can spoil easily on its own, especially if it is kept in a non-tinted bottle to prevent UV ray break down of it.
  • Argan oil (Popular for hair care) is produced from the seed of the fruit on the argan tree in Morocco. It is popular in hair products because of the high amount of fatty acids, but the people of Morocco use the seed oil for bread dipping! (DISCLAIMER: DIY Craft Club does not endorse the dipping of bread in your beard oil, but cannot control the breadcrumbs that accumulate in an oiled beard.)
  • Avocado oil: One of the few oils not derived from the seed, but from the green flesh of the fruit. It is used often in the cosmetic industry due to its quick absorption rate. It is often referred to as hair food!
  • Coconut Oil: Extracted from the meat of mature coconuts, this oil has really become popular over the past 5 years. Due to its extremely high level of saturated fatty acids (82.5% of it is saturated fatty acid by weight of total fat), it has been used in the beauty industry as skin moisturizer, lip balms, hair masks and moisturizer, as toothpaste in oil pulling, as massage oil and as the base in many soaps! It is solid at room temperature though, so a few seconds in the microwave before you add to any other oils is advised. Coconut oil is a popular oil in beard oil-making.

Carrier oils to make beard oil

Step 3

Choose an essential oil. Here are some of the most popular essential oils for men (to get that manly smell!)



You can blend these however you want to! I would aim for 5-10 drops per 2oz bottle. Try a few drops of sandalwood with a drop of lemon, or half clove, half lavender! The options are endless, and it is so fun to play with scents. A great tip is to try filling half your bottle and then blending, because you can dilute the scent with more carrier oil if you feel it is too strong. And yes, having some coffee beans nearby to smell in between mixing will help your nose distinguish between scents.

Not all essential oil is the same, which many of you may know if you are soap makers! We at DIY use NOW brand for all of our essential oil needs. They are pure and are certified organic. They are also great for aromatherapy diffusers if you are wondering what to do with all of your leftover essential oils when you are done blending for your beard oils! Add a few drops with water and your home will smell absolutely amazing.

Here is a wood grain cool mist diffuser that is quite popular and looks great in any home, and you can choose from many different wood stain colors:


Cool mist diffuser


  • A Beard shaping tool: a fun add-on tool to manscape his lumberjack-worthy appearance

Beardclass Beard Shaping Tool

  • Plaid: What style would be complete without a timeless plaid shirt? Check out our stylish find, comes in many colors of plaid:

Paid shirt We particularly love the corduroy detail in the sleeve roll and collar!!

  • Funny Mug: We are including this hilarious beard mug, because, he wants to be noticed when his morning coffee cup may be hiding that beardy face. Plus, you can fill it with his favorite coffee beans or candies, and wrap it in cellophane to show him your mad skill.

Beard mug

  • Beard ornaments: Because, you need to laugh too ;) Plus, imagine him at your next ugly Christmas sweater party with these dangling from his beard?  Folks, we're not playing around here.

Decorative Beard Ornaments

  • The Beard bib: This one was actually featured on Shark Tank! Great for catching all those hairs during the mighty shave!

The Beard Bib

  • Nom-a-noms: For a real treat, I would highly recommend some home-made yummy cookies. And if you really want to be the Queen of the theme, we will just leave the link to these little mustache cookie cutters right here. We may or may not personally own this exact cookie cutter set (spoiler: we do!)

Munchstache Cookie Cutter Set

Now that you have chosen some amazing gifts to fill the box with, it's time to CHOOSE A BOX to decorate and fill! I would recommend something that is both durable and one that can be decorated with whatever design you can dream up.

These white boxes have magnetic closures and are great for decorating! Just make sure you evaluate how many items you are going to put in the box before buying just one, as this particular one offers a discount if you buy a pack of five

The Box:

These boxes do have a laminated-like surface, so I would say to either print out pictures and modge podge them on, or try Sharpie's new paint markers to create the design (or do both! These markers are great to embellish a printed picture). We tried and tested these markers ourselves, and think they are pretty amazing:

Sharpie Paint Markers

We also offer a variety of printable paper full of amazing designs that you can print right from your own printer! And they are free, for a limited time. For this project, check out our Movember or our vintage and ephemera paper under our Printables tab! Print one out (did I mention, for free???) cut to size, modge podge it on the lid of the box and add your own artistic flair!

Voila. Movember box done. Top it off with your first pledge or donation! And please, check out www.movember.com to get involved and spread the word. The slogan "grow a mo, save a bro" works only by spreading the word, sharing and showing your support.

We would love to see what you have done with your Movember box!!! Be sure to email us with the uploaded pictures of your creations! We are so excited to see what you came up with!! If you loved this post, click on our website to become a member of DIY Craft Club. We have some pretty amazing projects coming down the pipe, so stay tuned!



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