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Glitter Tumblers | Best Glitter Ideas For Tumblers

Glitter Tumblers

Hands up if you are a tumbler artist, love glitter and have endless creativity! Making tumblers is a really fun hobby to have. A very popular choice among tumbler artists is making glitter tumblers.

Handmade tumblers are gorgeous, light reflecting and totally eye-catching. Once you see one, you really have to have it. 

Glitter tumblers make great gifts for friends, family & loved ones. They are also a top seller if you are in the business of selling tumblers.

There are many different glitter tumbler ideas depending on what kind of glitter tumbler look you are going for. You can make mermaid glitter tumblers, superhero glitter tumblers, unicorn glitter tumblers, custom name, quote glitter tumblers, ombre glitter tumblers, camo glitter tumblers and many more. As a tumbler artist, you are really only limited by your imagination when it comes down to it.

You may be wondering which glitters are the best for making glitter tumblers? There are many different glitters and brands to choose from for creating beautiful tumblers. 

Here are some of the top glitter choices for making stunning and unique glitter tumblers to suit any need or order.

Glitter Tumblers | Best Glitter For Tumblers

Here is the best glitter to buy for glitter tumblers.

1. Glitter For Tumblers: Neon And Holographic Glitter Shaker Jars | Set of 54

Check price on Arteza

These neon and holographic glitter shaker jars are an absolutely must have set to have on hand for creating various looks for you glitter tumblers. This glitter set is certified as non-toxic from Arteza.

Glitter Tumblers

The set of 54 glitter shakers from Arteza comes with a gorgeous variety of different holographic colors. You get glow in the dark shades. Their neons are UV-reactive which means they will react to a range of ultra violet lights creating a glowing, bright effect on your tumbler. How cool is that!?

Glitter Tumblers

This glitter shaker set by Arteza is very often purchased and used for glitter tumblers, and you can click here to see the customer photo reviews of how the glitters look on tumblers for yourself. It's also nice being able to buy all of your glitter needs from the same supplier so the shakers all match, it makes for easy storage.

Glitter Tumblers

2. Glitter For Tumblers: Iridescent Glitter by Nicole Diary

Check Prices On Amazon

Iridescent glitter can add a very whimsical, sparkling effect to your glitter tumbler.  We have this exact set and have used it many times in many different resin art creations! This glitter pack comes with 8 beautiful iridescent glitter colors.

In this glitter pack, there are 4 chunky mixed glitters and 4 fine mixed glitters. The glitter containers are small, but you will love the variety you get in sizes and colors. A little goes a very long way. We would recommend buying these to add accent glitter to your glitter tumbler, as there won't be enough to cover an entire tumbler with them.

Best Glitter For Resin Tumblers

If you are looking to make a fantasy tumbler, a unicorn or fairy-inspired tumbler or something that is just beautiful and whimsical, these glitters come in super gorgeous colors that are quite light-catching and reflective and are great to have on hand.

3. Glitter For Tumblers: Color Shifting Glitter by Backfist Customs

Visit Etsy Shop

You are going to love this glitter shop because they have a ton of glitter to choose from! This shop has over 165,000 sales and their customers keep coming back again and again.

Glitter Tumblers | Glitter Ideas

They have so many kinds of color shifting glitter to choose from, which we think would look gorgeous on a glitter tumbler. This glitter would be perfect for geode resin art and for jewelry too. Use coupon CUPS15 to save 15% on your first glitter order.

4. Glitter For Tumblers: Glitter by Karizma

Check Price On Amazon

Karizma has been an industry leader in making glitter as beauty products, but their glitter is so absolutely gorgeous and would make the most beautiful glitter tumbler.

The glitter colors by Karizma will send you down a rabbit hole of glitter tumbler ideas. Check out their iridescent color below:

Glitter Tumblers | Glitter Ideas

Glitter Tumblers | Glitter Ideas

Check out all of the colors Karizma has to offer on Amazon here.

5. Glitter For Tumblers: 1lb Of Extra Fine Glitter

Check price on Amazon here

This 1lb bottle of gold glitter is one of those staple colors to keep on hand when it comes to making glitter tumblers. Any tumbler artist knows that you can sure go through a lot of glitter, so having some large bottles of glitter on hand can be a life saver. And these 1lb glitter bottles will do just that when you have those big orders coming in!

We are featuring their gorgeous gold here, but you can also get 1lb. bottles of turquoise, red, black, silver and light blue as well.

Glitter Tumblers | Best Glitter Ideas

6. Glitter For Tumblers: Black Glitter by The Glitter Authority

Visit Etsy Shop

This shop has tons of glitter to choose from so you won't have any trouble at all picking out your favorites. We wanted to feature their black glitter as a great glitter for tumblers. For those of you making superhero tumblers, or for you tumbler artists looking to get those fine details in by highlighting a design, this black glitter is beautiful.

Black glitter catches the light in the most subtle way so it makes art and creations look super expensive.

Glitter Tumblers | Black Glitter

If you visit The Glitter Authority on Etsy, prepare to shop around there for a while. They have pages and pages of gorgeous glitters to add to tumblers, you could be searching for a while. They  have a fantastic variety of colors of glitter, shapes and sizes of glitter. Have fun here folks!

8. Vibrant Glitter Packs by Lisa's Bling Boutique

Check Prices On Etsy

This shop has it all, opal, teal, holo glitter, and more for any tumbler design. If you are a tumbler artist then you are going to find your perfect colors in this shop.

This glitter shop specializes in glitters for tumblers and have lots of photos in their listings of some ideas that you can try with their glitter.

See some glitter tumbler inspiration from them here in the comments section

Glitter Tumblers | Glitter Ideas

There are so many different ideas, styles and patterns of glitter tumblers you can make. Just looking at all of these different glitter options, you are bound to be inspired for weeks!


Best Resin Resources


Have fun creating your gorgeous glitter tumblers, and be sure to Pin any photo on this page or bookmark us to come back and share your thoughts and tumblers you created using some glitter we suggested! We can't wait to see which ones you choose and what your creativity comes up with :)

Glitter Tumblers Glitter Guide

Happy creating!

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