9 BEST Gifts For Resin Artists [2024]

Gift Ideas For Resin Artists

Here are the best gifts for resin artists and people who make epoxy resin crafts, jewelry, geode resin art and more.

You must have a resin artist in your life if you are here! We have found many amazing resin products, and ideas that will make a fabulous gift idea for a resin artist.

Let's get right into those gift ideas for resin artists!


Best Gifts For Resin Artists

1. Bulk Crystals

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So many epoxy resin geode artists are finding long clear quartz crystals to add to their geode resin art. Real crystals can be hard to find, but these bulk crystals from Amazon have very high reviews.

They come in 30-50 pieces per order and vary in size. They are unsorted and are natural, sourced from the Harena Mine and because they are natural, there are some which may have a bit of a hue. If you want real crystals these would do the job. 


best gifts for resin artists


2. Fire Glass 

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Do you know what fire glass is? Think of those gorgeous modern fireplaces with that sparkly, reflective glass at the bottom.

We found a supplier that does not tumble the glass before you get it, so it is extremely reflective and luminous!

Plus, it is tempered and it is also available in 10lb. jars so you can do big projects with it! You can also choose between 1/2 size pieces and 1/4 size pieces.

These make great gifts for resin artists who love to work on geode resin art.


best gifts for resin artists 


3. A Heat Gun For Bubbles

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One of the best gifts you can get a resin artist is a heat gun to pop the bubbles. And it is so satisfying to watch them pop haha. If you are pouring resin in layers, you will want to use the heat gun for each layer.

The heat allows the resin consistency to become more fluid so the bubbles are able to escape to the surface and pop. This is one of the must have supplies for resin artists.


best gifts for resin artists


You can also compare the Zap heat gun with other heat gun prices. Here is a selection of different heat guns for price comparison on Amazon right here for you.


4. A Flame Torch

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A torch provides a higher level of heat than a heat gun can and many resin artists prefer using a torch over a heat gun for that reason. However, there is some discussion in the resin community for those artists who like to color their resin with alcohol ink.

Alcohol is flammable, but there is such a small amount of alcohol ink required to color resin with. So it is just something to keep in mind.


best gifts for resin artists 


5. Respirator For Resin Fumes

See The PD-101 Respirator Mask Here

Many resin artists don't have the proper respirator mask when working with resin. This respirator mask has filters that are rated N95 equivalent and they filter gasses and organic vapors.

This safety mask also ticks off the boxes for comfort (as best a full face mask respirator can!) as it has a 'flex-fit' head harness, which means it stays in position once you adjust it to your head.

It is silicone-based around the nasal area, so it is as comfortable as it can be. It also has 5 very easy to adjust straps which can be tightened with just one pull.

The PD-100 mask from Parcil is a one-size-fits all mask due to its adjustable harness. It also has an anti-fog face lens, so don't worry about your breath fogging up the inside visor!

This respirator is a lightweight mask and has high-density elastic straps to make sure the mask actually stays in the place you set it at. No constant adjusting while you are creating your resin art. Simply put it on, adjust it, and forget about it.

And to make sure you get the proper mask and not a knock off, I recommend purchasing it directly from the company, especially since it comes with a 1-year factory warranty.

6. Epoxy Resin

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Epoxy resin is a must have and it's pretty expensive so it definitely makes a great gift idea.

We have worked with many different resins for projects and have a ton of resources for the best resin on our blog.

Epoxy resin is high gloss so your jewelry pieces, thin pours or molds and geodes will turn out super clear and shiny. Resin is also good for making your own dried flower pendants and a must have resin for jewelry making.

Check out this tutorial using epoxy resin from Resin Obsession on Etsy.



7. Resin Colorants 

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Using resin colorants is one of the most fun parts when creating resin crafts. We have searched and searched and have tried so many different ones and have found some great colors that would make a great gift idea.

If you are looking for some amazing colors to add to resin, head on over to the blog post that features some of the best colorants for resin.


best colorants for resin 


8. Resin Paint Pens

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Paint pens are perfect for geode resin art because they have a fine tip so it's super easy to get those fine geode lines.

This particular set makes a great gift idea because it comes with six pens so if your resin artist is making a lot of geodes to sell, they will always have some spares on hand. Nothing like running out of a white pen when you need it!

Watch this tutorial creating some beautiful geode resin art below. In this YouTube video tutorial, we use the Sharpie paint pens to draw our lines on at the end. See if you like how it looks!


See our other YouTube videos here, and be sure to hit subscribe!


9. Silicone Resin Molds

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A silicone resin mold can be used in so many ways. A resin artist will use them to make jewelry, home décor items and even river tables.

With silicone resin molds, the possibilities are endless. Whether your loved one is into making tiny trinkets or large sculptures, they'll be able to find a mold that suits their needs. Plus, silicone resin molds are easy to use and clean.


Did you find the perfect gift idea for a resin artist?

 Whether they love making jewelry, geodes, tumblers or just enjoy resin molds and pours, these are sure to make their special day!

If you still want more ideas, we have many resin articles that might give you some more insight into the perfect gift for the resin artist right here.

Please save a Pin below to your gift ideas Pinterest board. We are always updating our gift guides!


Gift Ideas For Resin Artists

Have a lovely day :)

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