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How To Embed Flowers In Resin | Easy DIY Tutorial

how to cast dried flowers in resin tutorial

Today we are going to show you how to embed dried flowers into epoxy resin to make a beautiful memory flower piece. This dried flower art makes a great gift or precious keepsake.

My son graduated this year and we had such a great time with all of the ceremonies and parties over grad weekend. What a rollercoaster of emotions!

Instead of buying flowers for himself and his date, he decided to pick flowers from our garden to use for his boutonniere and let me tell you, folks, I was holding back the tears watching him in the rose garden picking out his flowers.

resin tutorials and epoxy craft ideas


I just want to have this memory forever and what better way than to turn the rose that he picked into a pretty resin display for all of us to enjoy. Now I get to keep his dried resin flower forever! It's such a nice resin art piece to have on display and adds a nice special touch to our home décor. I just love it!

Be sure that you are familiar with using resin before jumping right into this dried flower resin tutorial. Especially since you are going to be using a one of a kind item like an important flower. You only have one chance to get this right! Also before you use your important flower and cast it into the resin, try a test flower first. There are many reactions that can happen like the color bleeding or even the flowers turning brown so be sure to test, test, test before casting your memory flowers.

how to cast dried flowers into resin tutorial

How To Cast Dried Flowers Into Resin

1. Flowers must be completely dried out before setting them in resin.

There are many ways to dry flowers. Check out our blog post how to dry flowers to see what the best method is to use for your flowers.


2. Prepare all of your supplies ahead of time and have a plan.

You don't want to be searching for something right in the middle of a pour! All of the supplies we used for this floral epoxy tutorial are listed in our Amazon store


3. Choose what you will be pouring the resin onto and prepare your surface.

For this resin tutorial, we used a wooden plaque. Apply two coats of white craft paint and let it completely dry before going to the next step.


Resin Art Supplies On Amazon


4. Arrange your flower before pouring the resin on top.

Once you have a perfect position for your dried inclusion, you can tack it down with a tiny bit of hot glue to keep the arrangement in place while you are pouring the resin on top.


5. Create a well for the resin with painters tape.

The resin will settle in nice and even because it's self-leveling. Be sure to press down on the tape really well so that the resin can’t get through. Take your time with each of these steps to get it perfect, remember there’s only one chance at this.

epoxy resin tutorials


6. Apply the first layer of epoxy resin and wait 5 hours.

In this tutorial, we are putting on one sparkle coat, one base coat and then the last flood coat. This first layer is approximately 80ml and then we added about 1tbsp of glitterThis amount is going to add just a nice sparkle into the background of the piece without covering the rose too much.

epoxy resin flower tutorials


As you are stirring, be sure to scrape the sides and bottom while trying not to stir in too many bubbles. When working with resin it's very important to stir it thoroughly according to the directions of the manufacturer, which on this ArtResin brand is 3 minutes.

When adding glitter or color, you should check with the manufacturer's instructions on how much you can add into the mixture without compromising the reaction that needs to take place between the resin and hardener.

If you have any leaks you can go ahead and fix those areas and go around making sure the tape is secure.


7. Pop any bubbles that rise to the surface with a heat gun.

As the resin starts to settle in, you can start popping the bubbles that are rising to the surface. Check on these every 20 minutes or so.

casting a dried rose into resin tutorial


8. Cover your piece with a box to protect it.

This is an important step so that nothing (like lint) will float onto the surface of your resin flower while it's curing. To cover your curing resin, you can use a box, a Rubbermaid container or anything that will not come close to the surface of your resin art while covering it.


9. After 5-6 hours, you can apply the next layer of epoxy.

For the second coat, we used 50ml of clear epoxy resin. Pop any bubbles that rise to the surface with your heat gun, and again check on it from time to time. Then wait another 6 hours. Cover it up again with the box so that nothing lands on your piece while it's curing.

how to cast a rose into epoxy resin tutorial


If for some reason you can’t add the layers during the gel stage and your piece has gone into a hard cure, you can wait for 24 hours and then sand the surface with 80 grit sandpaper, wipe it clean, and then go ahead and add the next layer.


10. Remove the tape and clean off the edges.

After 5-6 hours you can remove the tape and clean off the edges with 80-100 grit sandpaper.


11. Pour on the final coat of resin.

This is the flood coat and is going to spill over the sides. We used 50mls for the flood coat which is a good amount to cover the piece without too much waste. Also, lay down dome parchment to protect your surface because this is going to drip now. As the resin starts to settle, use a stir stick to get the resin to the edges and it will start to flood down and over your piece.

Repeat the popping bubbles process but this time you’ll want to take your stir stick to smooth away any drips that develop underneath.


12. Remove the tape from the resin.

After about 5 hours you can go ahead and take off the tape. If you have any stubborn spots just use a small screwdriver to help remove the tape.


13. Let your resin art cure for at least 72 hours

Once your resin has fully cured after 72 hours, you are all finished!


Here's the video tutorial on how to embed flowers into resin.


We hope you are using resin safely. If you are not sure how to use resin safely or are interested in why we recommend wearing a respirator for resin, check out our resin safety video below while we show the difference between mica, alcohol ink and acrylic paint as resin colorants:



Should You Wear A Respirator Mask When Working With Resin?

You may also want to read more about whether or not you should wear a respirator mask when working with resin. Check out our article, The Proper Respirator Mask For Working With Resin, where we talk about why you should consider wearing a respirator, what the risks are if you do not wear a respirator, how comfortable one is, and how much you should pay for one.

Read about wearing a respirator mask when working with resin here


Should You Wear A Respirator With Resin?


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how to cast dried flowers into epoxy resin tutorial

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