Best Inkjet Printers For Your Arts & Crafts [2024]

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best inkjet printers for artists and crafters

Here are the best inkjet printers for crafts.

Hi there, so glad you found us because today we are going to help you out with finding the best printer for your arts or craft business. When it comes to searching for the best printers for artists and crafters, it can get overwhelming, we know!

The good news is that we have printed out thousands of fine art pieces and scrapbooking papers over the years so we definitely know what to look for when it comes to searching for the right printer for your arts and crafts.

When artists and crafters are ready to buy a printer for their business or crafting hobby, there are a few things to consider before spending money on any printer. And we will go into all of those important details for you below. Some of these things you may not have even thought of yet!

There are a few things that we can point out about inkjet printers to help you with your decision. And by the end of this article, we are confident that you will be ready to choose the best printer that will work for you.



best inkjet printers for crafters



Best Inkjet Printers For Arts And Crafts

Do you have a shop that sells paper goods like invitations, journal inserts, or planner spreads? Our two choices below will be the best inkjet printers to consider for this.

When we were discussing the best inkjet printers at our last meeting, we came up with the following list of what you should take into consideration before purchasing an inkjet printer for your art business, photography, craft businesses, or Etsy shop.

These suggestions are also great for a home hobbyist that makes their own cards or paper crafts too. So let's get right into what is the best inkjet printers to use for artists and crafters.

First, here are some important questions to consider when choosing the best inkjet printer for your arts and craft business.


1. How Large Can The Printer Print?

You will definitely want the option to print a larger image rather than on just a standard 8.5x11 inch paper.

Choosing a larger format printer will help you in the long run to have the ability to print larger art pieces when the need arises. So if you are using the printer for your art business, you can expand the size of prints that you offer your customers.

And for crafters, the larger format printers will allow you to print a standard size scrapbooking paper, like the ones we have here in our digital goods collections, which is 12 x 12 inches. Also, keep in mind that some printers won't allow for borderless printing which is where it can print all the way to the edge of the paper or canvas.


best selling inkjet printers for artists and crafters

2. Is The Printer Wireless?

I would also suggest a wireless printer so that when you are changing things up in your craft rooms and studios (we always do don't we!), you don't have to worry about the cords of the inkjet printer getting in your way.

The inkjet printer can be placed anywhere you like in your space, even hidden away in a cabinet! That's especially important if you are like me and like to rearrange things from time to time.

This can also be a good option if you want to keep your printer hidden if your studio is also your business front. A wireless inkjet printer is a must-have because then it doesn't need to be sitting right by your computer.


3. Does The Printer Have A Touchscreen Control Panel?

I can't tell you how many times this has saved me time! It makes changing any of the settings so easy with just a touch. You will find touch screen controls in a higher quality inkjet printer.


4. Is There A Scanner?

Do you need a scanner option? A scanner is helpful for many things like scanning in receipts if you are a paperless art studio and good for scanning in the artwork too of course.

Sometimes you might have to scan in some dried flowers for those who make digital paper goods. Most professional artist grade printers do not come with a scanner. If you do need to scan in artwork or fabric, check prices on scanners here on Amazon.


5. What Kinds Of Printing Surfaces Can It Print On?

Some printers will only print on paper while others will print on canvas, thick watercolor papers and even wood or cork! If you are looking for a regular inkjet printer to print on only paper, you will be paying a lot less but then you won't have that option of expanding your printing surfaces.

So I would really take a moment to think about what you want to print on and if it's worth the extra money to get a printer that prints on many surfaces. These types of printers are worth saving up for.



best inkjet printers for artists and photographers


Choose a printer that will print on many surfaces like different types of paper or canvas.


6. How Fast Does It Print?

Over the years I've had some extremely slow printers. They are so annoying! Especially when there are orders backing up. Speed may be a factor for you when you are choosing an inkjet printer. The two choices we suggest below keep this in mind.


7. Are The Inks Archival And Of Good Quality?

So this is super important for artists that want to offer fine art prints and reproductions. Is the printer ink archival and lightfast? And will it deliver rich and vibrant colors on matte and glossy surfaces? Also, the printing resolution is super important for an extremely sharp image. The inkjet printers spray tiny drops of ink onto the surface and the more dots per inch, or DPI, the better the image results will be. 


8. Are There Matte Black And Photo Black Options?

With some printers, you have to change the matte black and glossy black every time you change from matte paper to glossy paper, and then it goes through a cleaning cycle so that sucks back a ton of ink (and money)! Go for a printer that has both options in the ink cartridge holder if you are needing to switch back and forth.


9. How Much Does It Cost Per Print?

Then there are the inks which are expensive. So before committing to a printer, you might want to work out the cost per print and how much ink it will use. We will give you an example of how much it can cost per 8x10 inches for each printer we suggest below.


10.  What Is The Best Printer For My Budget?

Before shopping for your printer you will need to have a budget in mind. The low-end printers are ok but you won't have the quality of printing or extras that go with the higher end printers like the touchscreen and even the ability to print something other than paper, like canvas.

I would suggest saving up to get the printer that fits your needs instead of purchasing one right away that's not as high end if you can.


best selling inkjet printers for artists and crafters


We find that the best inkjet printers that we can suggest for your arts and crafts businesses are those that print larger than 13" and have the ability to print professional quality prints on different surfaces like heavy paper and canvas.

You can get extreme quality out of inkjet printers but not all are the same. Here are our two best choices for the best printers for artists and crafters.



Here are our top two inkjet printer choices in two price categories that we think will work best for your arts and craft businesses.


Important: Check the item descriptions, reviews and also the question section in the Amazon listings for even more details before making a decision.

For the crafter or artist who wants professional results at a lower cost.


1. Canon Pixma Pro 100

Check Price

This inkjet printer is really great for those who need a quality printer at a great price. This printer isn't as fancy as the one below but will get pretty much any printing job that you need completed, no problem.

For the price, we think it's a good printer to have in your craft rooms and studio. This is a good starter printer if you are just getting into art, photography or selling printed paper goods in your shops.

This printer comes with 8 high pigment color cartridges so it produces good quality color prints. And there are three colors dedicated to grayscale so it will produce beautiful black and white prints as well.

This printer is wireless so you can put it anywhere in your studio. It will print high quality 4800x2400 prints. Prints up to 13" x 19" prints and images. Be aware that this printer does not support borderless printing for certain fine art papers and envelopes.

This printer will print on all kinds of media like glossy paper, fine art papers, and canvas. Costs per print (just ink) is about .88 cents for an 8x10 full-color print.


best printers for artists and crafters


For the crafter or artist who needs it all:

2. Epson SureColor P800 17" Inkjet Printer

Check Price

This inkjet printer produces high-quality prints on many surfaces including fine art paper and canvas up to 17 inches. This printer uses Ultrachrome inks that are archival and will last up to 200 years (color) and 400 years (black and white). So this is perfect for professional artists and crafters who sell prints and products that need to last.

This printer has touch screen controls and is wireless, so you can put it anywhere you need to! It has nine 80ml high capacity ink cartridges and allows the user to switch between the photo black and matte black colors easily. This printer will print borderless in many popular print sizes. So if you need to print a quick mini print or piece of scrapbook paper or sticker printouts, this will get those job done perfectly.

You will also be able to print from your smartphones and tablets using the support apps like the Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, or Epson iPrint. This is our top choice.

Costs per print (just ink) is about .70 cents for an 8x10 full-color print.


best inkjet printers for artists and crafters



These two printers do not have a scanner option so if you do need to scan in artwork or different types of fabric etc. you will need to purchase a scanner separately. Have a look at a list of the best scanners here on Amazon.


Thanks for reading our article. If you found this helpful please Pin this to your board.


best inkjet printers for your arts and craft business


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September 22, 2023

Hello..!it was a very useful article.!i want to start printing images from Pinterest so I can do decoupage in shells..!!so I want to print on napkin’s.!which printer do you suggest to have the best results..!I am looking forward for your response.!!

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