Pilot FRIXION Erasable Markers | Unboxing & Review

Pilot FRIXION Erasable Markers | Unboxing & Review

Hi and welcome! Another delivery came in and we were so excited to open the delivery box so we could try out the new Pilot FRIXION erasable markers! We at DIY have been wondering how these markers actually erase, and just how well? So today, we took a closer look and put these markers through some tests. I hope this review helps you make a better buying decision on whether these are right for you.

Here is what we have learned:

Pilot FRIXION erasable markers erase through heat created from friction. They are made from a special thermo-sensitive ink. Just rub the rubber end over the ink to make it transparent.

This particular set comes in 6 colors. Pilot also offers larger packs like sets of 12 and 24 so if you decide these are something you might want to try, there are lots to choose from!

The eraser is right on top of the lid and there's a little nib so your marker won’t roll away on you. This set comes in a fine point. It didn’t say on the package what type of tip was going to be on the marker and since you can’t see the tops of the markers inside the packaging, I wasn’t quite sure what the tip was going to be like until I actually opened it. That is something that I do like to know before purchasing markers.

Pilot frixion review and unboxing

Pilot Frixion marker review


The markers have the color written on them so if you like to swatch, these are super easy but the names are pretty plain especially when you compare them to other brands who go out of their way to come up with fun and creative names for their markers. Stationery lovers like me, notice things like that right away.

But at least there is a name there, I've swatched lots of markers and some don't even have a name which is totally annoying because when I'm working on projects I go straight to my swatch book and then grab the matching pen or marker so when they aren't labeled (with at least a number), I have to come up with my own names or label system. Grrrr. 

Pens and markers might react differently depending on what type of paper you are using them on. I'm using a Leuchtturm A5 Bullet Journal today.

Pilot Frixion Erasable marker review - do they work?

The first thing I noticed, is that they write pretty smoothly. You can see when I lift up, the marker leaves a little dot. The colors in this set are very muted. They are more like a soft pastel. Even the black is more like a charcoal grey than an actual dark black. I like these colors a lot! 

To erase, I had to press down quite hard. The good thing is though is that there are no eraser bits to clean off of the paper! It’s nice and clean. I find it funny because I kept wanting to brush the eraser away, even though there's nothing there! And even though I was erasing quite hard, the paper wasn't tearing up at all. And you can see that there is a little bit or marker left, but overall I think they are pretty good!

Because the ink is thermosensitive, it is not recommended for mailing labels or using in conditions where the temperature fluctuates. And definitely, don’t leave them in a hot car!

I did a quick highlighter test to see how they react to other markers. And there is a lot of smudging going on so I don’t recommend this.

Pilot frixion review highlighter test

I did read on some groups that these markers might be good for those who like to sew because you can mark your lines and then the ink disappears when you iron it. Maybe someone who has tried that can comment if that has worked for you.

These markers don’t dry super fast so be careful about that, but if they do smudge, at least that’s not going to be a problem because you can just go ahead and erase the mistakes.

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And then I checked on the ghosting and you can definitely see it, but it’s not bleeding right through the page. But you can certainly see the marker on the other side. I think I would use these around the edges of my planner for accents and doodles.

pilot frixio erasable markers ghosting

I hope this review helps with your purchasing decision whether these are right for you. Products that we review are given back to our members in craft box giveaways. To become a member, click the become a member link from our homepage and you will be entered!! Till next time, have a colorful day!

Watch the complete unboxing and review below.

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