Rose Doodle Ideas | Simple Floral Doodles Ep. 8

how to draw roses easy tutorials


Hi and welcome. A morning walk through one of our gardens was all it took to know what we were going to be drawing this month! Roses are everywhere! So today we are showing you three different rose doodles that you can use for your journaling and bullet journals.

These are super easy rose drawings that you can try. You can even use these rose doodles for making hand-drawn tags or for cardmaking ideas too!

We couldn't be more happy to share these doodle ideas with you all and we have tons of sketches that we will bring to life in future episodes. Our YouTube channel is growing so quickly and it's a wonderful feeling that you guys are checking in on us every month!

how to draw simple roses

The blossoms of these delicate fragrant flowers are so pretty and vibrant. Especially the bright pink ones. Roses make a perfect subject for practicing doodles and drawing.

We couldn't wait to pick some roses to use as a reference for this rose doodle tutorial. Walking around a flower garden just makes you feel so alive and thankful! And it smells so yummy!

rose drawing tutorials for journaling


Watch the full video tutorial below ↓

1. The first idea for our rose doodle is a pretty rose border design. This would look really nice in a junk journal or for adding an extra pop of color to your bullet journal spreads. Roses are perfect for borders!

There are so many ways to draw roses. We could make a whole season's worth of rose floral videos for you guys!

hand drawn rose doodle elements

2. The second rose drawing idea that we thought would be really pretty is a whimsical rose drawing. This rose doodle is super easy. This rose doodle would look lovely on a handmade card or for a hand-drawn accent to a gift tag.

Another idea would be to grab some plain paper and use it as gift wrap for a small gift item. And it would make such a nice cover spread for your bullet journals too.

easy rose tutorials

3. The third hand-drawn rose doodle is kind of like a handmade sticker. You can draw a few like this and then cut them out to use for your junk journals and bullet planners. I like to use hand-drawn stickers to cover up mistakes or to write a note on. 

whimsical rose drawings

how to doodle and draw roses easy tutorials

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We hope you get some really great inspiration from these rose drawings. And like always, you can use any of the floral doodle ideas from this series in your junk journals, bullet journals, and craft projects. 

Anyone can follow along with these simple floral tutorials, no matter what stage you are at! And we sure hope you do. It's so much fun to draw with others, isn't it! And one of the best things about watching floral doodle tutorials is that you can pause the video any time you need to catch up on the drawing. 

how to draw a rose three ways rose doodle ideas for journaling

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to draw and doodle. It's about having fun and spending a moment or two doing something that you love. 

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HERE'S THE VIDEO TUTORIAL | Rose Doodle Ideas 3 Ways


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Also, we would LOVE to see your versions too! So if you can't resist the urge to pick up your favorite markers and start doodling, do follow along. Tag us on our Insta @hellodiycraftclub and show us your versions. We can't wait to see how creative you all are!

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how to draw roses easy tutorials

 Happy doodling!

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