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Where To Buy Alcohol Ink

When starting out with a new art medium such as alcohol ink, it is easy to get carried away with all of the color choices, brands, specialty finishes and more.

One thing is for sure, when purchasing alcohol inks, you immediately want to know which is the best brand for paper crafts, what the experts are using, and more importantly, where to buy the best brand of alcohol ink for the best price.

When it comes to alcohol ink, for art supplies we know exactly where to buy alcohol ink from to get the best price, quality and choice.

best alcohol inks

When shopping for alcohol ink from big box stores and from brand names, we find that there is either limited quantity to choose from or, (and more often than not) the prices for these specialty mediums are elevated.

The best place to purchase alcohol ink from for the most affordable prices and the best alcohol ink color options is on Amazon.

Let's look at the brand we recommend and the colors you will absolutely want to have when grabbing your first set of alcohol ink, or if you are looking to add to your alcohol ink collection.

where to buy alcohol inks

Where To Buy Alcohol Ink: Best Alcohol Ink Brands To Look For

There are so many alcohol ink brands, colors and types out there, but which brand of alcohol ink is best when looking for where to buy alcohol ink from?

The two most popular alcohol ink brands are the Ranger alcohol inks by Tim Holtz® and Jacquard's Pinata Alcohol Inks.

1. Ranger Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz

Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink

  • Alcohol inks by Tim Holtz® are acid-free, vibrant colors that are very popular among alcohol ink artists and are professional in quality.
  • These alcohol inks are formulated to create colorful effects when layered together on non-porous surfaces.
  • There are many alcohol ink colors to choose from when selecting from Tim Holtz® Alcohol Inks. You can choose base or primary alcohol ink colors, pearl alcohol ink colors, metallic alcohol ink mixatives, and there are even colors that shift to different colors when blending.

Here is an example of an alcohol ink that gives you a color shift:

This alcohol ink art (below) was created using only 1 color and 1 metallic, and that color is Tim Holtz® Eggplant (which shifts from a purple to a blue and pink) and Jacquard Pinata Gold.

Note the pinks, blues and violets that come from using Tim Holtz® Eggplant:

Find Tim Holtz® Eggplant alcohol ink on Amazon here

*Eggplant is a hard color to find on its own and usually comes in a pack of three

Where To Get Alcohol Ink
When looking to purchase alcohol inks for DIY project, we would suggest getting started with a few 3 packs of alcohol inks from Tim Holtz®.
Purchasing packs of three alcohol inks is the best way to get a good deal, and will give you a feel of trying out a few inks and playing with the different colors supplied.
Get Alcohol Ink Here

There are several types of alcohol inks by Tim Holtz® that you can try, and these include:

2. Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks

Jacquard Pinata Colors

Another very popular alcohol ink brand that alcohol ink artists like, especially first timers, are the Jacquard Pinata Colors. The Jacquard Alcohol Inks are highly saturated, acid-free, transparent colors.

We recommend starting off with the Pinata Pack of 9 from Amazon.

Check price of Jacquard Pinata Pack Of 9 on Amazon here

Why these alcohol inks are great:

  • This alcohol ink set includes their popular colors, a white, plus a pearl and two metallics, including "rich gold".
  • Rich Gold is the color of alcohol ink by Jacquard we used in one of the above photos showing how the Eggplant color shifts from blue to purple to pink, just to give you an idea of what the gold looks like on Yupo.

We hope you find all of the alcohol ink brands and colors you want to get started in the world of alcohol ink art, or you found the best place to get more alcohol inks to add to your collection!

Here are some more helpful resources for you:

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Be sure to pin any photo on this page to your alcohol ink Pinterest board. We will leave a Pinterest size pin for you below, that way you will be able to find us again.

Where to get alcohol ink from

Happy creating!

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