20 BEST Gemstones & Crystals For Resin Art [2024]


Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art

Here are the best gemstone and crystal ideas to add to epoxy resin. If you love to make geode resin art or river tables but need some ideas on what you can use for gemstones or crystals, you are in luck! We have the BEST Gemstone and crystal ideas for geode resin art here!

Geode art and epoxy resin crafts are taking the DIY world by storm, and we are absolutely in love with what we have seen out there.

Resin art is a combination of epoxy resin, glitter, gemstones and crystals and anything else to recreate the appearance of a geode or agate such as gold leaf or pens for making lined details separating the different colors.

Have you ever wondered what geode resin artists and resin jewelry makers use for the gemstone portion of their resin art creations?

Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art

One question we have heard being asked is:

What are some gemstone ideas to add to epoxy resin art?

With resin art, you can use a variety of different items for your gemstones and crystals. Rose quartz, amethyst, and crystals are popular to use as gemstones in epoxy resin for geode resin art. There are so many different materials out there. Professional gemstone photography will help you choose the best option for you.

Read below to see the fabulous ideas we came up with for what you can use for the gemstone or crystal portion of your resin art, epoxy crafts and resin jewelry.

These supplies for resin are a must have to get shiny embeds that look like they are floating or look like a real geode.

Before using any of these methods you must have on the proper safety gear to prevent injury. A proper respirator for resin, eye protection and gloves are crucial when working with resin.

Gemstones & Crystals For Resin Art

1. Bulk Gemstones Resin

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There are so many different gemstones you can use in your geode resin art. Bulk gemstones are a great way to get the supplies you need for resin crafts, geode resin art, and more.

Raw gemstones add a touch of luxury to any craft project, and they can be used to create unique and stunning works of art.

bulk gemstones for resin


2. Rose Quartz

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Rose quartz is a beautiful, versatile stone that can be used in a variety of resin art & crafts. Its delicate pink hue makes it perfect for creating geode resin art, and its raw gemstone form lends itself well to a more naturalistic style.

In short, rose quartz is the perfect material for anyone looking to add a touch of elegance to their resin creations.

rose quartz for resin art


3. Bulk Amethyst

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Buying gemstones in bulk like amethyst is often much cheaper than buying them individually. This means that you can save money on your resin projects, while still using high-quality materials.

And one of the most popular stones to use for this purpose is amethyst. Raw amethyst has a beautiful violet color that looks stunning when set in resin.

It's no wonder that so many crafters are drawn to this stone! Whether you're a resin beginner or a seasoned pro, incorporating raw amethyst into your next project is sure to give it that wow factor. 

bulk amethyst for resin 


4. Crystal Quartz

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For artists who want to add a touch of luxury to their resin crafts, bulk crystal quartz is the perfect choice. Also known as rock crystal, this transparent variety of quartz has a brilliant sparkle that resembles diamonds.

When used in geode resin art, it creates the illusion of a true geode, with its glittering crystals nestled inside a smooth outer shell.

Raw gemstones like quartz are becoming increasingly popular in resin crafts, as they add both beauty and value to handmade items. 

crystal quartz for resin crafts


In this geode resin art tutorial, you can see how we incorporated crystal quartz to make a realistic geode with supplies from Counter Culture DIY store.



5.  Raw Amber For Resin

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For those who love resin crafts, incorporating raw gemstones into resin jewelry and geode resin art can add a dramatic touch. Bulk raw amber is a beautiful material that can help create stunning pieces.

The translucent quality of the amber resin can help accentuate the unique shape of the raw gemstones, while the golden color adds a warm and sunny touch. Raw amber is also lightweight, making it ideal for resin jewelry.

And because it is so easy to work with, crafters of all skill levels can enjoy using it. 

raw amber for resin 


6. Crushed & Tumbled Turquoise

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Crushed and tumbled turquoise is the perfect addition to resin crafts. The bright blue of the raw gemstones is stunning when set in resin jewelry or used to create geode art.

And because you can make so many resin crafts with it like jewelry, geode art pieces, river tables and ornaments, it makes a great gift for resin artists.

Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind present for a friend or a unique accessory for yourself, crushed and tumbled turquoise is the perfect choice.


turquoise for resin


7. Stone Box Mixes

Bulk raw stones for resin art can be found in this shop. Some people prefer to buy bulk raw stones to crush themselves. Rough stone crystals can provide a beautiful and unique addition to any resin piece.

Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art

8. Gemstone Kits

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If you need some smaller pieces of gemstones and are looking for a more polished look, this shop has so many amazing kits for jewelry  and epoxy resin crafts that you can use.

Just keep in mind the size of the piece you will be working on and whether there are enough gems in this kit to finish the whole piece that you are working on.


raw stone kits for resin 


9. Crushed Glass For Geodes

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For those who love working with resin, crushed glass is a must-have! It can be used to create beautiful jewelry, trinkets, and more that look like real gemstones.

And the best part is that it's relatively inexpensive and easy to find in bulk. Crushed glass comes in a variety of colors, so you can mix and match to create your own unique creations.

Just be sure to use safety goggles and gloves when working with it, as the shards can be sharp. 

crushed glass for resin


10. Sea Glass For Resin Embeds

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Sea glass is pieces of weathered glass that have been washed smooth by the rolling of the waves of the ocean (doesn't that sound just so relaxing?) So if you live near a beach, great!

You can find and collect sea glass and maybe start a geode resin sea glass project. Typically, sea glass comes in shades of light blues and greens.


Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art

11. Shells For Geode Resin Art

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While we are on a beach theme, dreaming of turquoise wave-inspired geodes with notes of white wave crests throughout? So dreamy, right? Wouldn't some actual seashells look just gorgeous as the gemstone part of your geode resin art? 

We are talking about the inside; iridescent and reflective like part of an oyster shell or a mussel.

If you want to recreate the beach in your geode resin art for some serene and calming vibes, here are some reflective shells for crafting that you can buy for a great price.

Shells for Resin


12. Mirror Tiles

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Adding those reflective pieces will add dazzle and sparkle to your geode resin art that will have you oohing and ahhing.

mirror tiles for resin


13. Flat Marbles For Shine

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These are absolutely perfect for adding an exposed “gemstone” feel. You know the ones, you see them all the time at the bottoms of fish tanks and in vases for flowers.

They come in a multitude of colors and again can be either smashed into tiny pieces or kept whole or partially whole, depending on the look you are going for.

This is something every resin artist should have on hand!



Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art

14. Round Marbles

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These sure bring back the memories. We used to collect these as kids and play with other neighborhood kids to see which marbles I could get. There were always those few I didn’t play with though, for fear of losing. Can you relate?

Those old-school marbles are a super great find for using in your geode resin pours as they are each unique and are so diverse. You can get solid color block ones, or the original marbles which are the clear blown glass with swirls of color in them.

Don’t worry if you can’t dig out your old marble collection though. I wouldn’t want to smash my childhood memories and lose my marbles! (hehe) Instead, grab some for a great price.


Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art

15. Jewelry Crystal Embellishments

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If you can get your hands on a jewelry-making kit like the one below, you will have a super diverse choice of items you can use.

From the tiny metal clasps and rings for some interesting and unique details, to the beads and the stones used, your imagination is the only thing that will limit you.

Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art


16. Gold Leaf For Geode Resin Art

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You might be thinking of using gold, silver or rose gold leaf already in your geode resin art. But I bet you were not thinking of it being used like this: find some small pebbles and stones from the yard or the road and use your glue stick or Modge Podge to give them a light coating.

Then roll them in gold leaf, using a stiff bristle paint brush to make sure you push the leafing into every crevice of the rocks. Now it looks like you are using tiny actual pieces of gold in the pour!

gold leaf for geode resin art

17. Fish Tank Embellishments

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Fish tank embellishments make fantastic details, especially blue or gold embellishments for resin. The bottoms of fish tanks are always covered in this beautiful rocky substance that would be amazing for a geode resin art piece.

Blues, green, hot pink and sparkly black too! There are so many different colors you can get.

Best Gemstone Ideas For Geode Resin Art

    18. DIY Polished Rocks and Gemstones

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    Another thing you can do is polish your own rocks and gemstones.

    This rock tumbler is by National Geographic. And it even comes with half a pound of rough, raw gemstones to start off.


    Make your own gemstones for geode resin art from rocks

    19. Swarovski Crystals

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    These gorgeous crystals will add shimmer and sparkle accents that will make your piece even more collectible. Using Swarovski crystals here and there will bring out that extreme shimmer you are going for.

    best gemstone ideas for geode resin art

    20. Fire Glass

    Check the prices on Amazon

    We are ending our list of gemstone and crystal ideas for your geode resin art on a very exciting, high note, saving the best for last.

    Do you know what fire glass is? Think of those gorgeous modern fireplaces with that sparkly, reflective glass at the bottom. We found a supplier that does not tumble the glass before you get it, so it is extremely reflective and luminous!

    Plus, it is tempered and it is also available in 10lb. jars so you can do big projects with it! You can also choose between 1/2 size pieces and 1/4 size pieces.

    Or you can get both to do a ring of bigger reflective pieces and a ring of small geode sections to make it look even more realistic.


    fireglass for resin art


    In Conclusion:

    Resin is one of the most popular materials for crafting, and it's easy to see why. Resin is versatile, durable, and easy to work with, and it dries clear so that you can create stunning pieces that sparkle and shine.

    With just a little practice, you'll be able to create stunning resin crafts that are perfect for any occasion. 


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    The Ultimate Resin EBook

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    resin safety


    You may also be interested in checking out our YouTube channel to learn how to make resin creations. Here is a video we did for a tutorial of geode resin art.




    We hope you found these ideas useful and that we lit a spark for your inner geode resin art genius. And don’t forget to try different things. Experiment and most importantly, ENJOY doing it! 🤩

    And if you liked this post, be sure to pin any image to find this article again later.


    resin art ideas


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    Happy creating!

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    Connie Austin
    Connie Austin

    August 27, 2020

    My husband has a very old coffee table that has various minerals embedded in resin. The resin has yellowed over time and he would like to refinish the table and apply new resin/epoxy that won’t yellow. Thank you. Connie

    Ali Farah
    Ali Farah

    June 23, 2019


    patty montgomery
    patty montgomery

    March 19, 2019

    I have also used broken auto glass. You can tint it with inks and then baked in the oven. It is usually available for free at glass centers.

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