How To Make Resin Jewelry | EASY Tutorial [2024]

How to make resin jewelry

Once you realize that you can use resin to make your own custom jewelry, there is no stopping the ideas that come flooding in.

Resin jewelry can be completely customizable from the type of resin jewelry you want to make, to the shape, the color, the type of pigment (finish), the inclusions and the added details you add once it is cured.

Making resin jewelry is one of the easiest things you can do with resin, and it is great for beginner resin jewelry artists as well.

To make resin jewelry, you will need the proper resin for jewelry as well as molds, a heat gun, mixing tools, colorants and inclusions and safety gear.

    We are going to share how to make your own resin jewelry, beginning with what is the best way to make resin jewelry, what kind of resin to use, which type of colorant you can use in resin jewelry as well as resin safety and inclusions to consider.

    Let's get into it.

    How To Make Resin Jewelry

    So to start off, you will have to decide what kind of resin jewelry you want to make.

    What Kind Of Resin Jewelry To Make

    The easiest resin jewelry to make is something you can pour resin into a mold that already has a pre-cut hole for a chain. Necklaces are a great one to start with, because once they have cured in the jewelry mold, simply pop it out and add the chain you want it on. Other easy resin jewelry pieces include bracelets and pendants.

    There are many different types of resin jewelry you can make; we suggest hopping on Amazon to find the right jewelry molds for resin. They are a great price there and if you know what you are looking for, you will find the best molds to make your pieces.

    See resin jewelry molds on Amazon here

    Now let's get into the other supplies you will need.

    Resin Jewelry Supplies

    To make resin jewelry, you will need:

    Once you have all of your resin jewelry materials, it is time to start creating.

    What Safety Gear Do I Need For Resin?

    Resin safety is important. Like many other chemical artforms, there are vapors that you will want to protect your lungs and face from. We highly recommend purchasing a proper respirator for resin, and the respirator we use and recommend is the full face respirator by Parcil Safety.

    Check price here

    How To Make Resin Jewelry

    1. SAFETY + MIXING RESIN: With your respirator on as well as some nitrile gloves, you are going to want to thoroughly read your resin mixing instructions. It is likely a 2 part epoxy resin that has to be mixed by volume (not weight). So mix your resin and hardener together, and mix very thoroughly for the recommended amount of time. Failure to mix thoroughly may result in an improper cure, and nobody likes that.

      Mixing resin for jewelry

    2. COLORING: Add your resin colorants. You can further divide your mixed resin into more containers if you want different colors. The type of colorants you can use to color resin for jewelry include mica powder, crushed powder makeup, alcohol ink or acrylic paint. You are going to want to add a bit at a time, and never more than a 10% colorant to resin ratio.
    3. ADDING INCLUSIONS: Are you adding any inclusions like glitter or dried flowers? You may want to consider adding these to your mold before pouring your resin in, especially if it is a dried inclusion.

      Adding inclusions for resin jewelry

    4. POURING THE RESIN: Carefully pour your mixed resin into your silicone mold. Pour slowly, you don't want to accidently add too much that it domes on top (unless you are going for that look).
    5. GETTING BUBBLES OUT: Once you are happy with your pour, it is time to get those bubbles out. Grab your heat gun and moving it in constant circles so it doesn't stay on one spot too long, pop those bubbles. You will see the bubbles popping on the surface of your piece, it's very satisfying!
    6. CURING THE RESIN: Let it cure. Once the bubbles are all popped and you are happy with it, put something on top of it that won't touch the jewelry, just to keep any dust in the air off. A plastic container will work just fine. It will take around 24 - 72 hours to fully cure.
    7. DEMOLDING: After your curing time has passed it is time to demold your resin jewelry and add your brass/chains. How exciting!

    And now you have gorgeous resin jewelry. You can add any extra details if you want to use a paint pen or stamp of any sort, or just enjoy it as it is. String your chain through or put your resin jewelry on, and be proud that you made it yourself.

    And now you have gorgeous resin jewelry. You can add any extra details if you want to use a paint pen or stamp of any sort, or just enjoy it as it is. String your chain through or put your resin jewelry on, then take some amazing jewelry photos, and be proud that you made it yourself.

    We hope you enjoyed this article.


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    Resin Jewelry Tutorial

    Thanks, have a creative day!

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