5 Best Colorberry Resin Art Supplies For 2024 + Interview


5 Best Colorberry Resin Art Supplies For 2024 + Interview

Here are the best Colorberry resin supplies that you can use to make resin crafts plus an interview with the owner, Mrs. Colorberry.

Geode paintings are taking the luxury art world by storm, and nobody knows how to create beautiful geode resin artwork and home décor accents better than Stephanie Walberer, aka Mrs.Colorberry.

Geode resin artwork is made from resin, glitter, crystals, paint, stones, and other mixed media supplies. The final result is to resemble an actual geode found in nature. Each piece is created with extreme detail in mind and can take anywhere from a few days up to several weeks to create.

Here are some of the best Colorberry resin art supplies to have in your crafting stash.


Best Colorberry Resin Supplies

1. Aqua Resin Colorants

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By adding a small amount of powder to your resin, you can create a wide range of hues and shades. And because these pigments for resin are so concentrated, a little goes a long way.

Powdered colorants are the perfect way to customize your resin creations. Plus, they're great for making geode resin art and beautiful waves for cutting boards, you can even mix them with glitter for resin to create even more ideas.

Just mix in a little powder and watch as the colors swirl and blend together. With so many possibilities, it's easy to see why these colorants are a must-have for any resin artist.


aqua resin colorants


2. Lavender Resin Colorants

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When it comes to resin colorants, there are few things more beautiful than a set of lavender colored pigments.

These pigments can add an extra touch of beauty to any resin project, and they're perfect for resin jewelry and resin coasters. With their delicate color, these powdered resin tints are sure to make any resin project stand out.


colorberry resin powders


3. Luxury Resin Drizzles

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Resin transforms your art into a beautiful, permanent piece. And what could make resin even more amazing? Gold sparkle, of course!

These gold accents are the perfect way to add a touch of glamour to your resin art. You can sprinkle them onto your projects before pouring the resin, or add them right to the resin before pouring them into a silicone resin mold.


resin art supplies


4. Geode Resin Small

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Resin can be used to create jewelry, sculptures, and even paintings. The possibilities are endless. This resin starter set comes with two small starter bottles to get started on your resin journey.

It includes the resin and hardener so you can test it out and see if it is something you want to use. With this resin starter set, you can explore the world of resin and create beautiful pieces of art.


geode resin small size


5. Geode Resin Large Size

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And then if you really want to dive into resin, here is their larger set of resin and hardener.


geode resin large size


Mrs Colorberry Interview

We were thrilled when Mrs.Colorberry took time out of her very busy schedule to speak with us. Here is our interview with her.

Mrs.Colorberry pours her heart and soul into every resin art piece she creates. She has a loyal following for her original geode creations which includes Royals and luxury hotels.

Her large, original art pieces, as well as unique side tables and home décor items, grace interiors of homes and corporate spaces worldwide! Be prepared to wait for her beautiful offerings though, because her waiting list is almost a year long.

When she's not in the studio working on her masterpieces, she teaches basic and master resin classes to her eager students in Germany. And for those of you who would like to try your hand at creating your own geode artwork, she's in the process of publishing a brand new instructional book.


Interview with mrs colorberry geode resin artist

DIY: How did Mrs.Colorberry come to be?

My original name is Stephanie Walberer, and I am from Germany. Even for the German people, it is hard to understand my name correctly. So I just had to find another, easier name for me and my art. A name, which everybody in the world understands.

"Color" because all my artworks are colorful. I don't like to pour only black & white. I have to use COLORS! And if you look at a colorful painting, you get happy, right? And I am happy with the things that I am able to do.

"Berry" because I love eating berries. If there is a strawberry cake in the kitchen and you leave me alone with it, there will be only the pastry left. Berry is also a very feminine word, a word you combine with summer, a word you combine with nature. 



Do you remember the very first geode piece you sold?

Yes! It was legendary for me because it was the first resin piece. I put an agate slice in it and many crystals. I am so happy that this piece is displayed very close to me, in Munich.


What is your morning routine like?

Standing up, getting kisses of my soul-dog "BÄR" (retriever), feed him, get me a coffee and check my Instagram!


mrs colorberry geode resin artist

What are your favorite color choices for your geode creations?

I do really love the colors green, purple and blue. Each in combination with gold and lots of glitter!


Mrs Colorberry interview
Luxury home decor by Mrs Colorberry


Do you create epoxy artwork every day?

YES, I try to do art every single day, except when I really don't have the time or I run out of resin...Oh, that is always so horrible!!!!


How many hours do you spend on your resin business per week?

Haha...what a question?! :). If you have the passion and love for your business, you work 24 hours a day for it ;)


What is your favorite part of creating geode resin art? 

The favorite part is actually collecting all the inspiration I get from healing stones and mother nature. Seeing all the fantastic shapes, colors, and just the beauty of nature. Bringing that down onto the surface is a challenge.


Mrs Colorberry Geode Paintings
interview with mrs colorberry

What epoxy pieces are you working on at this very moment?

On my desk are the next commission pieces. Next is a big project in Bahrain for a Royal house. They want to have a diptych on MDF-board in the colors blue, white and gold to be displayed in their entrance hall.


Why do you think there is such a positive response to your geode artwork?

Honestly, it just happens. I can't tell you exactly the reason why other people like my art, because every artist just loves every piece of art they create. I am happy if other people love them as well :)  It's a little part of my soul in the artwork so I am very grateful about it!


Geode resin paintings by mrs colorberry

What else would you like our resin artist readers to know about you?

Well, all readers who also follow me on Instagram know me very well. I am a very happy person and I love to share my success and also bad things that happen in my life. I am a human like everybody else and I am so happy to have the big support from all of my art lovers and COLORBERRY fans :-*

Thanks for speaking with us and sharing your passion with our readers. We will continue to follow your amazing journey.


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