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How To Get Resin Out Of Your Mixing Cups

How to get resin out of your mixing cups

If you are an artist working with epoxy resin, and you are wondering how to get resin out of your mixing cups, you have come to the right place.

We love creating art with resin here at DIY Craft Club, and we have learned so many tips and tricks along the way. We have done so much research into resin and the absolute, most important thing to remember is the safety precautions you should take. Please check out our article, Epoxy Resin Safety Precautions or you can watch our resin safety video below.

Be sure to watch (and like and subscribe) to our YouTube below where we talk about resin safety and then show the difference between mica, alcohol ink and acrylic paint as resin colorants:

How To Get Resin Out Of Your Mixing Cups

You can get resin out of your mixing cups by allowing it to cure for the full cure time, usually around 72 hours, then removing the dried, cured epoxy from the cups by peeling away from the cup material. The cup must be made from a material that will release the resin though, continue reading to learn more.

How to get resin out of your mixing cups

We have some great tips for getting resin out of your mixing cups, and we are going to share our best with you!

1. Use Disposable Cups For Resin Mixing

This is an option that works very well, but if you are creating resin art daily or weekly, this may not be the best option for you or the environment. I think it is always good to have some disposable cups on hand for mixing a quick color or just to have as a backup though. We like using disposable Dixie cups.

Check price on Amazon here

how to get resin out of your mixing cups


This is also a good option if you are just getting into working with epoxy resin and you want to see if you enjoy it.

If you think that resin may be a long term passion of yours or perhaps you want to keep them on hand as a backup, we would suggest getting a dixie cup disposer so you can easily grab them.

This cup dispenser from Amazon is a really, really great price and will do the job perfectly.

Mixing Glitter Epoxy in Cups

We first started mixing our resin using disposable dixie cups. We would mix it in small batches to experiment with: resin with mica. Resin with acrylic. Resin with glitter. Resin with makeup! As soon as we knew this was a love affair for us, we knew that the disposable cups would not sustain our passion. We keep about 100 in the studio as a backup, and then we moved on to using what we listed in point number 2:

2. Use Silicone Mixing Cups

These are what we recommend for the artist who works with resin quite often. These silicone mixing cups are perfect for mixing resin with your colorant, pouring and then leaving to cure in your cups in a well ventilated area.

Here is the beauty behind these silicone cups: once the resin is cured, you can peel the resin out and dispose of it, leaving your cups clean and ready for use next time!

There are some things you will want to remember if you are using silicone cups though. For instance, what size are the pours you are planning on doing? Keep this in mind for the size you will want to be mixing. Another one to consider, is how many colors do you plan on pouring in one sitting? You may want to grab a few sets of silicone cups because once you mix a color and pour it from your cup, you won't be taking the cured resin out for around 72 hours. You may need many cups.

Check out this set of silicone measuring cups on Amazon. In it, you get 1 8oz flexible silicone cup as well as 4 other smaller 100ml cups and 2 silicone stir sticks. This is a great set.

Compare price of this set with other resin silicone mixing cups on Amazon here.

 Silicone Measuring Cups for Mixing Epoxy


If you opt to purchase silicone cups for mixing resin and don't have the silicone stir sticks, you can use wood popsicle sticks, and here is a trick: once you are finished your epoxy pour and you are going to leave your resin to cure in your silicone cup for disposal, leave the wood popsicle stick in the cup with the leftover resin.

Mix it around a bit, coat it in the mixture and leave sitting in there. When it is time to take your cured, leftover resin out, simply pull out gently with the popsicle stick and dispose of it. That was easy!

Epoxy Resin Safety Equipment

3. Other Reusable Containers For Resin Mixing

A lot of times, we have supplies around the house we can use (and re-use!) For example, yogurt containers. If you flip them over and look at the bottom, you may notice a little symbol: a triangle with three arrows, and it says "PP 05" underneath it. This means it is reusable. You may find that symbol on jell-o cups, yogurt containers, baby food containers, fruit cups, etc.

The "PP" on the bottom of these cups stands for polypropylene. It means your container is made from a thermoplastic polymer. It is a strong plastic with high resistance to heat. You can reuse cleaned containers with this symbol for mixing your resin in, and your leftover resin should peel out like it does with the silicone cups.

Many resin artists advise that baby wipes will work or using other chemicals (such as rubbing alcohol or vinegar) to clean resin out of cups works, but we absolutely do not recommend using anything to wipe or clean your cups for re-use. Even if you are working with a non-toxic resin, you do not want to mix chemicals together, or risk getting it on your skin.


Here are some more helpful articles and resources for resin work:

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We hope we answered your question for you, and you leave here well-informed and ready to create some gorgeous resin art. Here's some Pins to share on your resin boards.


Best Resin Resources

Happy creating!

Silicone Mixing Cups for Epoxy

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