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Gold leafing pen, copper or silver leafing pen review

Hi and welcome. Today we are taking a closer look at a Krylon Gold Leafing PenI tried it out on several different projects and I'm super excited to share the results with you! Krylon leafing pens also come in other colors like silver leaf and copper leaf and I’ll try to get those in also.

A leafing pen is a paint pen that lays smooth metallic paint accents on glass, metal, plastic, paper, ceramics, wood, fabric, wicker, and more (even seashells and jewelry! See below!) Having gold, silver or copper leafing in a painting pen allows you to create more detailed embellishments on a smaller scale, or metallic detailing on a piece. Read on to learn more about the Krylon gold leafing pen and to watch the unboxing and review video of it where I test it out on many surfaces!

Here is my review of the Krylon Gold Leafing Pen.

The Krylon gold leafing pen has what is called a chisel tip, which allows you to vary the width of your painting strokes and it comes unprimed. To prime it and get it ready for use, first you shake it for about 30 seconds. Then you keep pressing down until the paint makes its way into the tip. Don’t stop until the tip is fully saturated so you can draw smooth lines. Almost all gold paint pens need priming first before you can go ahead and use it.

how to use a krylon gold leafing pen

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This gold paint pen is acid-free so it’s archival safe. It has a high pigment load so it will cover almost any surface with just one coat. I also like that this gold paint pen is completely opaque! So this pen will cover almost anything. This is a painting that I made with some broken jewelry that I had. The jewelry was a gift and it broke but I didn’t want to throw it away so I turned it into a mini abstract art piece. I went over it with some matte medium here and the gold paint pen is covering the medium perfectly.

Krylon gold leafing pen on jewelry


The gold finish resembles actual metal plating and I wasn’t sure of the hard tip at first, but it is actually really helpful because even with rigid surfaces like a seashell, it painted on really easily and evenly.

Krylon gold leafing pen uses on sea shells

One thing I should mention is that you do need to bring the pigment down every so often to keep the pigment flowing or you will end up with skipping. And if you are using this for lettering, it doesn't have a really smooth outline like a soft brush would, so if you do like a finished look you may have to go over the edges with a dark color or black, which looks beautiful. I like to use the Tombow Dual Brush pens for hand lettering.

how to use gold leafing pens for handlettering

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A final project that I thought would be nice is using the Krylon Gold Leafing Pen to make a handmade card. I’m using some magazine clippings and an old book page to make a collage. For those of you who like to make your own cards, I find it really helpful to have a box with clippings that I can go through for those card-making sessions.

gold leafing on handmade card and for card-making


I enjoy making mixed media and collage cards I just find it really relaxing. And when you use things you already have, you can make beautiful cards for just a few pennies. These would be great to sell at your craft shows or in your Etsy shops! Feel free to use any DIY's and tutorials from our website for your selling ideas.

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There are some warnings on the back of the packaging so everyone reading this post should really take moment to check out the safety information of Krylon's website. Here's a link to their safety sheet.

Watch the full unboxing and tutorial video on our channel.

Unboxing the Krylon Gold Leafing Pen

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krylon gold leafing pen review

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