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13 BEST Concrete Molds

Best Concrete Molds

Concrete molds are a great way to add unique decorations to your home, patio, balcony, walkway or garden. You can use them to create cement statues, pathways or other unique and beautiful objects that will reflect your own personal taste.

Making your own DIY forms using concrete molds is the best way to ensure that your pieces reflect exactly the size and shape you want. Plus, it's a fun project that you can do and is a great learning experience.

If you're new to working with concrete, don't worry - it's actually quite easy. All you need is some cement, water, gloves, a large bucket, something to mix the cement with water, a proper mask and a cement mold.

You can find cement at any hardware store, and there are many different types of molds available. If you are wondering what kind of mask you need, we have linked an article at the bottom for you to read about masks for concrete and cement dust, or you can check out the mask here:

Best Mask For Concrete Projects

Concrete molds allow you to create your own unique art, and you can make several of the same statues or a long pathway if you have your own cement molds. There are so many different cement molds out there and so many designs you can make, here is a list of the best concrete molds for you to try.


Best Concrete Molds

If you are thinking about making your own cement statues or concrete pathways, you will be surprised how easy it is. We will first tell you how to make your own DIY concrete projects, then list the best molds for unique and beautiful DIY forms.


How To Make DIY Concrete Forms

To make your own cement and concrete statues and forms, it is as easy as putting on your respirator and gloves, mixing the cement dust and water together according to the package directions and pouring it into the mold of your choice. You may need to tap the mold gently to get rid of any air bubbles. Let the cement dry for at least 24 hours before removing it from the mold.

If you want to add color to your cement figure, you can do so by adding pigment to the cement mixture before pouring it into the mold. There are many different types of pigments available, so experiment until you find one that you like. Just be sure to add enough pigment so that the color is visible after the cement dries.

You can also add your own decorative elements to your cement statues. It is a great way to personalize it. You can use cement molds to create raised patterns or add small embellishments like beads or shells to any form. Just be sure to attach them securely so they don't fall off when the cement dries.

Once you're finished, your cement statue or pathway will be a unique and beautiful addition to your home. And, since you made it yourself, it will have special meaning for you and your family.


Best Concrete Molds

Here is a list of the best concrete molds for you to try.


1. Concrete Candle Mold

Check price on Etsy here

Concrete candle mold

If you want to try your hand at pouring your own candle, why not take it a step further and make your own candle container? What a beautiful gift, or a really great item to sell. The look of concrete gives an industrial, minimalist look that would be gorgeous in any setting. This could also be used to make DIY plant containers as well!

This shop has this to say about their molds:

Our molds are handmade in the USA with premium ultra flexible silicone, making demolding of your vessel a breeze. Made with premium materials and a robust design, this mold is designed to withstand whatever you throw at it.

These vessels are perfect for candles and planters, and their unique slightly tapered design adds visual interest to their final form. Whether you're new to vessel casting, or a seasoned expert, these molds should suit your need nicely.

Enjoy fast, free shipping within the US so you don't have to wait to get your hands dirty.


2. Concrete Garden Mold

Check price on Etsy here

Concrete Garden Path Mold

This concrete mold is beautiful on a grass lawn to make a natural looking garden pathway. The intricate design lets the grass grow through, showcasing the natural beauty of your lawn. This is a great mold for people who don't want to cover the green of the garden up with large cement stones or pavers.


3. Cement Flower Pot Mold

Check price on Etsy here

Concrete Flower Pot Mold

How cute are these flower pot molds? There are a few to choose from, this Etsy seller actually has a whole store of cement and concrete molds for you. Great for succulents or other small plants with little root systems. Add some colored pigment to your concrete for a terra cotta pot look, or hand paint them once they are dry.


4. Concrete Flower Vase Mold

Check price on Etsy here

Concrete Vase Mold

Aren't these flower vases gorgeous? We love the colors that were added to the cement. Personalize it further by stamping something into the front of it like initials. Having your own flower vase mold on hand allows you to create truly unique pieces of art.


5. Garden Concrete Deer Mold

Check price on Etsy here

Concrete Garden Deer Mold

This is a beautiful mold of a deer that would look great in a garden. Paint it any color once you demold it! Here is what this mold maker has to say:

My products have the highest quality and I pay careful attention to details of all the items. The molds are made with love and by hand in Sweden. I design my molds to be simple and easy to use.


6. Garden Path Paving Mold

Check price on Etsy here

Garden Path Concrete Mold

Here is an extremely popular garden path mold design that is so easy to use. Add colorant to your concrete to have a red stone look or keep the concrete appearance. This is a beautiful way to add interest to any garden and can bring you from one point of interest in your backyard to another.


7. Concrete Wood Walkway Mold

Check price on Etsy here

Concrete Wood Mold

If you love the look of a boardwalk and want to recreate it, check out this wooden plank mold. This would look lovely around a garden!

You could also recreate the look of a sidewalk around a feature in your yard. You won't be able to tell the difference between a real wood walkway if you add some pigment to the cement or concrete. This would be a really interesting feature in a yard.

Wooden Plank Mold for Concrete


8.Tree Round Mold For Concrete Stepping Stones

Check price on Etsy here

Stepping Stones Concrete Molds

 Classic and beautifully designed are these tree rounds. These accentuate the natural beauty of nature and adds a whimsical effect. Lay these concrete stepping stones on top of your grass, or embed them into your grass for a level appearance.


9. Fairy Garden Stone Path

Check price on Etsy here

Fairy Garden Concrete Path Mold

Use this mold to make a long, connected concrete garden pathway. Magical in appearance, this mold resembles natural stones that you would find washed by a river. This shop is getting rave reviews and makes gorgeous concrete molds!


10. Concrete Duck Mold For A Garden

Check price on Etsy here

Garden Duck Concrete Mold

Have a unique garden area or pond that you would like to accentuate with some wildlife figurines? Check out this sweet handmade concrete duck mold. This statue would look nice around some tall grasses planted around it. Here is what this shop has to say about their mold:

With this latex full mold mold you can easily make the above figure yourself.

To do this, add a casting compound such as gypsum to the reusable mold and let the material harden.

You can cast with all liquid castings. E.B. Concrete, gypsum, cold porcelain, ceramic casting compounds.


11. Interlocking Brick Concrete Mold

Check price on Amazon here

Brick Concrete Mold

If you are looking for that interlocking brick look and want to recreate that yourself DIY style without buying the pavers, then this is the mold you want.

Use for a patio, a walkway or a nice seating area.


12. Honeycomb Style Concrete Mold

Check price on Amazon here

Hexagon Honeycomb Cement Mold

Here is a unique look for a pathway around a garden, a pond or if you are a beekeeper, this would be great around your hives! This beautiful honeycomb mold makes a beautiful patio.

The mold itself is made of heavy-duty polypropylene. Just clean it with water before the concrete is solidified, and it can be reused over and over again.


13. Bark Texture Flower Pot Mold

Check price on Amazon here

Bark Texture Flower Pot Mould

The bark texture of this mold, paired with concrete makes a realistic wood appearance in this mold. Fill with succulents or small flower arrangements, this flower pot would look beautiful inside on a window ledge or outside in a fairy garden.


We hope you found some amazing concrete molds for your DIY project. If you are going to be working with concrete to make your own stepping stones, statues, flower pots or more, you are going to need to have an appropriate mask to keep safe.


Here is an article featuring the best mask for concrete and cement work. This mask is a multi-purpose mask that is great for painting, spray paint use, resin art, alcohol ink and general house dust.

Best Mask For Concrete and Cement Work

Check price of concrete mask HERE

13 Best Concrete Molds

Have a creative day!


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