Alcohol Ink Review: T-Rex Inks on Yupo with Video [2024]

Alcohol Ink

Here is a review of the T-Rex alcohol inks. If you are an alcohol ink artist and are curious about T-Rex alcohol inks, you have come to the right place.

We were quite excited to get this alcohol ink kit in from our friends over at T-Rex. The colors in this alcohol ink starter kit by T-Rex look bright and vibrant, and that is how they are actually described on their box.

It is nice to have an entire kit of color to play with rather than buying alcohol inks individually. Plus, being able to use each of these colors will give insight into the dye load and how blendable they are, so it will help you make a good purchasing decision.

Let's investigate these alcohol inks further.

Watch for the video review of these alcohol inks at the bottom of the article.

Alcohol Ink Review: T-Rex Inks on Yupo

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The set of alcohol inks that are being reviewed is the 12 bottle starter set of alcohol inks from T-Rex. This set comes with 12 jumbo-sized bottles of high quality, dye-based alcohol ink.

Alcohol Ink

T-Rex also has some different alcohol ink sets available: one ink set in cool earth tones and another alcohol ink set in warmer earth tones.

If you are a beginner alcohol ink artist, this is a great set to start with. You get a feel for the range of alcohol ink colors and to see which alcohol ink colors you enjoy working with!

From here, you can explore the variations of color further with different alcohol ink sets.

Unboxing the alcohol inks

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The 12 jumbo alcohol ink colors in this starter set include:

  • A Clear Blender
  • Space Black
  • Amethyst Purple
  • Deep Sea Blue
  • Glacier Blue
  • Tidal Teal
  • Jurassic Green
  • Irish Moss
  • Sunshine Yellow
  • Bellini Orange
  • Shiraz Red
  • Dragonfruit pink

One thing we like about this starter set of alcohol inks right away, is that T-Rex doesn't only give you your basic colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Rather, they give you a few shades of each color, and this is wonderful for blending your colors and doing any ombre effects with your alcohol inks.

With the blues tones, they actually give you three shades: Deep Sea Blue, Glacier Blue and Tidal Teal.

Alcohol Ink Colors

Testing the alcohol inks

Let's try out these exact alcohol inks on some classic Yupo paper.

Keep in mind that Yupo is not actually paper, but a plastic. If you want to experiment with alcohol ink on a similar surface, you can use the back of photo paper.

This is a similar medium that is non-porous and will allow you to move the alcohol ink around like it should rather than have it absorb into your medium.

Alcohol Ink On Yupo Paper

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These alcohol inks are great for painting & rose doodle ideas, stamping, fabric dying, resin tinting, jewelry making and can work on many surfaces.

Let's play with these alcohol inks with some 91% isopropyl alcohol. You can also get isopropyl alcohol in different percentages of alcohol and it is totally a matter of preference. A higher percentage will evaporate a bit quicker.

To take the isopropyl alcohol out, use plastic pipettes. They are some of the essential alcohol ink supplies.

The Space Black seems to lay down quite a high pigment load. And to move it around, we are using a mini air compressor, which is something you might want to invest in when you are using alcohol ink.

Black alcohol ink

This is a gravity fed mini air compressor by Spedertool.

It is great for moving around alcohol ink. This airbrush has a .3mm nozzle tip and its maximum pressure is 25psi.

If you are an alcohol ink artist and you love making those beautiful and delicate alcohol ink flower petals, this airbrush works beautifully for that, and it is a great price!

Check price of this exact mini air compressor on Amazon HERE

Mini Air Compressor for Alcohol Ink

For today though, we are going to simply lay down the color to see the pigment of these T-Rex Alcohol Inks and just blow them around abstract-style to get an idea of their flow, movement and saturation of color.

In the testing of these alcohol inks, both the isopropyl alcohol and the Clear Blender that comes in this starter kit are being used.

After trying both, we find that both blending mediums work beautifully. The clear blender is a great little inclusion in this alcohol ink starter set. You can use either the blending solution or the isopropyl alcohol with your alcohol inks.

Each T-Rex color in this set has a good dye load, and they blend beautifully together using either the Clear Blender included in the package as well as the isopropyl alcohol.

Results and review of these alcohol inks

This is definitely an alcohol ink starter set that you are going to want to try. It is a great price and you get a great variation of color as well as different shades of colors, and they come in jumbo bottles.

These alcohol inks would be great for beginner alcohol ink artists as well as professionals, and these would also make great gifts for alcohol ink artists or crafters. You can even use these alcohol inks on glass.

We hope you enjoyed looking into the T-Rex Alcohol Inks with us! If you are watching this review on our YouTube channel, be sure to hit subscribe and the little bell to be notified. Thanks for your support of this crafting blog!

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