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ALCOHOL INK Art Supplies | Supplies To Start Alcohol Ink Art

Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

Alcohol ink is a beautiful art form to try, but you need certain alcohol inks and art supplies to get started. Luckily, it won't break the bank.

Today we are talking about art with alcohol ink and alcohol ink art supplies!

There are so many mediums that artists use to create gorgeous paintings, and one of our favorites is using alcohol ink to create beautiful alcohol ink art. You can definitely recognize alcohol ink art right away: the wispy, flowing colors creating a fluid melody, reminiscent of smoke patterns in the sky, but captured with harmonizing colors from a broad spectrum of choice.

But, what is alcohol ink art and what alcohol ink art supplies do you need to start?

Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

What is alcohol ink?

Alcohol ink is a highly pigmented, solvent-based dye. Dye-based colors like alcohol ink are fully blended so there is no shaking necessary before use, as the color does not settle on the bottom.

Because alcohol is the base in alcohol ink, once exposed to air, it dries extremely fast as the evaporation rate of alcohol is much faster then that of water, which most other art medium bases are created from. As you blow the alcohol ink around, the alcohol base evaporates and leaves a static shadow in wisps of color where that evaporation occurred, leaving only the dye.

How do you get started making alcohol ink art? Well, you need to get some alcohol ink art supplies first. We are going to share which alcohol ink art supplies you need to start, and these alcohol ink art supplies are great for beginner alcohol ink artists to professional alcohol ink artists.

Alcohol Ink Art Supplies


To start creating alcohol ink art, you will first need alcohol inks. There are so many alcohol ink colors and types out there, and you will have fun going through the brands and colors to find the perfect color combinations for your artwork.

The two most popular alcohol ink supply brands are alcohol inks by Tim Holtz® and Jacquard's Pinata Inks.

Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink

  • Alcohol inks by Tim Holtz® are acid-free, vibrant colors that are very popular among alcohol ink artists and are professional in quality.
  • These alcohol inks are formulated to create colorful effects when layered together on non-porous surfaces.
  • There are many alcohol ink supplies and colors to choose from when selecting from Tim Holtz® Alcohol Inks. You can choose base or primary alcohol ink colors, pearl alcohol ink colors, metallic alcohol ink mixatives, and there are even colors that shift to different colors when blending and blowing to push the colors around.

Here is an example of an alcohol ink that gives you a color shift:

This alcohol ink art (below) was created using only Tim Holtz® Eggplant (which shifts from a purple to a blue and pink) and Jacquard Pinata Gold. Note the pinks, blues and violets that come from the one bottle of alcohol ink:

Alcohol Ink Art Supplies
  • When looking to purchase alcohol ink art supplies, we would suggest getting started with a few 3 pack of alcohol inks from Tim Holtz®.
  • Purchasing a pack of three alcohol inks, if you want to try this alcohol ink art supply from Tim Holtz®, is the best way to truly get the best bang for your buck, and will give you a feel of trying out a few inks and playing with the different colors supplied.
Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

Here are the types of alcohol inks that we suggest trying from

  • Alcohol Ink Pearls: Here are all the Pearl Alcohol Ink Colors by Tim Holtz® for Ranger Ink available on
  • Alcohol Ink Metallics: Here are all the Metallic Alcohol Inks by Tim Holtz® for Ranger Ink available on
  • Alcohol Ink Adriondacks: Here are all the Adriondack Alcohol Ink Colors by Tim Holtz® For Ranger Ink. The Adriondack line is really great because they are made to go nicely together no matter which colors you choose, you really can't go wrong.

See all alcohol ink by Tim Holtz® available on 

You can buy individual alcohol ink colors here for a great price as well.

Jacquard Pinata Colors

  • Another very popular alcohol ink art supply brand that alcohol ink artists like, especially first timers, is the Jacquard Pinata Colors set.
  • The Jacquard Alcohol Inks are highly saturated, acid-free, transparent colors.
Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

We recommend starting off with the Pinata Pack of 9 to get started from Amazon.

Check price of Jacquard Pinata Pack Of 9 on Amazon here

Why This Alcohol Ink Art Supply Is Great:

  • This alcohol ink set includes their popular colors, a white, plus a pearl and two metallics, including "rich gold".
  • Rich Gold is the color of alcohol ink by Jacquard we used in one of the above photos showing how the Eggplant color shifts from blue to purple to pink, just to give you an idea of what the gold looks like on Yupo paper (another alcohol ink art supply we will talk about).

2. ALCOHOL INK ART SUPPLY: Alcohol Ink Blending Solution

  • The alcohol ink blending solution is a very important part of using alcohol ink art supplies.
  • Your blending solution is what you will put all over your substrate or surface to carry the alcohol ink around on.
  • You can use isopropyl alcohol and typically, the higher percentage of alcohol, the better for using in alcohol ink art.

We recommend the Tim Holtz® Alcohol Ink Blending Solution by Ranger for your alcohol ink blending solution supply. It has been specifically formulated to blend and lighten alcohol ink.

Check price of Tim Holtz® Blending Solution (.5oz) on here

Check price of TIm Holtz® Blending Solution (2oz) on Amazon here

Your blending solution is a personal choice, and if you are not sure which to try for blending alcohol ink art, we recommend purchasing and trying both if you are first getting started.

If you find that one blending solution much easier to work with, then it is worth trying them both out when you are first getting started with alcohol ink art an alcohol ink art supplies.

3. ALCOHOL INK ART SUPPLY: An Alcohol Ink Substrate

What can you paint alcohol ink on? There are a number of surfaces you can paint alcohol ink on, the most popular substrate for alcohol ink is Yupo paper.

  • Yupo is able to carry alcohol ink on it as it is non-porous, unlike paper made from trees.
  • If you were to use actual paper with alcohol ink, it would absorb it and just would not work.
  • You want an alcohol ink art supply that will allow you to push the alcohol inks around to create the wispy, beautiful alcohol ink effect you see artists creating.
Alcohol Ink Art Supplies


What is Yupo paper?

Yupo is a synthetic paper material known as polypropylene. Yupo paper works well for alcohol ink as it is not paper at all; paper would absorb the alcohol ink and this is not what you want when using alcohol inks. Yupo is waterproof and very durable, and is non-porous. Yupo is a type of plastic, and is recyclable. It is a fantastic substrate to use alcohol ink on.

Check price of Yupo on Amazon here

Check price of Yupo on here

4. ALCOHOL INK ART SUPPLY: Safety Equipment For Alcohol Ink Art

  • Protecting your body is an essential part of using alcohol inks.
  • When using alcohol ink art supplies, we highly recommend protecting your lungs with the proper respirator mask.
  • You can opt for a half face respirator mask if you would like to save some money, or you can go for a full face respirator mask; the difference being, is that a full face respirator also protects your eyes from alcohol ink fumes.
Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

We recommend the respirator masks which we personally use for alcohol inks (and for resin art) from Parcil Distribution.

Here is the full face respirator from Parcil. When you buy anything directly from them it comes with a 1 year factory warranty.

Check price of full face respirator here

 Alcohol Ink Supply

  • We personally recommend a half face respirator for working with alcohol ink, unless you also like to work with resin (we know there are a lot of crossover artists out there) in which case, we would recommend the full face respirator that you can use for both mediums. The choice is up to you though.
  • Both the half respirator and the full face respirator mask are about as comfortable as you can get with a respirator mask for alcohol ink art. They adjust very easily all around the head with one pull on each self-fastening strap, and it creates a great seal around the face.

Here is the half face respirator, which also comes with a 1 year factory warranty when purchased directly from Parcil.

Check price of half face respirator here

Alcohol Ink Fume Protection | Half Face | CHECK PRICE

  • Both the half face respirator and full face respirator protect your lungs specifically from alcohol fumes, and also many other chemicals which you can read right here under "chemicals filtered".
  • We use our masks to protect us from things we work with around the house as well, such as painting and our recent concrete work we've been doing.

5. ALCOHOL INK ART SUPPLY: An Alcohol Ink Air Blending Tool

Many people think that you can use any air blending tool for alcohol ink.

  • People sometimes try to use a straw to blow alcohol ink, which we highly do not recommend. A straw is not strong enough and does not have a consistent air flow to achieve a good flow in the ink.
  • People also have tried a hair dryer, which we have not personally tried, but would assume as well that the air flow would not be strong enough as the air is not concentrated and there would be a lack precision.

Alcohol ink artists typically use mini air compressor kit which can be purchased from Amazon. The one we have is no longer listed, but we found one that is for all intents and purposes identical:


Alcohol Ink Art Supplies


Check price of mini air compressor kit on Amazon here

You can also use a heat gun to push your alcohol ink around, however, if you are working on Yupo paper, remember that it is a plastic and can melt or warp at higher temperatures.


  • A craft mat is an alcohol ink art supply that can save hours of trying to scrub a stain of alcohol ink off of your working surface.
  • Tim Holtz® uses this specific craft mat when he works with alcohol ink to protect the surface he works on, and having a craft mat has saved our work station a few times now!

We suggest grabbing this alcohol ink art supply if you are investing in alcohol inks.

Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

This alcohol ink craft mat is 15" by 18" and is perfect for using really under any craft projects you are doing. It wipes clean with water and a paper towel after you are done using it, and it can be used with:

  • Mixing your inks
  • Stamping
  • Embossing
  • Ironing
  • Painting
  • Baking
  • Waxing
  • Masking
  • Misting
  • Clays
  • Resins

Check price of Ranger Inks Reusable Craft Mat on here

We hope you enjoyed learning about the alcohol ink art supplies you need to get started with alcohol inks!

To see a full list of the alcohol ink supplies you need to get started, check out our visual Alcohol Ink Supply List right HERE.

Please be sure to save a Pin to this article so you can find us again. We would appreciate that.

Alcohol Ink Art Supplies

Happy creating!

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