9 Fascinating Blythe Unboxing Videos [2024]

Blythe Doll Unboxing Videos

Here are some of the best Blythe doll unboxing videos. There's nothing quite like watching someone unboxing their new Blythe doll. It's always such a fun and exciting experience, especially when it's their first time.

Blythe doll unboxing videos are so fun to watch. First of all, you get to see the doll in all its glory. All the intricate details and beautiful custom elements are just breathtaking.

It's so amazing to see how each Blythe doll customizers ship their dolls to their new owners.

After you watch some of these Blythe unboxing videos, do head over to the article we wrote about some of the best Blythe customizers out there to pick out your very own doll!

The person who orders their custom doll gets to hold the doll in their hands, finally,  and just marvel at how perfect it is. Every Blythe doll is unique and special in its own way, and it's just so wonderful to watch these videos.

It's especially fun to see the custom handmade outfits! There's lots of different sewing patterns for a Blythe doll to fully customize a wardrobe.

Here are some Blythe unboxing videos to binge watch!

Blythe Unboxing Videos

1. Unboxing My Very First Blythe

This doll collector takes the viewer behind the scenes and shows her very first Blythe doll. This is a custom doll Mari Fil Blythe Dolls and she is stunning.

2. Unboxing Two Blythe Dolls With $1300

We can all dream of what it's like to order a Blythe doll. For those who love to see high end dolls, you are going to love this video.

This Blythe doll customizer makes such wondrous little dolls and really pays attention to the details that truly makes a doll one of a kind.

3. Unboxing Spring Hope Blythe

You never know what's going to be in the box when you get your Blythe doll and this unboxing video comes with something unexpected. What you might love about this doll is her totally sweet outfit and pink hair.

4. Unboxing A One Of A Kind Blythe Doll

We all know that shopping for your own custom Blythe doll is a unique experience that only doll collectors will understand.

This customizer did such a great job on their Blythe doll and how they make their customer fall in love with their very own Blythe doll.

5. Unboxing A Sweet Bubbly Neo Blythe Doll

UnnieDolls has a fabulous YouTube channel that's dedicated to dolls. You can find customizing videos, unboxing vids and so much for that any Blythe doll collector will watch all day long.

Here, she is unboxing the sweetest Neo Blythe doll that is ready to be customized.

6. ASMR Blythe Doll Unboxing

Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the process of a Blythe doll unboxing without any talking or sound. This YouTuber reveals their very first Blythe doll that they ordered.

The little embellishments and lovely things that the company included are just so sweet.

7. Unboxing A Very First Custom Blythe Doll

How exciting it must be when the very first Blythe doll you have ever ordered finally arrives. Anyone who collects dolls understands these happy feelings! 

This doll has so many customized elements like the eyelids, clothing and natural lamb hair. The outfit is totally adorable and perfect!

8. Buying A Blythe Doll From Facebook

This is a great video to watch because you really have to be careful out there who you are purchasing from. You might be buying from a doll seller that is not really selling an authentic Blythe doll.

Watch this video about how this YouTuber bought a Blythe doll from Facebook.

9. Unboxing An AliExpress Blythe Doll

Have you always wondered about purchasing a doll from AliExpress? Dolls and Dabblings shows you exactly how their doll came. The quality of the Blythe doll was pretty good quality and these are perfect for customizing.

Do you love watching Blythe doll unboxing videos? There's a sense of anticipation and excitement that comes with watching fellow doll collectors, it's just so much fun to join in on their excitement!

Another reason why watching these videos is so much fun is because it's a way to vicariously experience the thrill of unboxing a new product without having to spend any money. Some Blythe dolls are thousands of dollars.

Watching Blythe videos can be so helpful in making purchasing decisions, as they provide an up-close look at the quality of a product and how it works in the real world. So we hope these videos helped you out with your own Blythe journey!

The unboxing experience is definitely one of the best parts about owning a Blythe doll. It's just so enchanting and exciting, and it's something you'll never forget. If you are a Blythe doll collector, you know what we are talking about!

Thanks for unboxing with us!

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Blythe doll unboxing videos


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