37 ESSENTIAL TOOLS For Customizing Dolls [2024]

Blythe doll customizing tools and supplies

Here is the complete supply list to help you get started customizing your Blythe dolls.

Like so many, when you first discovered dolls you fell in love instantly. They are so unique with their big heads and gorgeous eyes.

Blythe dolls are growing in popularity which is why so many people are customizing Blythe dolls for their own collections or to re-sell. 

If you're curious about what supplies you will need to start customizing a Blythe doll, then read on. In this blog post, we will be telling you what tools you will need in order to start on your very own Blythe doll. The most important thing when customizing your Blythe doll is to make sure whatever you use for her faceups is archival quality.

Whether you are a crafter enthusiast or just starting out, customizing your own Blythe doll can be a fun and rewarding experience. While there are many tools and materials that you can use to customize your Blythe doll, the following list of essentials will give you a good foundation to work from.

Doll Customizer Supply List

1. Acrylic Paints (Golden Fluid Acrylics)

A quality paint set is good to have on hand for many different applications. You can use them on the face, body, and back plates for customization.

Also, if you are making custom eyelids or eye chips, the Golden brand has the best paints that are high flow which is good for detailed work.

2. Airbrush Set

Once you decide that you want to continue making custom Blythe dolls, you might want to invest in an airbrush set. This makes blending and softening a breeze with practice.

3. Beads & Jewelry Spacers

When you are making a custom pull chain, there's lots of beads and accessories that you can choose from to go with your theme.

4. Blythe Doll Blank

There's many places to get a Blythe doll blank. You can find a seller on Etsy and also on Amazon too.

5. Brush Sets

When looking for brush sets, be sure that there are small detail brushes, chisel brushes and especially fan brushes. Fan brushes can be used on the face for faceups and also for the body of your Blythe doll to paint on custom accents. Fan brushes are great to use for speckles and freckles on the body or face.

Also, look for very soft large brushes for getting the paints and pastels blended without any harsh lines. 

6. Carving Tools

A good set of carving tools is a must have for customizing the face of your Blythe doll. You can use these tools for customizing the lips, nose and other areas of the face. Some people even customize the forehead to insert unicorn horns and other specialized accessories.

7. Chalk Pastels (Not Oil Based)

Pastels are used for faceups and the body of your doll. The best pastels to use are water based. You can use the chalk pastels on your dolls cheeks and forehead.

8. Clothing

Hands down, the best place to shop for custom clothes for your Blythe doll is on Etsy. You can find the perfect handmade outfits for any theme or design you are looking for. Here is a list of some fabulous sewing patterns for Blythe.

9. Cotton Gloves

When working on a Blythe doll, you will want to make sure no oils from your hands transfer to your doll. The best gloves are soft white gloves and can be purchased in lots of different sizes.

10. Curved Carving Files

These are super handy for getting into places where you need a curve, like eyes and nose details.

11. Dremel or E-file

For more advanced Blythe doll customizers, the Dremel is a must have tool for customizing the face and other areas of your doll. You can also purchase nail drills or an e-file which are more lightweight and easier to use if you are just beginning.

efile for customizing a Blythe doll

12. Doll Stands

Doll stands are a must have for displaying a Blythe doll. If you are taking lots of photos for your customer or for your listings, then these are what you will use to hold up your Blythe for their photo shoots. Be sure to check the listing details to make sure that you are purchasing the right size.

13. Dotting Tools

These can be used for everything from making galaxy stars on custom eye chips to making cool faceup designs on the temple of your dolls as well as the back plate.

14. Eye Chips

Custom eye chips can be purchased from Etsy sellers who specialize in making eye chips for Blythe dolls. Read up on the best places to buy customized eye chips for a Blythe doll.

15. Eye Chips Blanks

And if you want to try making your own eye chips, these are the blanks that you will need.

16. Eye Chips Printables

If you are planning on making your own custom eyes for your Blythe doll but don't want to actually paint them. There are printable eye chips from Etsy sellers.

17. Eyelashes

For a glam faceup or something more subtle use fake eyelashes in different sizes. You can easily cut them for even more customization for your Blythe dolls.

18. Face Plates

If you are just getting into customizing Blythe dolls, you might want to practice on a face plate first. These are also great to have on hand even if you are a professional so that you can see if there is a design you want to try before going ahead on the Blythe doll.

19. Foam Wedge Sponges

These can be used wet or dry to add color pigments and to remove pigments as well.

20. Glossy Accents

Great for making tear drops and other glossy dots on your Blythe doll.

21. Glossy Varnish

Use glossy varnish for the lips and anywhere you would like a glossy shine.

21. Glue (Diamond Glaze)

Diamond glaze glue is the best glue to have around for gluing down sequins and glitters onto your Blythe dolls. 

22. Glue Gun & Hot Glue

Hot glue can be used for gluing down or making custom outfits and accessories. Also, when taking out eye chips, get one side of a hot glue stick hot, then stick it on top of the eye chip and remove.

23. Hair and Wigs

Etsy is the best place to find the best custom wigs and hair for your Blythe doll. You can find wigs for your Blythe dolls to change up their look, or there is natural hair for custom re-rooting.

24. Jointed Blythe Body

Etsy has lots of sellers that offer the body without the head for customizers. They come in all shades and colors. Jointed body's are great for posing and are more high end than the regular body.

25. Mr. Super Clear

This is a must have spray for setting your doll after the customization. Mr. Super Clear comes in a high gloss finish and also a matte finish. One thing to note about this finish is that it provides UV protection. To be sure to spray at least 8 inches away from the doll to avoid splatter dots. Always keep the spray nozzle clean.

26. Nail Art Stickers & Tattoos

Have fun playing with different designs and themes for your Blythe doll. Look for waterslide nail art stickers because they will have the thinnest papers. Then you will not have an edge that sticks out.

nail art stickers for Blythe dolls

27. Paint Brushes

Choose sets that come in many different sizes. The best paint brush sets are actually makeup brush sets. They usually come with small fine tips and large fluffy brushes for blending. Soft brushes are a must have for blending paste colors and paints.

28. Pearl Ex Pigments

These powders have many uses for Blythe faceups and body designs. You can mix powders for even more custom colors. These will add a pearlescent gleam to your dolls.

You can also mix it into any viscous medium for an added pearlescent effect. If you want even more luster, you can layer it by adding the powder, a coat of Mr. Super Clear and then another layer of powder.

29. Pencils

Soft pencils are for planning out your face customizing ideas before going ahead with the carving. Choose pencils that are soft so that they do not stain your doll or cut into the doll's plastic.

30. Rhinestones & Gems

These can be added to outfits and also your Blythe doll face. There are so many ways that you can customize your Blythe doll cheeks and body with rhinestones and gems. You can also get very small gemstones for her eye makeup too.

31. Sandpaper Sets

Try to get sandpaper in many types of grit from 90-3000. You will be using rough to get rid of edges and bumps and then very smooth grit for detailed work and to make the face and body super smooth.

32. Satin Ribbon

When you are making a custom pull chain for your Blythe, you can use ribbon or you can also use fancy chains too. Just be sure that whatever you use will not break with repeated use. 

33. Scissor Sets

Used for many things including fixing your Blythe doll clothes, making a custom pull chain and for fixing your Blythe hair and wigs. A set of several different sizes of scissors is ideal.

34. Screwdriver Set

You will definitely need a small screwdriver set. Do pick out a set that has screwdrivers for tiny screws. The screws on a Blythe doll are extremely small. To customize your Blythe, and to change the gaze of her eyes, you will need to get into the back of the doll head.

35. Tweezers

Long tweezers will helps you with re-rooting and picking up any little parts and pieces. They are especially helpful for picking up rhinestones and putting eyelashes onto your Blythe.

36. Watercolor Pencils

These are a must have for customizing your Blythe dolls face, lips, eyebrows and freckles. You can blend colors together for even more unique ideas for your doll.

To make freckles, just dot on the watercolor pencil and then gently go over the dot with a piece of paper towel to make the dots disperse a bit so they are not so harsh looking.

watercolor pencils for Blythe customizing

37. X-Acto Knife Sets

Sharp tools are a must have to get into any small areas of your Blythe doll. Try to find a set that offers many different sizes of blades so that you always have the right one for the job on hand.

We hope this list help you out with your Blythe doll customizing. Please save a pin to your Blythe boards so you can find us again.

blythe doll customizer supplies


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