105 BEST Girl Doll Names [2024]

girl doll names

Here are the best girl doll name ideas for your favorite dolls.

It's always fun to pick out the perfect name for your doll. Whether you're looking for something traditional or unique, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Doll names can be as unique as you like! It's like giving your doll a whole new identity. picking out the perfect name is half the fun of having a doll in the first place.

girl doll name ideas

With so many options to name your dolls and custom Blythe dolls, it’s hard to know where to begin! The best way is to immediately write down your favorites and the ones you love, and then narrow down your list until you find the perfect name.

Whether you're looking for a traditional name or something more outrageous, there are plenty of great options to choose from.

Here are just a few of our favorite girl doll names.

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Girl Doll Name Ideas

1. Abigail

2. Acorn

3. Aelafynn

4. Aerlyn

5. Angel

6. Apricot

7. Astra

8. Autumn

9. Ayrwen

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10. Barbie

11. Belle

12. Birdie

13. Blossom

14. Blueberry

15. Brooklyn

16. Bubblegum

17. Buttercup

18. Bunny

19. Buttons

20. Caitlyn

21. Casey

22. Chloe

23. Cookie

24. Cutie Pie

25. Cricket

26. Daisy

27. Darla

28. Darling

29. Diamond

30. Diva

31. Dreama

32. Ella

33. Embyr

34. Emily

35. Emma

36. Esme

37. Faith

38. Faela

39. Faelynne

40. Fawn

41. Gabriella

42. Glitterfyn

43. Haven

44. Halo

45. Ivy

46. Jasmine

47. Jaspyre

48. Jelly Belly

49. Jennifer

50. Jessica

51. Krissie

52. Leah

53. Liliana

54. Lily

55. Lucia

56. Lumin

57. Luna

58. Mackenzie

59. Madison

60. Marin

61. Marisol

62. Marshmallow

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63. Maya

64. Meadow

65. Nightling

66. Nora

67. Nova

68. Nyrissa

69. Olivia

70. Paige

71. Peeps

72. Petra

73. Pipp

74. Pith

75. Pixie

76. Poppy

77. Rain

78. Rainbow

79. Raisin

80. Raspberry

81. Robyn

82. Rubeigh

83. Rumor

84. Savannah

85. Scarlett

86. Secret

87. Shadow

88. Siren

89. Skyla

90. Snuggles

91. Spice

92. Sprout

93. Starburst

94. Starla

95. Starlight

96. Starlyne

97. Sugar

98. Swan

99. Tauriel

100. Trinket

101. Trinity

102. Tulip

103. Twila

104. Victoria

105. Willow

We hope you found this doll name article super helpful and you can now find a perfect name to make her your very own. 

Are you looking for another doll to add to your collection? You will definitely want to check out our Blythe doll section. You can find Blythe dolls for sale online, or in stores that carry doll sewing patterns for your doll too. Happy crafting!

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girl doll name ideas 

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