Blythe Doll Dimensions & Measurements

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blythe doll measurements

You might be asking, what size is a Blythe doll? The Blythe doll has certain features that make it unique. Blythe dolls have a long, slender body with a large head and big eyes.

The factory Blythe is a tall and slender fashion doll with an oversized head and large eyes.

Blythe dolls are popular collectibles that come in specific sizes. While there is some variation between different dolls, any factory Blythe doll that you order should share the same basic proportions.

If you're considering adding a Blythe doll to your collection, it's important to be familiar with the measurements that define this type of toy so that you can make the proper clothing or purchase accessories for your Blythe doll. And if you are a Blythe doll customizer and are making your own clothes, you will find these measurements helpful for your fashion accessories.

Are you wondering how tall the factory Blythe doll is? You have come to the right place. In this post, we'll provide an overview of the most common Blythe doll dimensions with photo references.

We will discuss how big Blythe doll feet are to how tall is a Blythe doll.

These measurements are from a factory Blythe doll that we have in our studio.


blythe doll body measurements 

Scale of a Blythe doll: 1/6

Total length tall with head: 28.5 cm

Body with no head: 18.5 cm

Chest circumference: 10.5 cm

Waist circumference: 7.5 cm

Hips circumference: 10.5 cm



blythe doll head measurements

Head height: 10 cm

Head width: 8.5 cm ear to ear

Head circumference: 27.5 cm

Top of ear to top of head: 5 cm

Eye Sockets: 2 cm wide by 1.5 cm tall

Nose: 1 cm wide x .8 cm tall

Mouth: 2 cm wide x .8 cm tall

Distance between nose and top of mouth: .6 cm

Ears tall: 1.9 cm

Ears width: 1 cm

Neck with head on: .6 cm


blythe doll arm measurements 

Arms from shoulder to end of hands: 7.5 cm

Arms from shoulder to elbow: 4.2 cm

Arms from shoulder to wrist: 6.2 cm


blythe leg measurements

Leg from hip to heel:13.5 cm

Inside leg from crotch to heel: 11 cm


Foot from toe to heel: 2.1 cm


Hand from wrist to end of hand: 1.8 cm


Pull string coming out from head: 23 cm


Here are some common questions that you might have about Blythe dolls vs Barbie dolls. You might be wondering if you can interchange clothes or shoes. Here are the answers to these questions.

What scale are Blythe dolls?

The original Blythe doll is 28 cm and is 1/6 scale.

Do Barbie shoes fit Blythe dolls?

No, most Barbie shoes will not fit a Blythe doll. Barbie's foot is a different angle and since the calf of a Blythe doll is larger than a Barbie doll, boots will not fit either. If you are looking for shoes for your Blythe doll, purchase shoes specifically made for their feet style and calf size.

Do Barbie clothes fit Blythe? Are the clothes interchangeable?

Most Barbie clothes will fit a Blythe doll but there are exceptions. Usually you can interchange stretchy clothes, shorts, pants and shirts. With that being said it's important to know that since Barbie dolls now come in many different sizes, not all clothes will fit, especially leggings.

Refer to sizing charts first before purchasing any clothes for your Blythe doll. Also if you are purchasing sewing patterns for a Blythe doll, be sure to check the measurements.

Where can I purchase custom clothes for my Blythe doll?

There are many sellers on Etsy who specialize in custom clothing specifically designed for Blythe dolls.

See Blythe Doll Clothing On Etsy

If you're a Blythe doll collector, then you know that figuring out the dimensions of your dolls is important. You need to know how big they are so you can find the perfect clothes and furniture for them. 

The measurements for each doll will vary depending on the brand and style, so make sure to check out the specific measurements for your doll before making a purchase.

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 blythe doll measurements and dimensions


Blythe doll customizers

Blythe doll eye chips 

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