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7 Best Mod Podge Formulas & How To Use Them [2022]


best mod podge formulas for crafts and image transfers

Here are the best and top selling Mod Podge formulas for making decoupage crafts like photo transfer and making crafts. No matter if you are a beginner crafter or someone who makes decoupage crafts like image transfers, jewelry boxes or painted jars for a living. Mod Podge is a staple in the craft room.

What is Mod Podge used for? Today we are answering all of your questions about how to use Mod Podge and talk about what formula is best for any type of crafting project.

What Is Mod Podge?

Mod Podge is a glue and finish used in crafting and decoupage projects. Mod Podge is non-toxic and water-based so it cleans up easily with soap and water. Use for crafts, scrapbooking, jewelry making, decoupage, cardmaking and more.

Mod Podge has uses in most craft categories. Their formula hasn't really changed over the years because they got it perfectly right from the start. Crafters & artisans have been reaching for Mod Podge since its introduction back in 1967.

best mod podge formulas

When we spoke to Plaid, we asked them if this product was made from any animals. They replied back "Mod Podge products contain no Animal products and no by-products of animals. Mod Podge products contain no food products and no by-products of food."

Reasons Why Mod Podge Is Great For Crafts

  • Non-toxic formula
  • Water-based
  • Non-yellowing
  • Dries clear
  • Easily cleans up with soap and water
  • Use as a sealer by applying thin coats over projects
  • For a textured finish apply a thick coat imitating brush strokes or stipple with a sponge
  • Use as a glue
  • Easily sanded to a smooth matte finish


1. Dishwasher Safe Sealer

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This is the formula to use for when you need to be able to put something in the dishwasher after it is fully cured. This is a quick-drying formula and will dry clear. It has a smooth finish so it's going to be good for projects that go in the dishwasher.

You can use this for gluing paper napkins to your coffee mugs and also use it for making beautiful glitter tumblers. Just be sure to wash your mugs on the top rack.

2. Matte Mod Podge

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This quick dry formula is for when you want a totally matte finish. Some of the best ways to use this glue is to use it to seal painted mason jars for for when you want to use it for inserts for your junk journal ideas.

It's a great glue to have on hand for those projects where you don't want to have any glossy areas.

In this photo below matte mod podge was used to create these mason jars, decoupaged bird house and shabby chic jewelry box.

mod podge ideas
best mod podge formulas for beginners

3. Glossy Mod Podge

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This glossy decoupage glue gives a beautiful clear, glossy finish that will preserve the beauty of decoupage paper, wood, tissue and more.
The quick dry formula makes it easy to work with and it will clean up with just soap and water.
One tip when using Mod Podge is to make sure your brushes are completely cleaned with soap and water and then rinsed. Or they will become hard.

make a clay bowl with mod podge

4. Mod Podge Puzzle Saver

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Here's the formula you need for when you want to make puzzles and then save them for display.

This durable decoupage glue will brush on clear and then it dries to a hard, glossy finish to preserve the beauty of your puzzles.

5. Super Thick Gloss

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This is a glue formula that is more thick than their regular gloss. So it's going to be good to use on surfaces like wood, canvas and terra cotta. There's pretty much endless possibilities and it will even go onto fabric to create wall art.

One of the things you can use this for is to make your own jewelry. You can order jewelry blanks here on Amazon and then cut out pieces of scrapbooking papers. Then use the gloss glue to seal the image into the pendant.

mod podge ideas jewelry making

6. Mega Glitter Mod Podge

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This is hands down some of the best glitter glue we have used. This is their glitter line of glues which come in holographic, gold and silver. Once the glue dries, all that's left is gorgeous sparkle. 

This is a great formula for cardmaking, shell decorating and for Christmas craft ideas. 

We also have a tutorial How To Use Mod Podge which you can check out. It gives you the basics of Mod Podge and teaches you how to use it!

7. Photo Transfer Glue

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One of the top selling Mod Podge formula is the photo transfer glue. So what you do is apply it directly to dry toner prints with a sponge or brush. Then you lay the piece of fabric down onto the photo. Once it is dry, you remove the paper and you have a photo transfer.

Watch the video tutorial on how to make a photo transfer on their Amazon listing in the merchant video section.

mod podge photo transfer 

Helpful Tips About Using Mod Podge

Test inks before applying to make sure they won't smear

Be sure surfaces are clean and dry before applying

Mod Podge will hold up best on decorative items that don’t have to be washed often

Wash brushes and applicators out with soap and water

Wait one hour between coats

Will dry very quickly and the final cure happens within about 2 to 3 weeks

Projects can be cleaned by lightly wiping with a dampened, lint-free rag

How Much Mod Podge Will You Need?

Refer to the chart below that we copied from their official website for the coverage area of Mod Podge so that you purchase the right amount for your project. There's nothing worse than running out of something in the middle.

Image for answer 1

Here are some pendants that we made using Mod Podge. We used some scrapbook paper and other embellishments and sealed them into the pendant trays.


We used Mod Podge to glue inserts into this Junk Journal. We used a flat brush & really light layers and were able to glue in large spreads & sheets very quickly.

Out of the many uses you can get by using Mod Podge, one of our favorites is to use beautiful napkins to decoupage images onto furniture and frames. We wrote a tutorial, Paper Napkin Ideas For Decoupage Crafts that you would find really interesting!

 mod podge for making a junk journal

how to use mod podge


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best mod podge formulas


This video describes even more finishes to choose from.

How do you like (or use) this product? Leave a comment and your store links below for the community. Share your creative ideas with us.

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Debora Jean Ellis
Debora Jean Ellis

October 17, 2021

Great Video! Thanks. I recently Mod Podged a lidded shoe box – using the original. Turned the inside into a Van Gogh art gallery! Painted starry night on walls, ceiling and floor! Love the glitter mod podge and used it as well. My question is how to keep the painted/mod podge sides of the lid and the box sides from sticking together after it has been closed for a while – dried for over a week with a few afternoons in the sun. Just seems the sides and lid are a bit hard to pull apart and don’t want to pull off the decorations In the end I have used car wax and that works pretty good. Just wondered what else you would suggest – maybe the matte would not stick as much? Your suggestions about mod podged surfaces that contact one another? Thanks!


November 14, 2018

DIY Craft Club Says: Hi Mary! We asked Plaid directly about that and they replied back “Mod Podge products contain no Animal products and no by-products of animals. Mod Podge products contain no food products and no by-products of food.” Hope that helps!


November 13, 2018

Is ModPodge cruelty free i.e. not tested on animals nor use any animal by-products?

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