29 Best GIFTS For BOOK LOVERS | 2024


Gifts for book lovers

Here are the best gift ideas for people who love books! Wondering what the best gift idea is for book lovers? You have come to the right place because we have some fantastic ideas for you.

Do you have someone in your life who can't wait to talk about the book they are reading?

And they get so excited to tell you about how they love the characters, how it reminds them of a place they have visited, the plot twists, how the author perfectly paints that picture so it reads like a movie?

You have a book lover amongst you.

These are the absolute best gift ideas for book lovers that are not books. You will find the perfect idea for your avid reader, and these gift ideas cover:

  • DIY book club gifts
  • DIY gifts for the book lover
  • Items to put together DIY gift baskets for book lovers
  • Crafts for book lovers
  • Luxury gifts for a book lover
  • and many more

See all handmade, unique book lover gift ideas on Etsy right here

Gift ideas for book lovers

Find the first edition of a book on Etsy here as a special gift

Best Gifts For Book Lovers


Check price on Amazon here

A true bookie probably loves to keep notes and make lists.

Especially if they are in a book club! Taking notes of page numbers, or character quotes can be something your reader likes to do to connect with what they are reading.

So get that book lover a beautiful notebook or reading journal to keep track of the important parts of their book.

Leather Notebook Idea

This notebook has a distressed look and is tied together in the front with leather strings.

The pages are a beautifully distressed kraft paper with 100gsm weight that look slightly browned as if they have been weathered over time.

It also lays flat with its hand stitching which is so important. This is a timeless notebook that your reader will be so excited to receive. 

Find more leather notebooks on Amazon here


Check price on Amazon here

A more modern notebook, if you are looking for the best gift for a book lover, is this cute notebook.

This notebook is different because it is not your typical lined notebook. It is adorned, page by page, with stunning watercolor pages to write on.

Gift Ideas For Book Lovers that aren't books


Check out the custom photo ideas

Etsy is not your average photo gift company. Their sellers create the most beautiful gifts that will add a personal touch to a gorgeous photo anyone will be sure to love.

Depending on what style you are going for, you could write a quote from their favorite book above their favorite photo!

Etsy also has a huge selection of other custom items you can get custom made for the reading enthusiast in your life.


Check Prices

Give them a personalized embosser with their name or a favorite quote. This way, they can mark their books with a stylish and unique stamp.


Check Prices

Get a map that highlights locations from their favorite books. It could be a map of Middle-earth, Hogwarts, or the streets of Victorian London.


See them on Amazon here

Any book lover who likes to buy physical books after perusing the book store aisles for the perfect title would love to have this gift.

Why highlight your favorite sections with neons when you can have soft, pastel colors?

There are so many inspirational quotes and meaningful sentences in the books that we read that often that we don't want to forget.

Book Gifts

Having a soft-colored highlighter set is so much nicer than those bright fluorescents.

The colors are made with water-based ink and are very popular in Europe right now.


Learn more about Tea Club here

Now this is something that would warm a book lovers heart, if you are looking for gifts that aren't books. Tea Club is a membership you can buy from Art Of Tea.

Here is how it works: you can choose from 6 options of tea.

DIY book gifts

Next, choose how long of a subscription you would like to get for your book lover.

Again, the most popular is a 6-month subscription, this way they will get to try many types of tea they offer and find which ones she likes!

When the tea boxes come, each will have information on the teas so they can learn more about them. It's a pretty nice gift to give :)

Check out the Tea Club Membership right here


Check Prices On Amazon

Find a cozy blanket featuring the text of a classic novel, or one with a design inspired by a beloved book cover. It's a practical and comforting gift for reading sessions.


Check Price

A DIY library kit that allows them to lend out their books and keep track of who has borrowed them. It's a fun and nostalgic gift for those who love the traditional library experience.


Check price on Amazon here

If you are loving the 3D Nessie book page holder you could also check out this super cute little seedling bookmark.

These bookmarks are so delicate and lovely, especially if your book reader loves to garden or has a green thumb!

These small silicone bookmarks look like tiny seedlings growing out of your book and hold your page beautifully. Here's their description: 

"Sow them where you need to stop; when you get back, the leaves will be rooted to the page, exactly where you left them"

These little bookmarks come in a pack of 6, and you can get the seedings or little clovers. I can totally see the books on my bookshelves just lined with these!


Check price on Amazon here

And you can't forget about this cute Oz themed bookmark. There are many 3D bookmarks to choose from for your book lover. Give them with a book or in a gift box!

Bookmark gift


See it on Amazon here

This book art is completely unique and is a great gift idea for someone to put on their bookshelf with their favorite reads.

This looks so interested and would accessorize any bookshelf or book collection, reading nook or desk so beautifully.

Handmade Book Gift DIY

They created this book art out of a classic novels: Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. It is also made on a hardcover book so it can stand beautifully anywhere your avid readers want to put it.

You can also get custom wording made into book art! Check out the link right here to Amazon to see the different options that are out there.


Check Prices

Look for unique jewelry pieces inspired by literary works. It could be a necklace with a pendant shaped like a favorite book, author's signature, or a quote.


See this light on Amazon here

Here is a unique idea for your book lover: a book light. But wait, let's update that. How about a book light that is the moon?

Reading Light Gift Idea

This moon light literally looks exactly like the moon, and you can change the lighting from a cool, bright white to a warmer white tone.

Use this as a reading light or as something to accent a shelf on your bookshelf.


See it in action on Amazon here

There are some things that go hand in hand for book lovers, and two of those things are comfort and relaxation.

Book reading is the ultimate "me" time. It often involves a beverage of some kind and for me, it is usually a nice cup of tea.

This is Ember.

Ember is going to love whoever gets her, and she will show that love by keeping that tea or warm bevy nice and heated through those long chapters!

Control the temperature of this ceramic mug in Celcius or Farenheit through your smartphone.

Warm Drink For Book Readers

There are presets to the Ember mug that you can set, and you can choose your own LED color on it. What a great gift!

This will be sure to warm any book lovers heart.

Reading Gifts


See options on Amazon here

Is it true that every bookworm loves something about Alice In Wonderland? This will be a lovely addition to any book lovers collection and is sure to impress. 

Whether it is a Christmas gift for your reader (or someone's very merry unbirthday), this teapot is a beloved classic.

Gift Ideas For Readers

Find Alice In Wonderland teapots here on Amazon


Check them out on Amazon here

What a popular item this year. Everyone is asking for reading socks! What is the difference between book reading socks and regular socks?

Book reading socks are oversized, thick, very soft inside and are meant for comfort and warmth.

Don't try and wear these with shoes though. They are for indoor comfort and warmth only.

Best Reading Socks

Check out these fleece-lined socks. We personally like these white socks with a bit of sparkle, they are a very affordable option. This would be a great addition to any gift box.


Check Prices

Personalized bookplates that they can use to label their books. You can find elegant and artistic designs to make their library even more special.


Visit Online Star Map

Our favorite! We love these custom star maps. You enter in a special date and it creates a map of how the stars were aligned that day.

These star maps look so nice framed for bedroom or office décor. Now that's a perfect gift idea!

Perfect Gifts For Readers


See them on Amazon here

What is it about the smell of books? When I close my eyes I can just remember walking into this room in our house where the old books were kept and I can already smell the memory.

It is a rustic yet clean smell, reminiscent of something leather mixed with aged paper.

Book Reading Candle Gift

And we have the perfect gift for your reader that captures that wonderful feeling and memory in a candle!

This literary gift is made by the company Homesick, who specializes in capturing memories in the form of soy candles.

These candles are hand-poured in small batches, so you know they are made with care.


See them here on Amazon

here is another series of beautifully nostalgic candles, reminiscent of old books and pages. These candles feature scents that are inspired by the literary greats.

And wow, I was so interested to read about the fragrances they associated with Charles Dickens, Mark Twain, William Shakespeare and one of my personal favorites, Ralph Waldo Emerson.

I felt like they captured their essence beautifully with their choices of notes!

Library Candles

The scents were carefully chosen to represent each author, and when you read them you'll think yes!

That is exactly what one would pair with that author as well. They did such an amazing job. For example, Emerson has a scent of cedar and wild fern.

Book Club Gift Idea


The box that the candle comes in looks like a craft paper which pairs beautifully with the romance of these literary greats.

The candle itself comes in a very beautiful container reminiscent of burnt amber, and the label is in a type font reminding me of endless bookshelves down old library corridors.


Check Prices

Gift them a puzzle featuring artwork inspired by a classic book cover or literary theme. It's a unique way to combine their love for books with a relaxing activity.


See the options on Amazon here

I LOVE my kindle. Everyone I know loves their Kindle.

It is just a great little device to have if you love to read. Keep all of your books together and download the newest reads on it.

Great for travel and vacationing or just having a relaxing night in.

There are a few Kindle editions to choose from: there is the base model Kindle, the Paperwhite Kindle and the Kindle Oasis.

Check price of base model Kindle on Amazon here

Check price of Kindle Paperwhite on Amazon here

Check price of Kindle Oasis on Amazon here

I personally own the Kindle Paperwhite. It is an upgrade from the regular Kindle and here is why:

The base model Kindle has 167 pixels per inch, and the Kindle Paperwhite has 300 pixels per inch. This means the words appear much sharper and more crisp like ink would look on a page. The front light on the Kindle Paperwhite has a better light (in my opinion).

The Kindle Paperwhite also features a flush screen whereas the base model has an indented screen (depends on your own preference for this feature) and the Paperwhite is waterproof if reading near water may happen.

Reading Gifts

There is also the Kindle Oasis, which is by far the most superior but is also much more expensive. or the extra money, you get adjustable lighting: warm light to a shift screen shade changing from white to amber.

You also get 25 LED's for your lighting; much more than the base model's 4 LED's and Paperwhite's 5 LED's It also has the latest e-ink technology for fast page-turning.


Check out the selection of Kindle cases here on Amazon

If you are thinking of buying her a Kindle for Valentine's Day, be sure to get her a super cute case.

Just be sure to know which Kindle you are buying a case for, to make sure it fits.


Check price on Amazon

This is a very thoughtful idea to give to your book reader as a gift: a reading pillow.

Cozy Reading Gift

There are so many beautiful designs out there, so you will have to find the one that fits the book reader you are shopping for.


See them on Amazon here

I received a heated reading blanket years ago, and I use it almost every single day from fall to spring. It is one of my favorite gifts that I have received, and I highly recommend it.

Reading Blankets

This is really great for your book lover because it has pockets for your feet and a free hand to go into to keep warm while reading.

Nothing says comfort more than being encapsulated in a soft and warm blanket.


See it on Amazon right here

Another huge trend right now is having a weighted blanket. These are the ultimate in comfort as it feels like you are basically being hugged.

It can be hard to find one that has a nice design and that is machine washable, but this one does both.

Plus, it is made out of a super soft material. Any book reader will absolutely love this popular gift, and this one has excellent reviews.

Warm Gift For Book Readers



Check prices on Amazon here

This is a really great gift, and you can buy this with a specific kind of writing in mind: for the book lover, the music lover, jazz lover, Edgar Allen Poe Lover, even one if you practice yoga.

Leave poetic messages on your fridge every morning! Your words will be clever, inspirational and some even funny.


Check price on Amazon here

Something I have wanted to do for a while with my kids (and their hundreds of books) is make a personal library so we could play library so they can "check out" their books and be responsible for putting them back.

Gifts For Reading Enthusiasts

This would make a really great gift for someone who maybe loans you books all the time. They would surely get a kick out of it, plus the price on it is amazing. 

Tips For Choosing The Right Gifts For book Lovers:

1. Identify Their Favorite Genre or Author
Knowing the recipient's preferred genre or favorite author can guide your gift selection. Whether it's mystery, fantasy, romance, or a specific author, tailoring the gift to their literary tastes shows thoughtful consideration.
2. Explore Unique Editions or Special Collections
Book lovers often appreciate unique editions of their favorite books or special collections. Look for signed copies, limited editions, or beautifully illustrated versions of classic novels. These can make for cherished additions to their bookshelves.
book lover gifts
3. Personalized Gifts
Personalized items add a special touch. Consider a custom book embosser, a personalized bookplate stamp, or a custom-made book cover with their name or a meaningful quote.

 best book lover gifts

Well, we hope you had as much fun reading about the fabulous finds for the reader in your life as we had writing it. There are some seriously unique gift ideas.

If you want some other great gift guides to inspire you, here are some we wrote which we think you would love:

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If you loved this list and you don't want to forget about it when the next holiday rolls around, be sure to PIN IT NOW to your Pinterest board, to find it easily again LATER. We would appreciate that.

Gift ideas for a book lover

Until next time, have a brilliant day!

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