41 BEST Gift Ideas For Bread Makers & Bread Bakers [2024]

Best gift ideas for bread makers

Bread baking is a wonderful way to de-stress while doing something productive that everyone can come together and enjoy. There is nothing quite like the smell of bread baking in the oven. Whether it is rye bread, a loaf of sweet bread or the classic sourdough bread loaf, this is a bakers hobby that can grow into whatever you want it to become.

Bread baking has become a very popular hobby, which makes gift buying for these bread makers very easy, as there are so many amazing bread bakers gifts and ideas out there.

Here are the best gift ideas for bread bakers.

Unique gifts for bread bakers


The BEST Gift Ideas For Bread Bakers

When considering purchasing a gift for a bread baker, there are a few things to take into consideration. Is your bread baker a professional bread baker, or do they just really love making bread at home as a hobby? Bread baking gift ideas include items to help in the bread-making process, items that are personalized, and items to go with bread, such as high quality oils.

We took all of these points into consideration and broke our bread baker gift guide into three categories:

  • gifts for the bread novice
  • gifts for the occasional loafer
  • gifts for the master bread maker

    What is a good gift for a bread baker?

    All of our bread baking gift ideas were selected so that anyone, of any bread-making skill level would really enjoy. The bread baker gift buying categories are there to help you, but not limit you as all of these items are intended to put a smile on any bread baker's face.

    So to reiterate, these bread making gift ideas for bread makers is great for any bread baker: whether they are a bread maker who has just started making bread or are wanting to make bread more often.

    Or perhaps you yourself are someone who has been baking bread for a little while, or you have been baking bread for years and years and you are looking for new bread-making tools and ideas.

    We have put together the best gift ideas for bread bakers for every level of bread-making expertise! There is something for everyone.


    Gifts For Bread Bakers


    The first few gift ideas can be for  (but are certainly not limited to) a "bread baker novice" (see our definition at the bottom).



    Check price on Amazon here

    Let's start with a bread machine for the bread baker from Amazon. I purchased this exact Cuisinart Bread Baking Machine in 2008. I can still remember the day actually. This little bread making machine is what started me on my bread baker journey.

    Here is a funny story, my little bread maker actually got accidentally sold one year in a garage sale. I was devastated. An honest mistake by one "innocent" unmentioned husband. However, I loved this bread baker machine so much, I went and bought the exact same one again.

    This bread maker is highly recommend as a great baking gift for anyone! It is the best bread machine you can get for a beginner bread maker.

    Gift ideas for bread bakers

    This is a great bread maker because:

    • it is user-friendly; it is very straightforward and easy to use
    • It can make three different bread loaf sizes: 1lb, 1.5lb and 3lb loaves
    • The bread making recipes are great and there are a large variety of bread recipes to make.

    Some of the bread making recipes in this machine include:

    • beer bread
    • white bread
    • challah loaf
    • lemon poppy seed loaf (not quite a "bread" but is sooo yummy)
    • focaccia bread, which makes the dough for you, then you take the dough out, form it into long loaves on a pan and bake. The focaccia bread was my favorite bread to make for company, it is just picture perfect when it comes out on the pan and it is absolutely fantastic with some bread dippers.

    This bread maker can also make pizza dough, sweetbreads, stuffing for Thanksgiving or Christmas turkey and regular bread loaves.

    The best part is that you can start the bread baking machine early in the day and come back to HOMEMADE BREAD later without any previous bread making experience.



    Check price here

    How beautiful are these handcrafted, rustic bread-serving trays? These would certainly make amazing gifts for any bread baker. Serve homemade, sliced bread in this tray or put a gorgeous homemade baguette in this bread serving tray and leave an impression.

    What a beautiful way for the bread baker in your life to showcase their bread making skills!

    Bread Tray Gift


    Because each serving tray is handmade, each one is unique, meaning there are no two that are alike.

    Here is what this shop owner has to say about their creations:

    This rustic olive wood baguette / garlic bread serving dish has natural bark edging and is perfect for serving a baguette whole or sliced, a stunning addition to your table.

    The uses for this dish aren’t just limited to bread however, you could use it to serve crisps, nuts, or just to store your keys or jewelry!



    Check price here

    If you are shopping for someone who loves making bread, getting specialty flours for them would be right up their ally.

    Bread flour

    A very popular ancient grain to bake bread with is red fife. This is an un-sifted whole wheat flour so baked items will generally be heavier or more dense than those made with store bought flour, making it the perfect choice for bread.

    Unlike the highly refined white flour from the store, this has lots of flavor. The store we are recommending from Etsy comes from six generations of farmers and millers in South Dakota​​​ and they have this to say:

    We are a source of whole grain and fresh-milled flour, primarily ancient or heirloom varieties for those who would like to know exactly where their food comes from.

    This store has many varieties of specialty bread flour to choose from so you can get a few different kinds for your bread maker to try.



    Check price on Amazon here

    Adding these amazing bread dipping oils from Amazon by Grand'aroma as an gift for a bread baker is an excellent gift idea.

    These oils come from the Mantova family recipe from Italy and are amazing. The oils have a delicate, mellow body and low acidity and add authentic Italian flavor to not only breads in bread dipping, but they can also be used in pasta dishes, with vegetables, on potatoes, with fish and more.

    Only authentic Italian ingredients are used in making these bread oils and they are all-natural, non-GMO, trans fat-free cholesterol-free, sugar-free and gluten-free. They are packaged in glass bottles and are a beautiful and delicious gift for the bread maker in your life.

    Bread Maker Gift Ideas

    Compare all the bread dipping oils available right here


    Now the following items are for THE OCCASIONAL LOAFER:


    Check price here

    A kitchen scale is a very necessary tool for bread makers at all experience levels, and makes a really nice looking bread makers gift that can be kept on the counter. This gift idea is also great for anyone who loves to cook in general.

    It is hard to accurately measure an ingredient in a measuring cup, and when you are making bread, it is all chemistry. So you will need to be very accurate in all of your measurements.

    Many times, when a bread loaf doesn't come out as you had hoped, it is because the ingredient measurements were slightly off which affects the way the bread rises, bakes and browns.

    Measuring by weight on a scale will give you accurate numbers and even more accurate, predictable results.


    Measure bread ingredients


    This kitchen scale by Ozeri from Amazon is both sleek in design and is easy to use. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

    You can get this bread makers scale in:

    • red
    • silver
    • lime green
    • classic black
    • teal

    This handy tool is highly recommended as a bread makers gift.



    Check price on Etsy

    Here is a real treat for any bread maker. If you are looking for some artistry in your bread makers gift, you will definitely want to check out this handmade UFO-style bread lame.

    The UFO-style bread lame features engravings designed by Anna Gabur, whose intricate bread scoring is admired around the world.

    Gift idea for bread makers

    This UFO design may look familiar as it can be seen in the popular show, The Great British Bake Off.

    Handmade from solid American black walnut in the USA, this UFO-style bread lame features one Japanese feather, hi-stainless platinum-coated, double edge blade for scoring.

    Any bread maker excited to receive this as a gift. Especially those bread makers who bake sourdough bread or who enjoy being artistic in their bread baking style.

    gift idea for bread baker



    Check price on Amazon here

    Now, getting more into the hands-on bread-making tools, your bread baker is going to love how much easier things are with a Danish dough whisk from Amazon.

    This is the bread baking tool that will be used to blend the ingredients together before you throw that bread on the counter to knead. I bought this tool as a bread-making gift for my husband years ago for his sourdough bread making, and this tool sees use often.


    Bread Bakers Dough Whisk



    These sure are handy to have around. The dough scraper we like is this one by Spring Chef. This pastry scraper comes as a combo with a dough cutter, also handy for dividing bread dough.

    We like that this one has a measurement converter right on it. Now how about that.


    Dough Scraper for Making Bread



    Check price here

    What a name for such a useful tool! This bread lame from Amazon is anything but lame. It is very handy, and you may wonder, why not just use a knife?

    If a knife is not sharp enough to split a hair, it won't fare very well for slicing rivets into the top of a bread loaf to properly score the bread or make intricate bread loaf designs. You truly need a razor blade-like sharpness to make those deep, intricate slices in bread dough.

    *Use at your own risk. Please be careful when using sharp tools as your cooking and baking accessories.


    Bread cutting lame


    When you slice your bread dough after it has risen, it creates those beautiful cut lines you see in artisan loaves, such as baguettes and focaccia.

    If your knife is not sharp enough like a razor blade, it could deflate the dough in spots if it catches or skips on the sticky, dough. This bread making tool is made for slicing those beautiful rivets in your loaves to have your bread looking like a thing of beauty.



    Check price here

    This bread proofing basket from Amazon is also a very handy tool and gift idea for the bread baker. The dough will not stick to the basket as it is rising, so long as you remember to not wash this basket ever.

    A bread basket is made for bread proofing and should never get wet. To clean a bread proofing basket, tap upside down over your sink or garbage and get any flour out.

    You can also wipe any residual flour off with a clean paper towel. If any bread dough is left, take out what you can while it is doughy, and get the rest out after it dries.

    Bread bakers gift

    TIP: You can take this bread making basket and fill with some of the items we have listed above, and then if you can get some different size mason jars to fill with different kinds of flour, then, you can wrap it all with cellophane and give as a bread makers gift basket! This would be a really great bread makers gift idea.


    The last few items are for THE MASTER BREAD MAKING GURU:


    Check price

    This handmade wooden bread knife is absolutely beautiful. What we really like about this gift, is you are able to choose the wood it is made from. 

    Wood choices for this bread knife include:

    • Oak
    • Cherry
    • Walnut
    • Maple

    You can also have this knife custom engraved with the initials of the bread maker who will be receiving this lovely, handmade bread-making gift.


    Best gift ideas for bread bakers



    Check price here

    A bread thermometer is needed for accuracy in bread temperature reading. When every minute counts, you want that loaf to come out perfect, and every oven is different. You absolutely do not want your bread baking for too long in the oven.

    This is why it is good for the cooking time to be a guideline only. The bread will be done when it reaches a certain internal temperature, and you can check this with this bread thermometer.


    Best gifts for break makers

    Add this tool on as a gift for your bread maker. And if you are going for a colored theme, this bread-making kitchen tool matches the kitchen scale listed above in teal.



    Check price here

    I have been cooking my bread in one of these for many years now, and absolutely love it. It is made out of red clay, so before you use it you will soak the lid in water for 15 minutes before putting the bread in it and into the oven.

    The clay lid absorbs the water and slowly releases that moisture which stays inside the Romertopf and does not escape. This helps your bread develop that that beautiful brown, crispy crust that sometimes is achieved by spritzing water on your baking bread loaf.

    Plus, this bread baker is versatile and you can really cook anything in it. We love to use our Romertopf to cook fish in as well.

    Any bread maker will fall in love with this piece, and we HIGHLY recommend using it as a great gift idea for any bread maker or bread baker.

    Plus, it is really gorgeous to display. We keep most of our bread baking tools inside the Romertopf so they are all together, including our bread lame and extra blades, thermometer, whisk and dough scraper. Just make sure to keep out of reach from your kids if you decide to do the same.


    Gifts for bread makers



    Check price here

    If the bread baker you are buying for is a bread making guru, then this is a bread making gift that they NEED to have. They are probably making bread quite often and are constantly looking for something to keep it in. These natural linen bread bags by Bread Story on Amazon are a great option to store bread in and are so cute!

    Gifts for bread bakers


    Check price

    This custom-engraved bread cutting board is made from Acacia wood and marble, and is sealed with food-grade mineral oil, making it a beautiful gift for a bread maker that will last for a very long time.

    We love the idea of using this as the base for a bread bakers gift basket! Add some items on top of this custom bread cutting board and wrap it with cellophane wrap. Your bread maker would love this.


    Personalized gift idea for bread maker



    Check price of attachment here

    This is an item that will really be something exciting for that person who loves to make things from scratch, and it is not as intimidating as it sounds. Imagine milling your own flour for your homemade bread?

    This grain mill attachment will fit into any KitchenAid stand mixer model, making it an easy accessory to have on-hand in a kitchen with little storage.

    Best gift ideas for bread bakers

    This KitchenAid grain mill attachment from Amazon easily grinds low-moisture grain such as:

    • wheat
    • oats
    • rice
    • corn
    • rye
    • buckwheat

    Your bread maker can choose the level of grind so they can have a smooth flour or a more coarse 'cracked wheat' kind of texture for their bread making (or pizza dough, polenta, baby food or anything else you can dream of making from scratch with this baby!)



    Check price here

    If you are looking for a more dedicated bread mill that isn't an attachment to a Kitchen Aid, you will definitely want to check out the NutriMill Harvest Stone Grain Mill from Amazon.

    This grain mill stands alone and is absolutely fabulous, and would make an amazing gift for the bread maker in your life.

    If you are considering buying a grain mill, we HIGHLY suggest you check this one out.

    Best gift ideas for bread bakers

    There is a video in the link that shows it in use and I love everything about this one.

    The natural bamboo design is sleek and beautiful and important to note, that the motor is encased inside the machine and it doesn't use springs inside of it like most do; instead, it uses a cushion-flex suspension system, making it much easier to clean.



    Check price here

    Inspire your bread make with dried flowers that they can include in their recipe! There are many different kinds of flowers that you can eat, and you can also sprinkle them on top of your bread loaves for a really unique design.

    We love this list of edible blossoms you can eat from The Farmers Cupboard. Be sure to double check any dried flowers that you purchase in their description that they are for sure, edible.



    Check price on Amazon here

    A popular new trend that a lot of artisan bread makers are playing with, is creating colored loaves. Bread artistry is really making waves right now, and if your bread maker is into unique loaves or making signature designs, then check out some gel-based food dyes for bread. This takes bread baking to a new, colorful level.

    Bread dough dye gift



    Check price here

    When your bread maker makes those large, gorgeous loaves, it can sometimes be difficult to make perfect, easy slices. Especially if you want to serve them gorgeously as angle slices to really showcase the bread.

    French Bread Slicer

    Try this professional bread slicer. It is made from Acacia wood and its classic design focuses on the natural element of the wood. 



    Check price here

    Does your bread baker have something they can display their beautiful loaves on the counter in? Check out these gorgeous, handmade bread storage bins!

    Bread Storage Gift


    Here is what this Etsy shop has to say about their handmade bread bins:

    Clear off the clutter on your kitchen counter and make the most use of your corner on your counter! Order Yours Today! Transform your Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen so that you love walking into your kitchen everyday and seeing it organized!

    Gift Ideas Bread Storage Homemade Bin

    If you love rustic, handmade, unique, one of a kind, this Corner Cabinet is for you!



    Why not top up your bread makers pantry with dried herbs?

    The best herbs for making bread include:

    • Oregano
    • Rosemary
    • Basil
    • Fennel
    • Poppy seeds
    • Dill
    • Cardamom
    • Cinnamon


      Check price here

      There is nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread. That is why this gift is an all-around crowd pleaser! Try this bread bakery scented candle to have your home feeling warm and cozy anytime.

      Bread scented candle

      Here is what this shop owner has to say about her candles:

      Our candles are made with 100% soy wax grown in the USA + Eco-friendly, clean-burning, wooden wicks made from FSC Certified Wood, hand-crafted + made in the USA and high-quality phthalate free fragrance oils. They are poured in small batches made to order.



      Check price on Amazon here

      Every bread maker knows how handy it is to have a bread spritzer on hand. You can keep water in your spritzer to lightly spray the top of your loaf in the oven (a seriously amazing bread making tip by the way) or you can use it to fill with oil to spray your slices afterwards.



      Check price here

      This is a gorgeous, handmade gift any bread baker will absolutely cherish.

      The warmer is an oval, ceramic design made to fit the exact bread basket it comes in and features beautiful owls.


      Bread Warmer Gift


      Here's what this super talented shop owner has to say:

      There’s nothing quite like the smell of warm bread on the weekend. Here, our terracotta plate has been engraved with the cute owls on a tree design and cut to fit neatly into an oval basket. This special bread warmer is naturally insulating, and the basket itself has been handwoven from sustainably grown seagrass. It’s the best gift item for anyone who loves bread!

      Each product is designed and curated by KORISSA, sustainably handmade by Fair Trade artisans in Bangladesh.

      There are a lot of beautiful designs and shapes of baskets to choose from, we highly recommend checking this shop out.

      Bread Basket Handmade Gift



      Check price on Amazon here

      One thing that a bread maker will go through a lot of is parchment paper, and the best kind to use in baking is unbleached.

      Unbleached parchment paper is not treated with chlorine. When food is baked on regular, bleached parchment paper, it can pick up those chemicals through absorption. This is something your baker probably will appreciate.



      Check price here

      Baking bread in a cast iron pan is amazing because the cast iron evenly absorbs the heat and distributes it perfectly for your loaf.

      We have cooked the same bread dough, side by side in an oven, one in a regular metal bread pan and one in a cast iron one, and the cast iron cooked the loaf perfectly even. The other loaf had darker spots.

      Cast Iron Bread Pan



      Check price here

      This is an amazing bread recipe book that we are highly recommending to any bread maker, and it is a beautiful book in a hardcover. It's a New York Times bestseller!

      Here is part of the description of this bread baking book from the author:

      Flour Water Salt Yeast is more than just a collection of recipes for amazing bread and pizza—it offers a complete baking education, with a thorough yet accessible explanation of the tools and techniques that set artisan bread apart. Featuring a tutorial on baker’s percentages, advice for manipulating ingredients ratios to create custom doughs, tips for adapting bread baking schedules to fit your day-to-day life, and an entire chapter that demystifies the levain-making process, Flour Water Salt Yeast is an indispensable resource for bakers who want to make their daily bread exceptional bread.

      Bread Recipe Book



      Check price on Etsy here

      This Etsy store makes the most beautiful ceramic bread bowls!

      There is always a new one on their store front, so it may not be the exact same as the picture posted below, but that only means each is unique. They are all beautiful. This would be absolutely gorgeous for baking bread in.

       Ceramic Handmade Bread Bowl


      30. A DUTCH OVEN

      Check price on all dutch ovens on Amazon here

      If you really want to spoil someone who loves to cook or bake, you can get them a really good Dutch oven.

      The best Dutch oven you can get is one by Le Creuset, and they are totally worth it. Plus the colors they come in are absolutely gorgeous, such as red, pink, teal and lilac. We can just see the bread baking in here now, can't you?

      Check price of the Le Creuset dutch ovens here

      Dutch Bread Oven

      There are other Dutch oven options available on Amazon for a lower price as well.



      Check price on Etsy here

      Here are the most beautiful bread cutting boards if you like a vintage or rustic look. Not only are these beautiful for bread baking, they would also be great to photograph your bread on!

      Rustic farmhouse bread board



      Check price on Etsy here

      This beautiful embroidered, reusable bread proofing bowl cover comes in many different patterns and colors. Made from linen and cotton, this reusable cover is machine washable and can be dried on low temperatures.

      Reusable Bread Cover


      33. BREAD STAMPS

      Check price here

      These handmade bread stamps come in all different shapes and patterns! Stamp your dough before you bake for an artistic touch on any loaf of bread. These can also be used in other baking such as cookies as well. Baking stamps are a fun way to add some pizzazz to bread making! There are many baking gifts you can give to your bread maker that they can use creatively in the kitchen.

      Bread Stamps



      Check price here

      This is such a unique gift idea! If you are into making DIY projects as well as bread-making, here is one for you. 

      Build a personal size outdoor pizza oven with our Mattone Barile brick oven foam form from this Etsy seller.

      There are so many different styles to choose from and they have great prices with rave reviews!

      Having your bread baking in a wood-fired oven is basically the best you can get. This will also be amazing for the pizza maker as well.

      Brick Bread Oven

      This Etsy company his this to say about their products:

      When you're ready to build a low-cost, yet highly functional wood-fired outdoor pizza oven, look no further than the Mattone Barile foam DIY pizza oven form! This medium-sized wood-fired brick pizza oven is the perfect size to bake a romantic dinner for two... but large enough to entertain 10 - 15 hungry friends with ease!



      Check price here

      While proofing your bread dough, wouldn't it be easy to proof it in a basket with an image stamped right on it? After the bread rises and you turn it over into your baking pan or Dutch oven, it will have a beautiful pattern on it from the proofer.


      Bread Proofing Basket Design



      Check price here

      Here is a gorgeous, professional bread knife that is not only beautiful but sharp, and will cut through bread with a smooth precision.

      Professional Bread Knife

      Here is a bit from the description of this knife:

      This bread knife is made of high quality Japanese VG-10 steel and treated with 60HRC vacuum heat treatment and liquid nitrogen cooling. The Rockwell hardness of the cutting core is 60+. The cutting edge is 16-18 degrees, which means the blade is super sharp.



      See options on Amazon here

      By placing a stencil over your bread dough, you can sprinkle your flour on top and have a beautiful, artistic pattern. Choose from the many stencils available or get a pack with many stencils in it.



      See options here

      Nordic loaf pans are well known for their intricate patterns and their beautiful loaves of bread that they produce. You can do some beautiful brad baking in this pan.

      There are so many pattern options available! These would be great for a sweet bread like a lemon poppyseed loaf. Then you can drizzle a sweet cream sauce on top to serve it.

      Nordic Bread Loaf Pan



      See recipe here

      If you can make a diy gift for your bread maker, you should totally try making homemade butter. Make regular butter or a butter compound with some herbs!



      Check price on Etsy here

      Another great way to keep bread fresh naturally is with beeswax bread bags. These are natural bread bags that use beeswax to keep the air out, preserving your homemade loaves for a longer time.

      Beeswax Bread Bag



      Check price of this exact knife on Etsy here

      Here are some more absolutely stunning knives. Grab a designer bread knife with a wood handle and a beautiful pattern on the blade. These will leave an impression on any chef or bread baker!

      Just look how gorgeous this knife is:

      Bread Knife


      Are Any Items Above For Bread Makers We have listed all the Amazon-sold items above for you in our DIY Craft Club Storefront on Amazon, so be sure to check it out. It is a great way to see all items on one page and see what is on sale right now.

      If you want to check back, be sure to PIN any of our images from this article on a Pinterest board so you can come back to check for sales often.


      Best gifts for bread bakers

      If you were wondering about the categories we were talking about for the items above, we have divided bread-making into three levels of experience and frequency of bread baking:


      The Bread Novice, with the dream of bread making. You may hear the bread dreamer say things such as: "Ya, that is something I have always wanted to do. I just haven't gotten into it yet!"


      The Occasional Loafer. This bread maker uses a bread machine or makes it by hand, and can often be heard in the midst of conversational quips stating: "Oh, I love homemade bread! I'm going to host a dinner soon and make sure there is a fresh loaf on the table!"

      The Master Bread Making Guru. This yeasty bread master can be found in the kitchen at ALL times. They have a sourdough starter in the fridge sleeping...and have proudly "had it for years!"

      What category do you fall into? What about the bread maker in your life?

      We have plenty of gift ideas for bread makers and bread bakers and for any and all of the bread maker wannabes. Baking bread can be as easy as you want it to be and no matter which level you are at, a warm, fresh out of the oven loaf is soooo rewarding.


      Bread is the food that brings us together. It is comforting, delicious and is great for dipping, with butter, in soup, with pasta, as a bowl for chili and so many other things.


      What many people don't know (who are not *yet* bread makers), is the joy that comes with making bread from scratch. It is honestly like therapy. It is a favorite past time in my home and is something we all enjoy doing together.

      Here is one of our favorite bread recipes, please share with anyone looking for the perfect bread recipe:


      You can also test if your yeast is still good if you are a bread maker. Be sure to keep yeast only for the time it is recommended and toss it away when it is expired. There is nothing more frustrating when your bread doesn't rise, and it is the fault of the bread yeast!


      We hope you enjoy this bread makers gift list and you have a great time picking out the best items for that bread maker or bread baker in your life!

      And if you want to come back to this post and find it again, be sure to PIN one of the above pictures NOW to a PINTEREST BOARD so you can come back and read again LATER! We would appreciate that!

      The best gift ideas for bread makers


      Have a beautiful day!

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