BEST Bread Machine For Beginners [2024]

Best Bread Machine For Beginners

You would assume that most bread machines have one thing in common, and that is they are bought with the best bread-making intentions, but start collecting dust within a few months of purchase. And yes, this may be the case if you purchase the wrong bread machine as a beginner bread maker.

What most bread machines really have in common, is that they are purchased by non-bread makers who want to break into the world of bread making, or, they are bought by busy people who love the idea of coming home to freshly baked, delicious, homemade bread.

Sounds lovely, doesn’t it?

When purchasing a bread machine for a beginner bread maker, you want an easy-to-use bread machine. One that is straight forward, yet one that makes amazing loaves of bread with a variety of easy and delicious homemade bread recipes to get someone into the art of bread-making.

We have one bread machine that we highly recommend as the best bread machine for beginners, and we have been using ours for more than 10 years.

Let's talk about the best bread machine you can choose as a beginner bread maker.



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Bread machines are kind of like the slow cooker for the gluten lover: pop all of your ingredients into one and have homemade bread by the time you are finished working (or playing).

Yes, most bread machines do this, but if the owner doesn’t learn the intricacies of their purchased bread machine right away and they try it out only once or twice, they typically will put it on a shelf or somewhere else to never see the light of day again. And this is so sad, because bread machines are so amazing when used to their full potential!

Not only can you bake a delicious variety of breads in a bread machine, but you can also make cakes, sweet breads, baguettes, doughs, pizza dough, jams, marmalades and more.

Yes, it’s true! But who is going to venture down that street without first feeling comfortable making, well bread, in their bread machine?

Here at DIY Craft Club, we have tried many bread machines out. There is one bread machine that is an absolute favorite of ours and, and that is the Cuisinart Bread Machine. We love this bread maker, and believe it is the absolute best bread machine for beginners.


Why is the Cuisinart Bread Machine Best For Beginners?

The Cuisinart bread machine is the best bread machine for beginners because it is affordable, it is high-quality and is still very straightforward to use. This bread machine also has a variety of functions to explore the world beyond making bread in a bread maker including making cakes, jams, baguettes and more.

We mention this particular bread machine in our article, Best Gifts For Bread Makers in the number one spot, simply because it is perfect for both bread makers and non-bread makers alike.

You will notice we mention a funny little personal story with this bread machine in the Best Gifts For Bread Makers article, where my husband accidently sold ours in a garage sale and I had to go find and buy the same one all over again because I loved it so much and used it so often!

Check price of this Cuisinart Bread Machine here

Best Bread Machine For Beginners

Bread Machine For Beginners


Here are some reasons why we chose the Cuisinart Bread Machine as the best bread machine for beginners:

  • it comes with an awesome recipe book including more than 100 bread recipes, dough recipes, cake recipes and jam/jelly recipes
  • it is a bread machine where you simply add the ingredients, press the buttons to the appropriate setting for the particular recipe, and you will come back later to a perfectly baked work of art
  • you can add in extras such as nuts, fruits, seeds and other flavorings such as cheese, onions and more, and the machine will give you an audible beeping sound when you can add extras like that into your masterpiece

Our favorite thing to make with this bread maker is focaccia loaves. We put all of our ingredients into this bread machine, add the herbs and whatnot, let the dough mix it together perfectly and when it beeps, take that dough out, divide it in half and roll each half out onto a baking sheet.


Bread Machines For Beginners


From this point, we let the loaves rise and add oil and more herbs to the top for some bread beautification and bake it. Voila, perfect focaccia bread that nobody knew started in a bread machine.


Bread Machines For Beginners


A close second bread machine recipe we love to make in the Cuisinart Bread Machine is the lemon poppy seed loaf. It is really more of a dense cake, lightly flavored with lemon. We have made this recipe over and over again in this bread maker.


All of these amazing bread machine recipes come with the bread making machine, right in the Cuisinart bread machine recipe book.

Bread machines are really an amazing tool to work with and are a great way to breakout into the world of bread-making, just make sure you start off with a high-quality machine that is straightforward with its buttons and instructions so it actually sees use and you feel comfortable progressing beyond bread-making in the bread machine.

Only then, will you truly appreciate the variety of items you can make in a bread-making machine.

We hope you found this article with our personal recommendation helpful in choosing the best bread machine for beginners. You may also be interested in some of our other articles:


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Best Bread Machine For Beginners

Happy baking!

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