The BEST Bread Making Tools | Equipment You Need To Make Bread At Home

Best Bread Making Tools And Equipment

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If you are here, we have one thing in common. The love of baking and the smell of freshly made bread. There is absolutely nothing better than a fresh loaf of bread cooling on the counter.

We are going to talk about homemade bread today, and the tools and equipment you need or want to make that bread with!

Bread makers and bread bakers, let's get started!

The Best Bread Baking Tools

The BEST Bread Making & Bread Baking Tools And Equipment

Let's get right into those bread making tools! Before you know it, you are going to be cutting right into that beautiful, crusty loaf!


Here is a bread making tool you will absolutely want to have if you want to come home to freshly made bread while you are out for the day or at work, or if you are just starting out in the world of bread making and bread baking.

The beauty of a good bread-maker is that you add all of the ingredients, set the bread maker and forget it. Well, you may want to take the bread kneading paddles out when it tells you to, but you really don't have to if you don't mind taking them out when the bread is done baking.

The bread making machine I first started with is still the same one I have today. It is the Cuisinart Bread Making Machine and it is an excellent bread baking tool!

Best Bread Making Tools

Check price of the Cuisinart Bread Making Machine on Amazon here

This bread making tool can make three different sizes of bread: 1lb, 1.5lb, and 3lb loaves. The recipes are great, my favorites bread recipes with this machine include the beer bread, lemon poppy seed bread loaf (not quite a "bread", this tastes more like a cake I guess, but it is soo yummy) and the focaccia bread loaves.

The focaccia bread loaves are especially great as the bread making machine makes the dough for you, then you take the dough out, form it into long loaves on a pan, score it for indentation marks and bake it.

The focaccia bread is one of my favorite loaves of bread to bake for company, it is just picture perfect when it comes out on the pan and it is absolutely fantastic with some bread dippers!

This bread making machine can also make pizza dough, sweetbreads, stuffing for turkey, dough for rolls and regular bread loaves.


A kitchen scale is a necessary tool for all bread makers. This bread baking tool is great for anyone who loves to bake in general. Without a kitchen scale, which measures down to the gram, your bread may not come out as expected because of even slight inaccuracies in measuring that arise when you use measuring cups instead of a scale.

Bread making is a science that needs accuracy which can only be achieved by the scale of weight.

This kitchen scale by Ozeri from Amazon is both sleek in design and is easy to use. Plus, it comes in a variety of colors to choose from. There is red, silver, green and black, but I personally love the teal one.

Best Tools For Making Bread

Check price of Ozeri kitchen scale on Amazon here

If you are baking bread and the bread loaf doesn't come out as you had hoped, many times it is because the measurements were slightly off which affects the way the bread rises, bakes and browns. This is a tool we highly recommend for bread-makers to have in their kitchens.


I have been baking my bread in this bread making tool for many years now, and I absolutely love it. It is made out of red clay, so before you use it you will soak the lid in water for 15 minutes before putting the bread in it and into the oven.

The clay lid absorbs the water and slowly releases that moisture which stays inside the Romertopf and does not escape. This helps your bread develop that that beautiful brown, crispy crust that sometimes is achieved by spritzing water on your baking loaf!

Here is a photo of a loaf of sourdough I made recently in my Romertopf:

Best Bread Bakers Tools

This beauty of a baking tool is versatile and you can really cook anything in it! We love to use our Romertopf to cook fish in as well.

If you are interested in starting a sourdough bread starter while you are waiting for your bread making tools to come in the mail, now is the perfect time to start it as it takes a few weeks to get going.

Check out our article, How To Make Sourdough Starter right here. The sourdough loaf above was made with this exact starter :)

Any bread maker will fall in love with the Romertopf, and we HIGHLY recommend using it to get your loaves absolutely perfect.

Best gift ideas for bread makers

Check price of Romertopf on Amazon here


Here is another bread baking tool that is needed for accuracy. When every minute counts, you want that loaf to come out perfect, and every oven is different. That is why it is good for your cooking time to be a guideline only, and you can start to check the internal temperature of your bread loaf around that suggestion.

Depending on your oven, your bread may have to come out a bit sooner or stay in a bit longer. Your bread will be done when it reaches a certain internal temperature, and you can check that with a bread thermometer.

Best Bread Baking Tools


Check price of this thermometer on Amazon here


Here is a handy tool that makes mixing that dough so much easier. A Danish dough whisk from Amazon. This is the bread baking tool that will be used to blend your ingredients together before you throw the bread dough on the counter to knead.

I bought this exact bread baking tool from Amazon as a gift for my husband years ago for his sourdough bread making, and this tool totally gets used quite often.

Best Bread Making Tools And Equipment

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A bread proofing basket is also a very handy tool for the bread baker to own! Do you ever see those beautiful artisan bread loaves with the lined pattern on them? This is achieved through one of these specific bread baskets.

Best Bread-Making Tools List

The dough will not stick to the basket as it is rising, so long as you remember to flour it before putting your dough in to rise, and by not washing this basket ever.

A bread proofing basket is made specifically for bread proofing and should never get wet. To clean, tap upside down over your sink or garbage and get any flour out. That's it!

Best Bread Making Tools

Check price of this bread proofing basket here on Amazon


These dough scrapers sure are handy to have around if you are making bread. The dough scraper we like is this one on Amazon by Spring Chef. This pastry scraper comes as a combo with a dough cutter and it is also handy for dividing the dough into multiple loaves.

We also like that this dough scraper has a measurement converter right on it!

Best Bread Making Equipment


What a name for such a useful tool! Not lame at all. This is actually a very necessary tool, especially if you are going to try an artistic hand at slicing patterns into your loaf.

You may be wondering, why don't I just use a knife? Well, if your knife is not sharp enough to split a hair, it won't fare very well for slicing rivets into the top of your loaf to make that loaf so pretty. And cutting your bread surface directly before baking is not just for aesthetics; bread expansion is going to happen during the baking of your bread in the oven, so cutting your bread with a bread lame before baking to score it is simply directing where your bread will split so it is evenly distributed.

You truly need something of razor blade sharpness to make those slices in the dough. But use at your own risk. Please be careful when using sharp tools as your cooking and baking accessories.

Best Bread Making Tools And Equipment

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Here is something that many bread makers don't say they need until after they have made their bread. Be prepared: what are you going to keep your beautiful artisan loaves in once they are baked? These natural linen bread bags by Bread Story (from Amazon) are a great option to store bread in and are so cute!

Best Bread Making Tools

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We hope you found our list of best bread making tools and equipment informative and helpful in finding the best bread baking tools for you! We have made a Pin for your Pinterest board below so you can find this article again, we would appreciate if you would Pin it :)

Best Bread Baking Tools And Equipment

Have a wonderful day!

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