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Best Gifts For Acrylic Painters | Paints, Brushes, & More [2020]

best gift ideas for acrylic painters and artists | Paints, lighting, brushes and more.

Acrylic painters and artists have one thing in common. We love to create art! And most of us have that special artist friend in our lives, don’t we? If you are looking for the best gift ideas for acrylic painters and artists, you have come to the right place! For over 20 years our creative director has been in the art industry and has had access to some of the most interesting and unique art products that any acrylic painter would go crazy for.

When we were sitting down at our last meeting, we talked about what would be some of the best gifts that an acrylic painter might want to try. We went over some ideas and art supplies that we think would make some really interesting gifts and narrowed it down for you. We think these ideas are such a great fit for the person who loves to paint and create and it was so much fun to gather up these products for this article!

This list has some of the best paint gift ideas as well as some interesting and unique art supplies that every acrylic artist should have on hand. Although artists love to try new things, sometimes we might get comfortable with the same old art supplies. So some of these gift ideas are truly unique.

gift guides for acrylic painters and artists

The thing about artists and painters is that we can’t help but get excited over all kinds of art supplies! You might want to take a peek if possible at their supply stash so you can make sure you pick out the perfect gift for them but don’t worry too much about it because artists do love to try different techniques and products.


1. Liquitex 48 Acrylic Color Set

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This is a tried and true acrylic paint set. This paint set would make a great gift idea because it comes with 48 thick and creamy colors which will give your artist a lot of paint variety to play with. And these paints have a huge pigment load so that means the colors are very bright and vibrant. Not only can you use these colors by themselves but you can also mix them with other mediums which makes them even more amazing. The color pigments come out like butter and they're really easy for blending and that's another reason why this paint set is so great. The texture is a super thick bodied paint, so if your acrylic painter is into abstract art these will hold their peaks and brush strokes. My favorite colors out of this set has to be the bright aqua green, bronze, and copper colors. These are water soluble so they're super easy to clean up with just some soap and water. This is definitely a fun set to play around with.

best gift ideas for acrylic painters 

2. ARTEZA Metallic Acrylic Paint Set

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You don't have to look very far to see that metallic acrylic paints are extremely popular and they are featured in thousands of YouTube videos. People can't get enough of these beautiful metallic colors, including us! This set here is perfect for a beginner AND someone who has more painting experience. This metallic set is sure to spark all of their imaginative ideas.

This art set features rich pigments and the texture of the paint is really smooth. The colors won't fade over time. Another nice thing about this particular set is that it is non-toxic and they are ACMI certified safe, which is something to look for when buying art supplies as gifts.

Wood Slices

Using non-toxic paints is extremely important when you're using the same products over and over for many years. Your artist will absolutely love experimenting with these metallic paints. Such a great gift idea!  We like this set so much that it's going to be brought in for a tutorial and closer look so keep checking back our website for that.

best gift ideas for acrylic painters


3. Black Canvas For Metallic Paints

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If you do decide to grab that metallic acrylic paint set above, you should also grab this black canvas set because when you paint on black with metallic, the colors just shine on and on. It's just really pretty and fun to use metallics this way. This canvas pack has been triple primed so it’s ready to be painted on the moment it arrives! It’s also acid-free so it’s a great gift idea for someone who is just playing around and also for a professional acrylic painter too.

best gift ideas for acrylic painters

4. Peel-Tek 150 Crafters Edition Masking Fluid

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We've had a chance to work with Peel-Tek many times and absolutely love this product. Masking fluid has so many uses from masking off parts of a painting to making beautiful galaxy shoes. This is a creative gift idea for someone who loves to experiment and try new things! You can create so many beautiful pieces of art with with this product. And a special bonus! You can see how this product works right on our YouTube Channel. Watch the Peel-Tek unboxing video and DIY galaxy shoes tutorial

best gift ideas for acrylic painters

5. Silicone Artist Blenders & Spatulas

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This is a super creative gift idea for someone who loves to paint with acrylics because these silicone artist brushes have so many uses in the art room. You can create abstract art with them, you can use them for mixing paint colors, use them with heavy body paints to create layered art, and they're super easy to keep clean. Your artist friend will love the effects that they can create with these unique art tools. They are sturdy yet flexible and by far one of my favorite gift ideas on this list!

gift ideas for acrylic painters

6. 15 Piece Blender Brush Set

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This is actually a makeup brush set and we have this exact one here! Let me tell you why I recommend this set. These brushes are made from synthetic fibers and are extremely soft so they are perfect for blending. I've never used a set that was so good for blending paints, I'm not kidding! Sometimes we have to look outside of the art industry to find products that do an even better job than the ones we see on a regular basis at the art stores. Another reason why I like this set is that there have been absolutely no bristles falling out! So these come highly recommended by our team and the price is great too! This brush set also comes with a nice carrying case but they are so pretty, that we have them sitting out on a shelf in a glass jar.

Subscribe to our YouTube channel because we have lots of product reviews there.

best brushes for acrylic painters

7. Acrylic Brush Cleaner For A Gift Idea

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Now that you've picked out the perfect brush sets for your artist, you may want to try this brush cleaner and preserver. This cleaner is pretty much a must-have when you're using acrylic paint.  Acrylic brushes go through quite a lot. So to keep brushes performing their best it's good to give them a good cleaning from time to time and this brush cleaner is perfect for that. It has a very light lemon scent. All you have to do to use it is rinse the brushes under warm water, swirl them into the cleaner until they form a nice thick lather and then rinse them off. Then they can just air dry. For artists that have really super expensive brushes, this might make a perfect gift for them! Another tip if you decide to get this as a gift is to let your artist know that this brush cleaner works well to remove dried paint too, so they might want to try to rescue those old brushes that they think might not be able to be saved and see if it works for them.

gift ideas for acrylic painters

8. Drawing & Tracing Lightbox

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Before light boxes came out, we actually had to put a piece of paper onto the screen of our computer and trace that way and that's not really effective or fun, is it? Dee's light boxes save a ton of time, especially if the artist wants to create one design idea and then recreate that idea many times over without ruining the original image. If you are looking for a unique gift idea that they probably might not already have, then this would be a great gift idea for an artist.

best gift ideas for acrylic painters9. Studio Lights Make A Great Gift Idea

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Now you might want to talk to your artist first before purchasing this studio light to make sure they don't have one already. This is the exact brand that we use here. We actually have several of the larger full size sets at our filming locations, but this one light is all that an artist would need when creating their paintings on a desk or easel. I can't tell you how much proper lighting has saved my eyes. We do so many craft projects in our art room and it's a must have to have proper studio lighting.

This one single light can shine on to the artist canvas while they're painting and give them proper white light to see that their color choices are pure and even see those fine lines they're painting. If an artist has a specific place where they paint all the time you can rig something up where the light is hanging from the ceiling so that the light is pointing straight down. But the stand that it comes with works perfectly fine too. If you are only purchasing one single thing from this list, I would highly suggest looking into this light!

gift ideas for acrylic painters

10. A Cutting Mat Makes A Great Gift For An Artist

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This cutting mat makes a great gift because you can use it for your painting surface on one side and then for cutting out mixed media artwork on the other. Also if your acrylic painter is painting on watercolor paper and they need to cut the perfect size, the measurements are all right here for them.

gift ideas for painters and artists

11. A Glass Tumbler

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Over the years I cannot tell you how many times I have accidentally stuck my paintbrush into my water glass or coffee mug! It's a real issue with artists, haha. We all can relate to this in one way or another. Eventually, if you're working on a piece and have your favorite beverage right alongside your paint water, it's going to happen. That's why I chose this glass tumbler as one of the best gifts for acrylic painters because your artist can enjoy their favorite beverage with no worry of anything spilling into it! It just keeps their drink nice and safe.

This is the only beverage container they will ever need to use in their art studios. Plus there's a bonus! It has a sturdy carrying case so if the artist likes to go out and do plein air painting, it will always be safe and sound. Your artist can keep hydrated and not have to worry about what they are going to be carrying their beverage in. And another reason why I like this so much is that it can be used for tea, and also as a water infuser. Just insert your favorite fruits and it will infuse into the water and voila, a healthy drink.

unique gift ideas for acrylic painters

12. Air Circulator Fan For The Studio

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One huge problem that artists might run into is the kind of supplies that they're using may not be non-toxic. When you're breathing in fumes on a regular basis and even years on end it can be potentially harmful. So this fan could literally be a lifesaver. It has two speeds for adjustable airflow. Whenever I'm painting in our craft room, or trying out different products (and we try a lot here!) there's always a fan going blowing away from me towards the outside. Before I was using a fan I would get headaches and my eyes would sting and I never really understood why until someone mentioned that I should have a fan in here that points towards an outside window. And since I have a fan now I feel much better. I have mine sitting on a desk right beside the open window.

best gift ideas for painters

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading this article and it helps you find the very best gift ideas for that acrylic painter in your life. I'm sure whatever you decide to purchase they will absolutely love it, and just really appreciate the thoughtful gift.

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If you have an exciting gift idea to share, leave a comment and we'll check it out!

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