RESIN IDEAS: How To Make A Geode With Resin

how to make a geode with resin

If you like working with resin and want to try something new and exciting, why not make a geode with resin? In this tutorial, we'll show you how to create a realistic looking geode using resin.

It's a fun resin project that is perfect for any artist who wants to try their hand at making large geodes from scratch. This is a great resin idea for beginners and for advanced resin users. You can even use this resin idea to make things for sale.




DIY resin art tutorial with step by step instructions


Learning how to make a geode with resin is a challenging project that can be completed with a few steps. This resin art tutorial will show you how to create your own resin geode using resin and supplies like rocks and an artist board. You can make beautiful works of art with resin. You might just be inspired to try your hand at it after seeing this video tutorial.

This DIY resin video will show you how to make your own piece of resin art using a geode as the main inspiration.




How To Use Resin Safely

Best Glitter For Resin

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