Masking Fluid | What Is Masking Fluid + 3 Masking Fluid Crafts

What is masking fluid

Masking fluid is a medium that is used in many industries, but the most creative masking fluid uses are in the arts and crafts world.

What is masking fluid?

Liquid masking fluid is a latex-based liquid medium that is used to mask the underlaying substrate or surface from the medium you are applying on it. Once the masking fluid is  dry, the medium can be applied on top of it and the area with masking will be protected. Then, the masking fluid can be peeled off, revealing the untouched surface.

Masking fluid can be used on:

  • Watercolor paper
  • mixed media paper
  • plastics
  • rocks
  • glass
  • any other non-porous surfaces

Watch our video below as we open some liquid masking fluid and talk about its texture, odor and color. Then, we use it on three different crafts to show how the masking fluid actually works.

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Here is our masking fluid video:

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