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Best paint pens

Paint pens are an amazing crafting and art tool to have, and there are many different paint pens you can get. But which paint pens and paint markers are best for your art or craft project?

Sharpie is a household name. They are often associated with your everyday markers and your permanent black magic markers, but Sharpie makes so many different art and craft supplies, including oil and water-based paint pens, and they are one of our favorite brands of paint pen.

What is a paint pen?

A paint pen is a maker-like tool that uses a paint instead of ink base to saturate the tip of the pen, allowing for precision application of water-based or oil-based paints for fine lines, writing, tiny details, signatures and more.

Paint pens can be used for:

  • fine lines
  • writing on canvas or on your medium
  • mixed media
  • outlining
  • signatures
  • on cured resin (agate or geode lines)
  • adding details to packaging
  • on handmade jewelry
  • on diy ornaments
  • for Easter egg decorating
  • more

What materials can paint pens be used on?

Paint pens can be used on the following materials and surfaces:

  • paper
  • cured resin
  • rocks
  • stones
  • plastics
  • glass
  • canvas
  • wood
  • cured clay

Paint pens are versatile and are used for many different purposes aside from the arts and crafts community. Beekeepers even use them to mark their Queen bee's!

Here is a video review of the Sharpie paint pens:

There are many different brands of paint pens out there to purchase, but our two favorite paint pens are the Sharpie paint pens and the Posca paint pens. You may see us using either of these paint pens in our article photos and our tutorials on our YouTube channel, especially in our resin art we have been doing lately!

Check price of Sharpie paint pens on Amazon here

Check price of Posca paint pens on Amazon here

Using paint pens to add details in art and craft projects is a fun way to finish your work or bring it to life.

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Happy creating.

Best Paint Pens

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