Jewel Picker | Why You Need One + Which Is The Best?

Jewel Picker

A jewel picker is the best tool for anyone who is into crafts, nail art, artists and more. Jewel pickers are useful tools that are compact, super affordable and make life so much easier when you need to pick up small items such as gemstones, crystals and little stickers or accents.

A jewel picker is a thin, pen-shaped tool that has one or dual paraffin or silicone-based sticky end(s) to pick up small materials and place them accurately on a substrate.

What can a jewel picker pick up?

A jewel picker can pick up:

  • jewels
  • gems
  • crystals
  • rhinestones
  • confetti
  • beads
  • punch outs
  • glitter
  • nail stickers
  • scrapbooking embellishments

Which jewel picker is the best?

We highly recommend the Marvy Uchida Double Ended Jewel Picker, it is the best, staple jewel picking tool that artists, scrapbookers and crafters all rave about.

We really like this particular jewel picker because:

  • it is double ended
  • it feels good in the hand (smooth, slightly heavy)
  • the sticky ends of this jewel picker can be cleaned by pressing tape onto them and they are good as new
  • If the jewel picker can't be cleaned, because the sticky ends are made from the material throughout, you can take a very fine grit sandpaper and gently sand off the spot and it is good as new
  • we also love that this product is under $10 on Amazon

Check price of this jewel picker on Amazon here

Here is our video review of the Marvy Uchida Double Ended Jewel Picker

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