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How To Decorate Easter Eggs With Stickers

Easter egg diy tutorials

Here is a super easy DIY Easter Egg tutorial using stickers. What is more enjoyable than setting aside a whole day decorating Easter eggs. Just the thought of spending a few hours with some soft music and the sunlight streaming through the kitchen window while decorating Easter eggs brings up so many great memories of decorating Easter eggs year after year.

When we were planning out some Easter egg DIY's and tutorials last week, we noticed that we had the Faith sticker pack from Me & My Big IdeasThese stickers are perfect for Faith-inspired Easter eggs. This is a perfect match.

crayola supertips on amazon

So this is a super easy Easter egg decorating idea and all you need are hard-boiled eggs, the faith stickers from Me & My Big Ideas, and your favorite markers like the Crayola Supertips. Check Price on Amazon

Easter Egg DIY tutorial

You can order lots of Faith stickers from Amazon right here, there are lots of beautiful foiled stickers and a ton of positive thinking, Faith and affirmations that pair perfectly with Easter eggs. This is such an enjoyable way to have your Easter eggs looking amazing.

Faith Easter egg diy tutorials
Easter egg ideas to try

So just go ahead and pick out some of favorites. Here we went with a thankful kind of theme and used some hearts and a couple of affirmations as well as Faith-based sayings that I love. Plus, the pink and black look really great together.

easter supplies on amazon

After you put on the stickers, then go ahead and draw on some doodles. And you can copy these, or of course, you can put anything you like on here. Totally up to you.

These turned out just lovely! Don't you think? And if you would like to see more tutorials on how to get your Easter Eggs decorated this year, we have more Easter egg ideas in our Easter section right here.

If you like to decoupage your Easter eggs, we have a TON of printables that are FREE. Get them right here.

Easter egg decorating ideas



Till next time, have a lovely day.

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Faith Easter Eggs DIY Tutorial

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