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Best Drawing Tools & Illustration Tools | ARTEZA

Drawing And Illustrating Tools

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Today we are exploring some of the best drawing and illustration tools from one of our favorite art brands, Arteza. They have a large selection of art supplies for artists and designers to choose from. If you are a beginner or professional, they have something for everyone. We are going to look at the drawing tools and illustration tools that Atreza featured in their short video, which you can see below as a Pinterest Pin.

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Let's talk about these great drawing tools and illustration tools! Here they are.

1. Brush Pens

Check price of brush pens on Arteza here

Brush pens are a favorite illustrating tool for any artist, card maker, illustrator, journalist, hand lettering fan or doodling enthusiast. The first several images in the video Pin are illustrations using Arteza's brush pens, which are fun art tools to play with.

Next, we see a multi-colored animal; a tiger or cat of some sort, and the artist is using a bright orange brush tip marker to enhance the illustration.

Drawing Tools by Arteza

These brush tips from Arteza are made with a flexible nylon, which will allow you to create thin, precise lines when needed, and bold lines when light pressure is used. This makes these artistic tools the perfect drawing and coloring accessories.

You will notice in the video Pin that Arteza's brush pens are used to make watercolor paintings as well, and that's true! These versatile illustration markers make gorgeous watercolor paintings since the ink itself is water-based.

In fact, the water brush also featured in the clips comes in the set.

Drawing Tools & Illustrating Tools

2. Acrylic Markers

Check the price of Acrylic Markers on Arteza here

The next several clips in the video Pin feature Arteza's acrylic markers as illustration tools. These markers come in either a set of 20 or 40. They come with both the classic colors and metallic ones, and you can see examples of both being used in the Pinterest clip. The colors are bright, bold and beautiful.

Illustrator tools and drawing tools

These water-based paint markers are the perfect drawing tools and are great for drawing or writing on paper, glass, cardboard, wood, porcelain, metal, textiles and plastic. And the paint itself is actually fade-resistant!

Check price of Set of 20 Acrylic Markers

Check price of Set of 40 Acrylic Markers

3. Chalk Markers

Check the price of Chalk Markers on Arteza here

There are many different types of chalk marker drawing tools offered by Arteza including metallic chalk markers, bright colors chalk markers, earth tone chalk markers, the classic set of white as well as other drawing sets available.

In the Pinterest clip, we see a bright yellow chalk marker and the classic white chalk marker being used on a chalkboard menu. Chalk markers are the way to go if you are a chalk artist, teacher, business owner or just anyone who writes on a chalkboard to deliver an idea. You message will look cleaner, and you will be surprised with how smoothly these markers write on a chalkboard, and just how much easier it is to clean them off.

Drawing Tools For Classroom

The beautiful thing about using chalk markers as drawing tools as opposed to real chalk is that you don't get that powdery smudge or chalk dust; instead, you get clean lines which allow you to use the chalk marker to its full drawing potential on your chalkboards. And there is never ghosting from a previous image.

It's true, your drawing surface will wipe completely clean with one swipe of a wet cloth. I personally use these markers to write guest names on drinking glasses when company is over.

And just look at these colors they come in!

Drawing Tools

4. Sketch TwiMarkers, Dual Tipped Drawing Tools

Check the price of TwiMarkers on Arteza here

The fourth set of drawing and illustration tools we see from Arteza in the video Pin are their Sketch TwiMarkers. These come either in a set of 48 or 100, and feature .4mm fine tip on the thin end, and a broad, thicker brush tip on the other end.

The ink in these illustration tools is water-based which allows the user to easily blend colors together. These drawing tools are perfect for hand lettering, calligraphy, doodling, coloring and taking beautiful notes.

Drawing Tools

Check price of Set of 48 TwiMarkers

Check price of Set of 100 TwiMarkers

Drawing Tools and Illustration Tools

5. Professional Watercolor Pencils

Check the price of Professional Watercolor Pencils on Arteza here

Watercolor pencils are an absolute joy to have and work with. They are amazing as an illustration tool or drawing tool due to their beautiful versatility in bringing your art and sketches to life.

In the video Pin, you can see the artist first using their wet paint brush to pick up the color from a green watercolor pencil, and you can also see the artist using another watercolor pencil directly on a beautiful drawing of a person with gorgeous, wild red hair.

It looks like they created this piece in layers, perhaps using the watercolor pencils with a wet brush to create a first layer, then drawing over it with watercolor pencils to bring out the detail in the colorful strands of hair. Watercolor brushes allow you to create depth easily and effortlessly, as well as soften or define lines for perfect detail. These are wonderful drawing tools to have on hand for beginners to professionals.

Illustration Tools

These watercolor pencils from Arteza are also professionally made: structurally and color-wise. They have break-resistant cores which means they can withstand heavy shading and layering.

One last point with these drawing tools, they are easily transportable for travelers who like to sketch on the go. What a great way to take your watercolors and drawing tools with you. Especially since they already come in beautiful, double-hinged storage cases! We are a big fan of these.

This image is not yet complete though, read the next point to see which tool they use to complete their beautiful illustration with.

6. Water Brush Pens

Check the price of Water Brush Pens on Arteza here

In the last image of the person with vibrant, wild red hair, the artist is adding the person's freckles and is bringing them outside of the parameter of their face, which really brings the illustration to life. To do this, the artist uses water brush pens by Arteza and picks up color from the watercolor pencils.

Best Illustration Tools

These water brush pens are a great price and eliminate having to keep a glass of water on hand when using your watercolors or watercolor pencils. As you use the water brush pen tool, the liquid gently moves onto the bristles to keep them wet. You can regulate the flow by squeezing the water in the pens body. 

7. EverBlend Art Markers (Alcohol Ink)

Check the price of EverBlend Art Markers on Arteza here

The next image Arteza features is that of a colorful blue and yellow parrot. We knew right away that these had to be alcohol ink markers, and we were right.

Alcohol ink is a highly sought after illustration tool that professionals often prefer, due to the almost instant drying time of the ink. The alcohol evaporates leaving behind beautiful color. This also allows you to layer your ink in your drawings to create gorgeous depth, which you can see in the feathers of the parrot the artist has illustrated.

Illustration Tools | Alcohol Ink EverBlends

The EverBlend Art Markers by Arteza are highly pigmented and the sets include a clear blender marker, which helps to easily blend colors together or soften deeper shades. These permanent markers are also AP certified as non-toxic and are great for beginners to professional illustrators.

8. EverBlend Art Markers In Gray Tones

Check the price of EverBlend Art Markers in Gray Tones on Arteza here

The next image in the Pin video features a gray statue with the most beautiful details of light reflecting over their face. We love the depth of this illustration and to recreate an image like this, you will want to check out the EverBlend Art Markers in Gray Tones by Arteza.

Drawing Tools

Again, the EverBlend Art Marker line features alcohol ink, but this time it draws out its colors in the undertones of grays. Blue grays, green grays, yellow grays, purple grays and more.

The colors seem to show only subtle differences in the box, but when you lay the color down on your drawing or illustration,the depth and tone the different shades create will bring your illustrations to life in the most provocative way.

Drawing Tools | Alcohol Ink Gray Tones

We highly recommend using this set of art markers to practice depth in your illustration. This set, again, is perfect for anyone. From beginners to professionals. This would be great for anyone creating art, illustrations, drawings, manga or anime or those who want to try a new medium.

With 36 shades of gray to choose from, the illustration possibilities are endless.

Best Drawing Tools

If you think this set is something great, they also have a set of skin tones ranging in a variation of 36 beautiful colors to animate your illustrations and bring your illustrated people to life.

Check the price of EverBlend Art Markers Skin Tones from Arteza here

Drawing and Illustrating Tools

9. Retractable Gel Ink Pens

Check the price of the Retractable Gel Ink Pens on Arteza here

The next drawing tool by Arteza featured in the Pin are the Retractable Gel Ink Pens. These pens have smear-proof ink that is very fast-drying. Don't worry about smudging here! The ink flows very smoothly from the pen offering uninterrupted writing without scratching or skipping.

The ink in these drawing tools is non-toxic and is non-fading. You will notice that the artist is holding the pink gel pen at the soft coating which allows the fingers to feel comfortable for hours of drawing.

Best Drawing Tools

These gel pens are truly great for anyone. The artist in the clip is using these to color an adult coloring book, and this is a popular way to relax and be mindful.

There are so many different kinds of gel pens including gorgeous metallic sets and sets that include transfer paper on Arteza.

See all the gen pen sets on Arteza here

10. Professional Colored Pencils

Check the price of the Professional Colored Pencils on Arteza here

The next few images feature drawings where the artist is using Arteza's Professional Colored Pencils to color on black paper and the shade an illustration in.

These Professional Colored Pencils are durable, highly pigmented and have creak-resistant cores to withstand heavy shading.

Best Illustration Tools To Use

These pencils are smooth and are wax-based which is exactly what you want if you are shading in an image where you don't want any hard transition lines.

These pencils are made to sharpen easily and are perfect for blending colors, layering colors and mixing colors. These are fantastic drawing tools to have on hand.

11. Woodless Pencils

Check the price of Woodless Pencils on Arteza here

The woodless pencils from Areteza are extremely popular and here is why:

  • You get more graphite (the colored core) in woodless pencils than in regular coloring pencils
  • They are coated in a light lacquer so you won't get pigment on your hands while you are illustrating or drawing
  • You can shave off the graphite and use the color in your art to create a different effect
  • You can use every part of the pencil by tilting it to get different shading techniques and textures with the angles of the pencil tip

Eco Friendly Drawing Tools

Woodless pencils are used similarly to regular pencils but have a different feel to them, they use way less waste and offer a new coloring experience. These are listed as watercolor pencils, but you can use them as traditional coloring pencils as well. The quality of these drawing tools is the best.

Go ahead, try them!

Drawing Tools | Woodless Pencils

12. Inkonic Fineliner Pens

Check the price of the Inkonic Fineliner Pens

These drawing tools are AP-certified and are made to last. They come in an array of gorgeous, brilliant colors and are sure to bring your illustrations to life.

These fineliner pens have a triangular-shaped barrel to fit both right and left-handed artists and allow you to draw and sketch in total comfort.

Drawing Tools

The ink in these fineliner pens is quick to dry so you won't have to worry about bleeding or smudging as your hand goes across your work.

The tip is .4mm so you can get the most beautiful detail when using these drawing tools, and these are totally satisfying to use. Just look at the sketch the artist created in the Pin below of a building saturated in sunlight and shadows. The colors are breathtaking and totally capture the essence of a building drenched in the light of a city sunset.

You can also see how well the colors blend together to create almost a 3D depth effect.

Drawing Tools For Artists

13. Professional Drawing Pencil Set

Check the price of Professional Drawing Pencil Set on Arteza here

The last two images in the video Pin feature a pencil smudger or paper blender, and a professional drawing pencil to finish the rim of the glasses.

What is great about buying a kit of professional drawing pencils rather than purchasing individually, is that everything you need to create soft lines, hard lines and tools for blending them together are all included. When you purchase separately, you may miss a pencil you need for your particular drawing.

Professional Drawing Tool Kit

This Professional Drawing Pencil Set from Arteza has 33 professional drawing tools including 18 drawing pencils ranging form 14B to 4H, 3 charcoal drawing pencils, 1 white charcoal drawing pencil, 2 woodless drawing pencils, 1 black Iconic Fineliner Pen, 3 paper blenders, 1 metal sharpener, 3 erasers and 1 hobby knife.

Lastly, we are going to share the link to the weekly deals that Arteza offers!

There are always serious sales happening on there that a lot of people don't know about, so check if any of your interests are on sale, and be sure to bookmark it to check back weekly!

Check what deals are on RIGHT NOW on Arteza

We hope you found this article useful in choosing your drawing and illustrating tools! We would love to hear your thoughts and which ones you decided to try, be sure to bookmark us and leave a comment, and be sure to Pin any of the images in this article! We would appreciate it.

Drawing and Illustrating Tools To Try

Happy drawing!

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