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Best Arteza Markers | Our Top 9 Choices For Amazing Drawings

best markers from arteza

There is one thing that we are crazy over and that is markers. And if you have been wondering what's new out there and what types of markers you can use for different projects, you have come to the right place. We've had a chance to talk to the folks over at Arteza and round up some of our favorite markers that they have to offer.

Arteza has some of the best marker sets on their website and they are a brand that offers quality & super affordable art supplies so you can get the best markers that you need for every kind of budget. They have a large marker selection and have everything from dual markers, alcohol markers, metallic markers, chalk markers and more. So you can pretty much find anything you are looking for when you need to draw, doodle or create artwork for fun and professionally.

best markers from arteza

There are a couple things that we really love about this company. One thing that we think is fabulous is their dedication to nature. Arteza has partnered with One Tree Planted and are committed to planting 10,000 trees around the USA. With each purchase, you are contributing to their effort. 

Another thing we find incredibly helpful at Arteza is their payment plans. This is especially great if you are just getting started drawing or coloring or needing professional grade markers for your art business. You can purchase their large sets at a monthly plan and get started with your art creations right away.


1. ARTEZA SKETCH TWIMARKERS | Bullet Journals & Doodles

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If you are like us, you write and doodle in your planners on a daily basis. Try these dual tipped markers. The brush tip and smaller tip are the best markers for coloring, hand lettering & doodling. The 4mm fine tip makes it a perfect marker to create thin lines for note taking and bullet journal monthly spreads. Like all of Arteza markers, you can easily blend colors together and move the colors around with a little bit of water. So if you are looking for the best markers for bullet journals and planners, this is the set of markers to get.

best markers for bullet journals and planners arteza

2. ARTEZA METALLIC MARKER SET | For Glass, Ceramic, Wood & Plastic

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These metallic markers are great to have on hand for when you have company and need to mark your wine glass or drink. These non toxic metallic shades are fun to use and perfect for decorating glasses for a special occassion or to use to mark the best before dates on food for the freezer. If you are an artist, you can also use these markers to add metallic details here and there to make your artwork pop.

best metallic markers from arteza

3. ARTEZA FABRIC MARKERS | For Creating Designs On Fabric

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If you have ever wanted to draw and create on fabric then this set is what you are looking for. This is the Arteza bundle set so you get 60 3D fabric paint tubes and also 30 fabric markers. This huge marker set comes with everything you need to start creating your fabric designs the moment they arrive. You will enjoy using the metallic markers. And the cool glow in the dark colors would look amazing on a pair of jeans. These fabric markers are non toxic and the high pigment inks last for many washes.

best markers for fabric arteza


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This is the ultimate marker set if you are a professional artist. This 120 set comes with all the colors you need for your art, coloring, drawing and sketching artwork. You can easily replace the tips on the colors that you reach for often. This set comes with a blender marker so for those who love to create blended artwork, you will enjoy using this with your favorite color combinations. You get a chisel tip which is perfect for blocking in large areas and then also a fine tip for those little details. This set of markers is what you need to create amazing manga, anime and vibrant artwork so if you are looking to get a set for someone that is just getting into that kind of artwork, this is the set of markers to get for that.

best markers for anime from arteza


5. ARTEZA BRUSH PENS | For Journaling, Hand Lettering & Watercolor Art

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This dual tipped marker set comes in every color you could ever need. If you love to hand letter or doodle in your journal or planners, then you are going to fall in love with the nylon brush tip. This kind of tip makes it super easy to create thin or thick lines. The non toxic ink formula allows you to blend these colors together so if you are needing markers for coloring or drawing, you are going to find these really nice to work with. Since these markers are water based, you can also use these markers for watercolor painting by simply blending the colors with a little bit of water. These are especially fun to use on old book pages for your junk journals.

best markers at arteza

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6. ARTEZA ACRYLIC MARKERS | Great For Many Surfaces Including Rock Painting

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This set of dual tipped acrylic markers comes with 40 dynamic colors including 3 metallics. You get a chisel tip and a round tip with this set. These markers are very quick to dry and have a very low odor which is nice, especially for those of us who use markers often. You can use these markers on paper, glass, cardboard & metal. Pretty much on any surface. And these are what rock painters like to use for kindness rocks. This set has replaceable tips and they are super easy to replace. These markers are UV resistant and acid free markers so the vibrancy of your art will last without fading or discoloring.

best arteza markers


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Here's a colorful and vibrant set of chalk markers to use anytime you need to make a sign or doodle on a black board. This marker set comes with 42 colors. You receive 26 bright and bold colors and 16 earth tones so you will be able to create all kinds of beautiful drawings or menues. This is the deluxe set so it also comes with 2 magnetic chalkboards so you can start drawing and doodling the moment everything arrives. And as a bonus you also get some fun and creative stencils to help you get started with your designs.

best arteza markers

8. ARTEZA HIGHLIGHTER MARKERS | For Journals & School Books

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These highlighters come in a broad and narrow tip in 6 assorted colors. If you go through highlighters, then this is an affordable set of 60. This ink is formulated to give you an extreme neon color to help keep your notes organized. If you are looking for a set for your classroom or office, then this is the set to get. These markers are very fast drying so the ink will not smudge. Your students will love using these and if you are using a thick 160gsm paper for your bullet journals, these markers will barely ghost.

best markers from arteza

9. ARTEZA DRY ERASE MARKERS | For Conferences & Classrooms

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This is the set of markers to get if you need to write on a white board in your classroom or conference meetings. This marker set comes with 12 unique color shades so you can easily draw charts, graphs or infographics for your students. What is great about this particular set is that they wipe off easily with a damp cloth so they won't leave any ghosting. And their low odor ink makes them a pleasure to use. These markers come with a chisel tip so you can vary line details by simply adjusting the angle of the tip. They are formulated with a high pigment load so even if someone is way at the back of the room, they will be able to see your notes easily.

best markers from arteza dry erase


Here are some of our favorite Arteza tutorials and what you can do with some of these markers that we have shared. Watch our favorite Arteza videos here


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We hope you found this article helpful and you can choose the best markers for your projects. Please save this video Pin so that you can find us again.


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