15 BEST Art Markers Beginners To Professionals [2024]

The Best Art Markers

Here are the best art markers for those who are just starting out, to professional artists. Attention coloring enthusiasts, hobby colorists and professional animators and designers of all paths. We are so happy to bring you this list of the BEST art markers out there, with high ratings from other artists in the industry!

Markers range in price and the sets being considered are great for professional use and are easy enough to use for those just getting into art and coloring. It is really a matter of preference, pigment load desire and how much you want to spend.

This list of art markers is based on the popularity of the art markers amongst artists. When choosing an art marker, note the pigment load, the quality of markers and the selection of color.


THE BEST ART MARKERS | Art Markers For Beginners To Professionals

Do you want to learn how to draw and paint like a professional? Or maybe you're already an experienced artist and are looking for the best art markers to use in your next masterpiece.

No matter what your level of experience is, this blog post will help you find the perfect art markers for your needs. We'll be discussing the different types of markers available on the market and providing our top picks for each category.

So whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned pro, read on for all the info you need to make the best purchase possible!

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Starting off this list with a favorite art marker that artists usually have in their stash: the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. They are not pens, they are markers, and they are pretty amazing and versatile art markers!

We use our Tombow Dual Brush Pens for a ton of tutorials here on DIY Craft Club, from our Simple Floral Doodle series on YouTube to many bullet journal and planner spreads, to cardmaking and even decorating Easter Eggs!

You can even used Tombow Dual Brush Pens as Watercolors, which you might really like because they are easy to transport when traveling and are truly so versatile.


best art markers


Here are some videos from our YouTube channel where we used Tombow Dual Brush Pens on different mediums

Art Markers: Using Tombow Dual Brush Pens on picture frame mats



Art Markers: Using Tombow Dual Brush Pens on vintage book pages




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Copic markers are some of the most popular and highly-praised art markers among illustrators, artists, and specifically manga artists because of their massive range of colors and medium broad and flexible brush nibs.

These low-odor art markers will give you an outstanding performance for professionals and for those of you who are just starting out. These alcohol-based markers are ideal for fine lines, illustration, and caricature.

The ink in the Copic art markers is permanent, non-toxic and acid-free. Keep them out of high temperatures and away from direct sunlight.

And be aware that since these are alcohol-based, they will most likely ghost through any regular papers.


best art markers


3. COPIC SINGLES ART MARKERS - A Great Option To Test Them Out!

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If you are interested in the Copic Art Markers above but you are not ready to invest into a whole set, then Copic singles are available. How great!

These art marker singles are available in all of the Copic colors. You can choose from their dropdown list of the colors that you want to try out.

Again, they are alcohol-based markers that are permanent, non-toxic and acid-free just like the originals. So if you want to try Copic for your illustrations, doodles, professional art, and manga or anime and can't decide if you want to go ahead with the full color set as we mentioned above, this is a really great option for you.



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The EverBlend Art Markers by Arteza comes in a stunning 60 highly pigmented makers that are perfect for drawing, coloring, designing, sketching and hand-lettering, an art form that is quite popular right now among bullet journalists and planners.

These art markers have a dual-tip design with the fine tip measuring at 0.11" and the larger end, a chisel tip, measuring at 0.24". The ink in the EverBlend art marker set is alcohol and is permanent once applied, however, the ink blends beautifully while it is still wet using the clear blender that is included in the set.

The set also comes with a carrying case to keep everything organized, and it sits at a great price point for everything you get with this art marker set.


best art markers



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The Ohuhu art markers are gaining popularity among artists because of their lower price point while maintaining high-quality pigments.

This set of art markers comes with dual tips, like the Tombow Dual Brush Pens. These dual-tipped art markers have a fine tip at one end and a chiseled tip at the other end. So these art markers are good for drawing both thin and thick lines.

Keep in mind that the chiseled end is hard, not soft though like the Tombows.

If you like fast-drying markers, then you will really like these art markers because they dry quickly.

If you are on a budget, these are one of the best art marker sets for the price.



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Attention animators and anyone looking for smooth colors that blend super well together and that can be layered beautifully for a realistic effect: let us introduce you to Stylefile art markers.

Developed and designed by artists for artists, Stylefile Markers offers high-quality art markers while maintaining a good price point.


best art markers


Stylefile art markers use alcohol-based ink, making them odorless. They are well-suited for drawing paper. These markers are great for fashion designers, product designers, architects, artists, graffiti artists, illustrators as well as comic strip and manga artists.

What is really great about Stylefile art markers, is that they have developed a tool that you can use for blending their colors effortlessly in your designs, called a "blender".

The Stylefinder blender is used to create fluid and smooth transitions or to lighten up colors you are using. You will need to use the blender immediately after you lay down your pigment from the art marker.


best art markers



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I'll bet you have heard of these art markers before. Long known as some of the best art markers, Uni Posca markers are well known in the industry for their ease of use and high-quality graphic effects and high pigment loads.

Uni Posca is an art marker that is used by both professionals and amateurs as the inks are super highly pigmented.

What we really love about these art markers is that if they have not been used for a while or dry out, they can be brought back to life easily. The marker's mechanism and valve system can be re-saturated with the paint.


best art markers



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Chameleon is all about bringing patented technologies to artists of every level, offering a unique experience in creating depth, dimension, and gradients in your art piece. Plus, they're a great price!

When we were meeting about creating this list of best art markers, there was a discussion as to whether we include the Chameleon Color Tops as one of the best art markers, or the Chameleon Pens. We decided to include both, so be sure to check out number 8 as well!

As for the Chameleon Color Tops Art Markers, they come with a mixing chamber right in the art marker. When you take this mixing chamber off, you can pop a different color top on in its place.

That different color then infuses into the tip of your Chameleon marker, so when you lay the pigment down, the infused color comes out until it gradually fades into the first color, creating an absolutely seamless gradient of your two color choices!


best art markers


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Chameleon Pens are very similar to the Chameleon Color Tops art markers we featured in number 7, but instead of seamlessly blending from one color to another, these art markers fade the color you are using, creating a gradient from your pigmented color to a lighter and lighter version of the color you are using.

The Chameleon Pen does this by adding a toning medium that you fuse in the marker chamber, just the Color Tops.


best art markers


The Chameleon Pens can really create unique, beautiful pieces achieving a style that is not normally able to achieve through the use of art markers, alone.

Check price of this set of 15 Chameleon Pens + 10 Chameleon Color Tops to get both, here on Amazon!


best art markers



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Illustrator is Spectrum Noir's professional dual-tipped art marker for sketching, drawing, and illustration. They offer a beautiful range of colors for the professional artist, but this doesn't mean that a beginner can't learn with them.

These art markers have been formulated with an alcohol base using high-grade artist-quality dyes for ultra-smooth color while achieving the right amount of overlay. The fine tip is great for the details while the brush top is softer and is flexible for smooth blending. In fact, the Illustrator Artist's Markers were developed alongside Spectrum Nori's popular Graphic art marker, the difference is the flexibility in the larger ended brush tip.

The Graphic art marker tip is more of a hard-edged, chisel tip while the Illustrators provides gentle flexibility.


best art markers



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These alcohol-based markers are creating quite a buzz in the art community. Many people out there are calling these art markers the cheaper alternative to Copic art markers. 

The inks are easy to blend and they come in the popular dual-tip style, with many colors available in their packs.


best art markers



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Another great art marker offering a dual-tip design, these Prismacolor art markers are good for beginner artists to advanced.

If the name Prismacolor sounds familiar to you, there is a good reason! Prismacolor was founded in 1856 (!) as the Eagle Pencil Company in New York City and launched Eagle Prismacolor Colored Pencils in 1938. in 1969, Eagle Pencil Company was purchased by Berol Ltd.

In 1984, Berol introduced the Chisel/Fine Dual-Ended which totally revolutionized commercial art rendering. The iconic design still remains the same to this day, and the art markers are still highly regarded as a consumer favorite.


best art markers



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These pens are premium quality. They have a water-based formula that will dry quickly, and you can use these paint pens on light or dark surfaces.

The fine tips make them perfect for detailed work. These art markers will give you an opaque and glossy finish on light and dark surfaces. So if you are into hand lettering onto dark paper, you might want to grab yourself a pack to play with!

Another way to use these art markers is to make custom designs onto ceramic or glass! The inks are permanent after baking (hand wash only).


best art markers 



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These paint markers have nice bright, bold colors and for the price are a great buy. You can use these markers on many projects and when we did our tests on these, we tried them on rocks, artwork, and even glass!

We had a chance to really put this set through some testing and would invite you to read the full review in the link below:

See the full Sharpie video unboxing and product review


best art markers 


Have a look at our tutorial below to see how smoothly these Sharpie's work on a semi-cured resin surface.



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Faber-Castell is a very well-known name in the artist community, as they are known for providing quality art products. Their Pitt Artist Pens are truly amazing as they offer odorless, permanent and waterproof inks in vibrant colors that they say will not bleed through paper!

The pigmented India inks are lightfast, acid-free and pH neutral. The quality of these art markers are extremely good quality and are often used for portraits, fashion design, illustrating, life drawings, sequential art, and canvas paintings! They work well on all types of paper or canvas.

Just remember to store these horizontally when not in use.


best art markers


We hope this article helped you make an informed decision! If you are really having a hard time, we suggest trying out some of the above-mentioned art markers in singles. 

Here is a list of each of the art markers that come in singles, you can buy one of each and find your favorite

Tombow Dual Brush Pen Singles on Amazon

Copic Single Art Marker Singles on Amazon

Stylefile Art Marker Singles on Amazon

Uniposca Art Marker Singles on Amazon

Chameleon Art Marker Pen Singles on Amazon

Prismacolor Chisel/ Fine Art Marker Single on Amazon

Sharpie Paint Pen (Water-Based) Single Art Marker on Amazon

Faber-Castell Pitt Artist Brush Pen Single on Amazon


If you are trying out singles, be sure to bookmark this page as we update the links when the full sets of art markers are on sale.

Plus, we want to hear which art markers were your favorite and what you liked about them! Be sure to comment below :)

We hope you loved this article! Be sure to bookmark it and Pin it to your favorite Pinterest board. We would appreciate that :)


best art markers 



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Have a colorful day!

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