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Secret Santa Gift Ideas

If you are reading this, then you either have a group of friends or some great co-workers who have decided to play a game of secret Santa.

Secret Santa is a game where a group of people are involved in a gift-giving group at Christmas. It is great because it eliminates the need to buy something for everyone and it takes the stress out of searching and looking for the right gift for each person.

You only have to find a perfect gift for just one person, your secret Santa, and we are here to help with that!

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

There is always a certain amount of stress though when you draw the name of someone you don't know particularly well, or just don't know what they would like to receive as a gift. We are here to help with that, and make you the best secret Santa out there.

This secret Santa gift guide is going to list some fan favorites that aren't too personal, so they will work for almost anyone. Basically, they will win the game every time!

And each item we list falls somewhere around the $20 mark unless it is on sale. Click to check each item. Happy shopping, Santa!



Check it out here

I love the felt letterboard trend. This gift makes a really great secret Santa gift idea because it is good for really anybody across the board. Men, women, office co-worker, someone close to you.

This felt letterboard is a great gift idea, and it is a super affordable gift option.



Secret Santa gift ideas


Check price here

For a cinematic feel, this light up letterboard is a fun, popular gift that anyone will be sure to enjoy. I always think that this would make a great gift for someone with a good sense of humor, especially around the office.

I like this one because you have the option of powering it with AA batteries, or it can plug right into a power source through a 1.5m long USB cable.

This one also does not have to be mounted on a wall if the gift receiver does not want that; it can stand freely on a desk or surface. A perfect secret Santa gift idea!



Secret Santa gift ideas



See it here

This is a gift that I think is just so great. I mentioned this one in the gift guide I wrote, Gift Ideas For Book Lovers That AREN'T Books, and I just think it is such a unique, amazing gift. Who doesn't love the smell of old books?

Sounds like an odd question, but it's true! If that person receiving your gift if a book lover, this is the gift for them.


Secret Santa Gift Ideas


This candle comes in at a little more than $20, so if your price limit is around that mark, be sure to check to see if it is on sale, or check out the selection of different book lover's candles right here.



Check them out right here

Ok... These are hilarious! We are recommending these Knock Knock Note Pads because they are soo funny and come in at a super great price.

You will see in the picture below, it is a 'nailed it' note pad, but there are 25 to choose from, including Office Citations, they can give out, Pep Talks, Thanks A Bunch notes, IOU's and so many more. You will be sure to find one that fits your secret Santa gift idea so perfectly.


Secret Santa Gift Ideas



See todays price

Great for the home, great for the office or workplace, we love essential oil diffusers. The essential oil diffuser we found comes in a wood grain which is a big crowd pleaser. It holds 150mL of water and is ultrasonic.

This essential oil diffuser is a very affordable option in the field of oil diffusers. If you are interested in looking at some more options, check out all the ones I found right hereThe selection includes some that come as a set with the essential oils as well. 


Secret Santa gift ideas



See options here

Two things that are so popular right now: printed socks and the ever-popular, drinking wine lol. Pair these two together perfectly in the form of footwear with a secret message! These are the 'bring me wine' socks from Amazon.

When the wearer has their feet up at the end of the day, they can expect someone to bring them a glass of wine if they get the message!



Secret Santa gift ideas


These socks are great because they can be for men or women. I already love the sock monkey gray and white with red trim, and putting that pattern on socks is so cute. If you can read this, grab them a pair of these socks from Amazon!

If your gift receiver is into something other than wine, check out the other socks with messages (bring me coffee, bring me a cold beer... even bring me bacon!!!) right here.



Check it out here

I love this one and I would sure love to receive it as a gift! A dose of daily positivity is good for everybody. Check out this daily inspirational flip calendar.

First of all, it is so well designed and would look beautiful on any desk or table.

Secondly, it has super great customer reviews of it and lastly it is an amazing price!! Perfect for a Secret Santa gift.



Secret Santa gift ideas



Secret Santa gift ideas


If you are looking for an inspirational daily flip calendar with a different vibe, color, or theme, check out the other ones I found here.



See price here

Hot bevies are something that many people enjoy whether it is hot coffee or tea (or hot toddy lol), and this gift will be popular across the board.

Check out this ceramic tea infuser mug I found on Amazon. It is a very sleek and modern design with watercolor cherry blossoms on it, sure to make anyone's day!


Secret Santa Gift Ideas



See options here

Here is the PERFECT opportunity for you to get some serious Christmas gear for your secret Santa: an ugly Christmas sweater. These are so popular right now! I mean, who wouldn't want a yuletide cardigan in all of the colors of the season, just screaming 'let's be merry'?!

I should just end the list here. Best gift found, done. I found this green beauty for a super fantastic price!!


Secret Santa gift idea


I mean, this one I found is gorgeous! You can find a whole selection of ugly Christmas sweaters here. I should warn you though, these are seriously fabulous lol.



See them here

This gorgeous notebook has been mentioned by me before in other articles. I just think it is so lovely and would make such a nice gift for that organized person who loves to keep track of their thoughts, makes lists and writes down goals and dreams, or for the artsy individual.

This notebook is a great price for a secret Santa gift. It is a hardcover book with beautifully painted pages to write in.


Secret Santa gift ideas


You can find more designs and styles for these watercolor journals right here.


Well, we hope we helped you decide on a great secret Santa gift! And if you are interested in any of our ideas and you need to get that gift in quickly, you can enjoy a FREE 30 day trial of Amazon Prime on us, which includes free 2-day shipping!


And if you are still looking for gift ideas, you can check out the other articles we wrote including Best Gift Ideas For Men With Beards, 18 Gift Ideas For Planner Addicts, Top Ten Gifts For Teachers and many more!

We work very hard on all of our gift guides we write to bring you unique items that would make any receiver so happy! We hope you check them out.

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Secret Santa gift ideas

Happy shopping!

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