BEST Gift Ideas for Teachers [2024]

Best gift ideas for teachers

Hello!! Teacher here! If you are looking for the best gift ideas for a teacher in your life, you have come to the best place! Maybe it's your child's teacher, or that hard-to-buy-for music teacher, perhaps you are looking for teacher Christmas gifts or end of year teacher gifts.

Whatever the occasion may be, I am here to share some great teacher gifts with you that any educator will love. We are going to take the guesswork right out of it for you.

The items we have come up with for this list are ones that are very practical for classroom use, and they also add to any classroom design and are aesthetically pleasing.

Have a look to see what teacher gifts we have for you in our top ten teacher gift ideas!

Best gift ideas for teachers

Best Gift Ideas For Teachers

Growing up, I was one of those kids who always looked forward to back to school shopping. It was this super fun, magical time of year where I had the money my parents gave me to go pick all the organizational tools required to adorn my desk with sharpeners that hung over the edge and Lisa Frank colorful trapper keepers.

Disclaimer: I am still that kid, just in a grown-up, teacher body. Needless to say, I was quite excited to write this teachers gift ideas list.


1. A TEACHERS Planner

As educators, planners are the cornerstones of our very existence. So we are starting our top list of teacher gift ideas with a high recommendation for a beautiful, customizable planner.

We here at DIY Craft Club absolutely love our Scribbles that Matter Planners. They are great gift ideas for teachers who need to customize with lists, projects, ideas, staff meeting notes and anything else they need to write down.

I know that this would be great for keeping track of student notes, class lists, important dates, email addresses. and phone numbers of parents. And it would be so handy because it is always with you. This would make an excellent teacher gift.



Gift ideas for teachers


2. A TEACHERS Dream Gift: The Cricut

As a teacher, this was the 'pot of gold' dream gift for me and many of my colleagues. I pictured myself making the best bulletin boards and lettering for the walls, calendars and all sorts of ideas. Alas, it is something I (regrettably) never got for myself.

Teachers typically get a small classroom budget (if any) and spending it on A Cricut typically doesn't happen, as there are so many needs for a classroom and this one is a want (or a dream. A beautiful, beautiful dream... *sigh*).

So if you have a son or daughter who teaches or you want to go in with the other moms and dads of your child's teacher, this would be an amazing teacher gift idea, and you can find it on Amazon here!



Gift ideas for teachers


Best gift ideas for teachers

3. Craft Scissors Gift Set Idea

As a teacher, I had these craft scissors from Amazon in my classroom for years and I loved them for two reasons.

1) They were so fun for the kids to use

2) It added to my room décor!! I love their bright colors, and that it spins.


Best gift ideas for teachers


Every teacher has a certain vision for their classroom and many times it is focused around a colorful theme. These scissors are both pretty and useful, and are great for kids to use as well.

And because they come in this great rotating, wooden display, it is easy to keep them where you can see them and to make sure each set gets put away after they are used by the students.

We are talking about a real-time accountability teaching tool here.


Best gift ideas for teachers


4. A Custom Star Map

We are in love with this gift idea for a Teacher. It shows the constellations and where the stars were on a specific day.

You can enter the date of the first day they became your teacher for your specific grade! Any teacher would LOVE to hang this in their classroom.

Visit Online Star Map


best gift ideas for teachers custom star map


5. Best Instant Picture Camera

Now here is a BIG winner as a teacher gift idea. An instant picture camera!

I bet the first thing you think of when I say that is Polaroid. Well, instant picture cameras have come a long way, and instead of the Polaroid brand, I recommend the Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 for the classroom.

It is more cost-effective, it is totally cute and comes in 5 gorgeous colors.


Best gift ideas for teachers


Why would an instant camera be great in any classroom? Here are the reasons this useful tool made my top ten list for teachers gift ideas:

  • Durability. This is one that even younger kids can use for projects and centers
  • Availability of film: You can order the film for this camera online (check prices on Amazon right here) and it is also widely available at all of the big box stores including Wal Mart and Target so your teacher can get more film quite easily, whether they are an online shopper or not!
  • Bulletin board: A teacher can showcase their student's work alongside the photos of them actually working on it!
  • Assessment strategies: The teacher may want to take pictures of the students for a portfolio or for reference.
  • Seating assignment: For younger students, this would be a great way for their tables to be labeled alongside their names! Visual cues are great for early learners.
  • Notes for substitute teachers: When a teacher has to get a substitute because they are sick or are in training, it really helps to leave notes along with pictures for the substitute to know important information. Example note for a substitute: Jane has a peanut allergy. This is her picture. Nickolas has an appointment so his mom will pick him up at 9:30 (see photo). Please don't let Myrah and Abbie sit together, they won't get any work done. Here they are (see pictures).


    Gift ideas for teachers


    The uses for this item are endless, and it is a great, affordable option. Can check prices on Amazon here. Teacher present idea WIN!

    Gift ideas for teachers

    6. String Lights For TEACHERS To Display Work

    These would be great for hanging pictures taken around the classroom, or to display children's work! This 6-meter string has light-up clothespins on it that hold whatever the teacher would like to display.

    Get one or two for their room decor! The lighting would be so beautiful in any classroom. I would totally use a few minutes in my day to turn off the lights and have these on for calming moments. The students will love how they look!


    Gift ideas for teachers


    These are also a warm white LED light, so they will have a soft, warm glow to them as opposed to a more bright white light. The warm glow is great for a cozy classroom setting.

    Check the price on Amazon here.


    7. Essential Oil Diffuser Gift Set

    A big movement in many classrooms is to have students practice mindfulness. What is mindfulness? Mindfulness is a way of thinking where people are consciously aware of what they are doing, and are working on things with a purpose. They are also aware of their emotional state and acknowledging why they are feeling the way they are.

    In a school day, a student can go through many ups and downs, along with feelings of fatigue and lack of concentration at times. So many schools are working on having mindful moments to re-center the students, practice their breathing and re-setting their focus.

    A few schools I have worked at, have brought essential oil diffusers into the classroom to help the students by appealing to more senses than just auditory and visual.

    Best gift ideas for teachers

    A drop of an invigorating oil in the morning such as citrus or lemongrass essential oil is great, and a calming, peaceful scent, such as lavender or chamomile towards the end of the day is what was typically done.

    I really like this one from Amazon and have recommended it before! It comes in a variety of wood stains you can choose from and looks beautiful.

    I will also recommend a sampler pack of NOW brand essential oils to include with the diffuser so you can personalize it as a gift set! NOW uses organic essential oils and the oils are pure, so this is a brand we always trust. You can find a sampler pack here to get started, or you can buy them individually as well.

    It is also really nice for the teacher to have a classroom that smells lovely.


    8. An Individual Coffee Maker

    If your teacher in mind is a coffee or tea drinker, having one of these in your classroom makes everything better.

    Often, I would find myself helping that 1 student when the recess bell rings, so that my 15 minute break turned into 10, then I would get to the staff room to either an empty coffee pot, or a new one brewing (that would never seem to be ready in time before the return bell went off).

    Or it was made weak enough to wish for better or more beans.Serious coffee drinker here folks.


    Best gift ideas for teachers


    This Keurig is a sleek and slim single-serve coffee maker and comes in many beautiful colors (I think this turquoise one would look so cute in a classroom).

    So it won't take up a ton of room on the back shelf and will actually add to the décor! It has a strength choice so you can choose a strong cup of joe, or a weaker cup (if that's what you prefer), plus, it has a nice touch screen feature! This one is a winner for the busy teacher!

    Check prices on Amazon here.


    9. A TEACHERS Letterboard

    These are SO CUTE and are totally on-trend right now. Hook that teacher in your life up with one of these and let their creative teacher imagination run wild.

    They can put sentence starters on there, a daily greeting for the class each morning, the class schedule, the date, a riddle, rhyme, or the daily classroom leader. Wow, there are so many possibilities.



    Best gift ideas for teachers


    I love when there is a useful classroom tool that adds to the look of the class as well!!! Check the price on Amazon right here.


    10. A Mailbox For Writing Prompt Ideas

    I know this may sound like a strange one, but this would be so useful and decorative in any classroom!! Students are always bringing letters and notes to the teacher from home, or dropping off orders for something, permission slips, book orders, pizza day orders, school photo slips... The list can go on, trust me.

    It would be a great practice for students to "deliver" their mail to their teacher via a real mailbox! It develops a routine where the students gain independence in remembering the task, and it helps by eliminating interruption for that teacher when the student suddenly remembers their note through the day.

    Voila. 2 birds with 1 mailbox ;)


    Best gift ideas for teachers


    We found a very nice black one from Amazon that is a great price here. It is a real mailbox and is galvanized metal with the red mail flag as well! Plus, it is a very affordable option when it comes to real mailboxes.

    The teacher could also use it in lessons if they are doing letter exchanges with another class or school!

    Plus, imagine how cute this would be if you put your teacher's name on it with white paint? This is a fantastic idea for personalized teacher gifts. Just make sure it can paint over galvanized metal.


    11. A TEACHERS Wireless Voice Amplifier (Life SAVER)

    I am going to end the list with this life-saver. Yes, I had one of these. It changed everything for me and was recommended to me by an educational consultant. Most teachers bring their class to the gym for physical education or outside, which is where this item absolutely shines the brightest.

    Plus, it can project music as well! I can't begin to describe how handy this tool is for a teacher.

    In the classroom, I was never one to raise my voice, but as an educator, you are constantly projecting your voice so you reach every student. I ended up going home every day with a strained voice and a bit of a sore throat.

    As soon as I started wearing one of these, I could just turn my volume up or down, and it helped me so much!

    Best gift ideas for teachers


    What is great about this one from Amazon is that it is wireless. So the teacher can wear it or put it at the other end of the classroom during gym so the kids that are further away can hear better. The teacher in your life will thank you for this one.

    Well, we sure hope you got some fabulous gift ideas for that special teacher in your life! I know I would be more than thrilled to receive any one of these gifts!!!!

    You may also want to check out our DIY teacher gift tutorial, DIY Painted Ceramic Pot Gift we did for a teacher! It turned out so cute!



    DIY Teacher gift idea



    If you found this article super helpful, be sure to pin it on your Pinterest page! Happy shopping!


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