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Our BEST Hot Chocolate Recipes | Homemade Hot Chocolate

Best Hot Chocolate Recipe

Homemade hot chocolate is something special. It tastes so much creamier and much more rich than your store bought hot chocolate, and it is very easy to make.

There are so many different kinds of homemade hot chocolate you can make at home from scratch, and we are going to share our favorite homemade hot chocolate recipes with you today.

Whether you like that dark, creamy hot chocolate or prefer something different like a spiced hot chocolate or a white hot chocolate, we are going to cover the best hot chocolate recipes we have ever made. So be sure to Pin any hot chocolate recipe you see below to make sure you can find your way back to this recipe post! You are going to want to try to make all of these this season.

Especially if you have company coming over and you want to make a big batch of one of our homemade hot chocolate recipes in a crock pot. Yum!

Let's get right into our very best hot chocolate recipes.

Best Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes

1. Homemade Hot Chocolate Bombs Recipe

Read our homemade hot chocolate bomb recipe here

Have you ever heard of a hot chocolate bomb? These are amazing because you can make these homemade hot chocolate bombs in advance and keep them in your freezer for whenever anyone wants homemade hot chocolate quickly and easily.

These also make delicious homemade chocolate truffles!

Best Hot Chocolate Recipes

You can finish homemade hot chocolate bombs with anything you would like: coconut, cocoa powder, icing sugar, cinnamon and spice, and it will all taste amazing.

Best Hot Chocolate Recipes

2. White Chocolate Hot Chocolate Recipe

Read our homemade white chocolate hot chocolate recipe here

For anyone out there who loves creamy white chocolate, this homemade white hot chocolate recipe is for you. The smooth, silky white chocolate drink feels like velvet as it is made with real white chocolate. What a treat!

Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes

You can buy powdered white hot chocolate mix anytime, but you really do miss out on the smooth texture that making white hot chocolate from real chocolate gives you.

Plus, you can use any leftover white chocolate and melt it down to create a chocolate swirl to put on your glass. How gorgeous is that?

Homemade Hot Chocolate

3. Chai Hot Chocolate Recipe

Read our homemade chai hot chocolate recipe here

Read our homemade chai tea recipe here if you prefer tea

This homemade hot chocolate recipe is one to try if you love spiced hot chocolate but don't want the hot spice of chili. This hot chocolate boasts notes of cinnamon, cardamom and ginger and is totally a warming, soothing hot chocolate drink.

Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes

Homemade Hot Chocolate Recipes

4. Homemade Old Fashioned Hot Cocoa Recipe

Read our homemade old fashioned hot cocoa recipe here

Here is a basic, easy and delicious old fashioned hot cocoa recipe for you to try! We combine real milk chocolate and an old fashioned cocoa rim on your hot chocolate glass to really blend those beautiful flavors.

Homemade Hot Cocoa

Homemade Old Fashioned Hot Cocoa

5. Homemade Spiced Hot Cocoa Recipe (Chili Hot Chocolate)

Read our homemade spiced hot cocoa recipe here

A very popular homemade hot cocoa recipe is homemade spiced hot cocoa. Some people refer to this recipe as Mexican hot cocoa or chili hot chocolate. It is a homemade rich hot chocolate recipe, infused with some heat.

Chocolate and chili pair beautifully together. The deep, rich notes in the chocolate are totally complimented by the chili powder, and you can often find spicy chocolate or hot chili chocolate bars in the store because of this reason.

Homemade Spiced Hot Cocoa

This is a very delicious, hot chocolate drink if you are planning on sipping it outside in the cold or are planning on going for a wintery walk with your drink in your thermos.

Homemade Spiced Hot Cocoa

We hope you found some amazing inspiration to make some delicious hot chocolate drinks at home! Be sure to Pin any above image to your favorite homemade drinks Pinterest board so you can find us again.

Happy sipping!

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