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Hi and welcome to our interview with Creations CeeCee. 

If you love collage and watercolor, you will really fall in love with Creations CeeCee as much as we have.

We got to talk to Catherine who is the creative behind Creations CeeCee to learn a little bit more about her routine and favorite subjects to paint.

watercolor art

What is her channel about?

Quality tutorials on how to use watercolors and other art mediums. She has the ability to capture colors and texture in the most beautiful way with her work.

Welcome Catherine!

Take us through a typical week of creating.

I'm a full-time artist so my agenda is quite hectic at the moment. I work 6 days a week, Saturdays through Thursday's and usually from 10 am through 9 pm.

Because I release a video to YouTube every day of the week, I film the day before the release.

So Sunday through Thursday, I film for YouTube. Saturday's and evenings are reserved for Patreon video rewards, which I release once a week, and other projects like online classes, digital coloring pages and other business-related tasks.

Friday is usually my day off where I get together with my kids or friends. It's a tight schedule but when you do what you love for a living, it's quite manageable.

What does your morning routine look like?

I get up at 6:15 am to prep the videos I uploaded the day before for a 6:30 am release. Then I usually spend about 30 minutes reading and replying to comments and emails ( I check those twice a day, once more at night).

Next is my favorite meal of the day, breakfast, while I watch an episode (or 2) of the Korean drama I'm currently interested in.

After that, a quick shower before I start my working day. I spend the rest of the morning filming my daily art to be released the next day. I'm usually done by lunchtime. Afternoons are reserved for editing.

That is a typical day unless the creativity is on "hiatus".  When that happens... well, we don't want to think about that.

watercolor art

What is your favorite subject to paint and why?

That's like asking to pick your favorite child! I have a passion for nature, cityscapes, and faces. Painting flowers and trees comes naturally to me simply because they are so versatile.

I don't paint realistically so my flowers are usually generic shapes that I embellish with detailed line art or simple doodles. Contrasts and details are represented in most of my paintings.

When I get tired of painting flowers and trees, I revert to cityscapes. Nature is almost always represented in my cityscape paintings. It's the juxtaposition of both that attracts me -- like concrete jungle meets greenery.

Faces are another constant and I mostly draw them in my sketchbook, a practice I hope to become more regular at.

watercolor art

Favorite Videos

It was hard to choose a favorite because there are so many great ones on her channel! After careful consideration (and hours of binge-watching), the alcohol ink tutorial and her sketchbook flip through really stood out. 

Catherine transforms the ink designs to another level with her expert doodles. The final look is stunning! We found her videos to be very therapeutic to watch.

She makes it look easy but using alcohol inks and watercolors takes practice to get your pieces perfect so those who are just learning, be sure to keep practicing. Play with different colors and techniques as often as you can.

alcohol inks

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November 14, 2022

I enjoyed the one video where you showed how to paint flowers using the 3 dot method. I have been doing watercolor for over 22 years after reading Drawing on the right side of the brain by Betty Edwards and taking free classes at the local senior centers. My topic is always flowers and painting bookmarks that I give away or even sell. Thank you for all the creative work that you do. elizabeth shipley

Jane Franco
Jane Franco

March 21, 2021

Love your videos but for some reason , I cannot find the list of your paints, paper, tape, etc.

Tyra Thompson
Tyra Thompson

June 25, 2020

Love creationsceecee on YouTube! You are inspiring as an artist and as a person. Beautiful art work, soothing voice, and easy-going personality. Thanks for sharing your creativity and talent with the world!

Rita Moss
Rita Moss

May 21, 2020

Hi.! Thank you for showing your watercolour whismical flowers book! It is amazing1! and also the fact that I am 97 years old…and just finished writing my memoirs…I lived alone in my granny annexe. Desperate to find some hobby I could still do with my trembling hands…I got the idean of painting a watercolour book…by next Christmas…2020…I got an A4…50 pages book and started with filling a first page with an ink doodle…It is really relaxing and am very pleased with the result. Form there, I started small miniature paintings. Four in the right side page. Then, I started one drawing full page size…I ended by doing whismical paintings of flowers, butterflies, and the peacock that comes for breakfast in the garden…I happened by chance on the video of your book ! It is so simile !…I love this kind of painting, because it makes me happy when I do it. Thank you for showing me your pictures ! I have been an artist all my life…Always give my paintings away. I paint for the love of it ! I would love to hear from you.
You also paint with your heart…I send you love and thank you. Rita

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