10 BEST Gifts For Pizza Makers | Pizza Making Gifts [2024]

Best Gift Ideas For Pizza Makers & Pizza Lovers

If you are looking for the gifts for pizza makers, we have a list of the absolute best pizza making gift ideas for you.

Making pizza is something special as it tastes way better than store bought pizza, and it can involve everyone who is over for dinner.

Our gift ideas for pizza makers have some really great finds from useful pizza making tools to handmade and personalized pizza home décor. We know you will find the perfect gift for the pizza maker in your life.



Here are the top gifts for pizza makers:


Check price on Etsy here

Perfectly sweetened with a hint of beer, whiskey or tequila flavor, this BBQ sauce trio is designed to enhance the natural flavor of your ingredients. These sauces will tantalize your taste buds with the perfect balance of sweet and savory. Made with pure certified organic ingredients, it's the perfect topping for pizza or flatbread.

Here is what this company has to say: "Our booze-infused BBQ sauce is handcrafted with the freshest ingredients right here in the USA. Use it sparingly... or generously! Each 3-Pack includes these Booze-Infused BBQ Sauces:

  • 1x Spicy Whiskey (mild heat)
  • 1x Chipotle Tequila (mild heat)
  • 1x Mustard Beer (mild heat)

    BBQ sauce for pizza base



    Check price on Amazon here

    Here is a gift that every pizza maker should have. I have quite a lot to say about pizza stones and pizza pans as tools for making pizza in the oven. Of course, you can use any baking sheet, and your pizza will come out just fine. But you can bring a just "fine" pizza to a "fantastic" pizza with a great pizza-making tool, and that is a pizza stone.

    A pizza stone is a tool you definitely want on hand as it can handle those high temperatures you need to make amazing pizza.


    Best Gift Ideas For Pizza Makers & Lovers

    You will want to consider buying a good pizza stone as a gift for a pizza maker for the following reasons:

    • EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION: Cooking your pizza on a pizza stone distributes the heat evenly to your pizza.
    • WATER ABSORBTION: The porous stone draws water out of your pizza dough which will result in a slightly more crispy crust.
    • ELIMINATES UNEVEN COOKING: You won't get areas where the dough didn't cook properly or "doughy spots" in the center of your pizza.

      We recommend this Pizza Stone from Amazon. There are three options available: square, rectangular or round. We recommend the rectangular 20" x 13" pizza stone created from FDA-safe Thermion material so it is thermal shock-resistant. It can withstand high temperatures of at least 900 degrees F.

      This pizza stone also has no handles, so all of the space can be used for pizza, which we like.



      Best Gift Ideas For Pizza Makers & Lovers


      Check price of Pizzacraft Pizza Stone on Amazon here

      Read our article How A Pizza Stone Works to learn more if you are thinking of purchasing your own pizza stone.



      Check price here

      Now let's talk about pizza steel. The difference between pizza steel or baking steel, and a pizza stone is typically in the way that they conduct heat.

      Pizza steels are known to retain heat better than a pizza stone, however, it is also said that they do not conduct heat quite as evenly as a stone would. So you might want to consider pizza steel if you are going for a quicker pizza cooking time.

      Pizza steels do need a bit more care though in the fact that they need to be seasoned once in a while, just like cast iron would, so it doesn't get rust spots.



      Best Pizza Making Gift Ideas


      The pizza steel I am going to recommend is the Artisan Steel High Performance Pizza Steel from Amazon. It has a low friction surface for easy sliding and conductivity. It is 16" x 14.25" and is a heavy, durable steel made in the USA and weighs in at 16lbs. A lot of people seem to keep their steel plate right in their oven for storage! I like that idea.


      If you are deciding between a pizza stone and a pizza steel as a gift for a pizza maker, it is simply a matter of preference or getting one that they don't already have. The pizza stone is typically more popular among home pizza makers.



      Check price on Etsy here

      This is such a cute gift idea for a pizza maker (and wine lover?) but you can customize this doormat to say anything you would like!

      This pizza makers doormat is made from 100% natural coir with a pvc rubber backing. There are literally hundreds of designs you can choose from. Each mat is handcrafted in Houston, Texas by Etsy seller DoormatDecoir. This Etsy shop and their shop has rave reviews with multiple 5 star ratings. Be sure to check them out here!



      Best Gift Ideas For Pizza Makers



      Check price on Amazon here

      Why is a kitchen scale so much better than a measuring cup? One word: accuracy.

      Sure you can pretty closely measure liquids in a measuring cup at eye level, but where it counts is with the dry ingredients. Those usually affect the chemistry behind your cooking, and in this case, the rising of your pizza dough.

      You need to be accurate down to the gram with your dry ingredients, and the best way to do so is with a kitchen scale for homemade pizza dough.



      Best Gift Ideas For Pizza Makers & Lovers


      This kitchen scale by Ozeri is the one I like to recommend for a few reasons. This is a best seller on Amazon AND it is Amazon's choice for kitchen scales. It has a TON of fantastic reviews. Another reason is the super cute colors it comes in!
      Lastly, the price is fantastic.

      Check price of Ozeri kitchen scale on Amazon here



      Check price here

      The Ooni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven is the world's first portable wood-fired pizza oven, and it comes with the ultimate recommendation from me! Yes, I oh so happily own and frequently use this pizza oven. I have had my Ooni pizza oven for quite a long time, somewhere in ten-year range, and it makes the absolute best, hands down pizza that I have EVER made.


      Here is why we recommend this gift for pizza makers:

      • This portable pizza oven makes pizza taste like it comes right from Italy
      • It is easy to use: when you roll the dough out, it goes onto the Ooni Pizza peel and goes right into the oven, where it is flame cooked
      • Cooks pizza quickly: pizza cooks in 60 seconds at around 900 degrees. There's some heat for you!

        Now, this isn't like cooking a family-sized pizza, keep that in mind. It cooks about 13" individual pizza, but very quickly. This portable pizza oven is great for pizza parties with friends, guests or family. Just keep in mind, this is a pizza-making tool that is used outdoors. 



        Best Pizza Making Gift Ideas


        Check price of all Ooni Outdoor Pizza Ovens

        The Ooni 3 Portable Wood Fired Pizza Oven gets a 5 out 5 rating from us, and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone out there who loves a real, flame-cooked pizza.

        This would make a seriously amazing gift for the pizza maker in your life.



        I am going to list this pizza peel from Ooni as a great gift for the pizza maker. This is the Ooni Pizza Peel from Amazon, and you can use it beyond the Ooni Wood Fire Pizza Oven! I personally use this pizza peel and have had it for a very long time.



        Best Gift Ideas For Pizza Makers & Lovers



        Check prices here

        This is such a genuinely thoughtful gift for pizza makers or pizza lover in your life. Check out this personalized pizza peel/pizza serving board. You can have it engraved with a monogram, name (or whatever you would like it to say) in different fonts and styles.

        I like that this is handmade in the US by an Etsy seller. Kristin at My Personal Memories gets rave reviews by her customers and will have your order shipped in 1-3 business days. See what else she has to offer while you are there!



        Best Gifts For Pizza Makers



        Dough scrapers are such handy little tools, and there are so many out there to choose from. I personally prefer a flexible one to get every bit of pizza dough from the sides of my bowl.

        This handy pizza dough scraper combo by Spring Chef comes with a flexible pizza scraper that is curved like the side of your bowl, and it also has a handy kitchen weight and volume converter right on it. Plus it comes with a pizza dough cutter that can actually be used for multiple things around the kitchen when you are cooking.

        Check price of Spring Chef Pizza Dough Scraper Combo here



        Best Gift Ideas For Pizza Makers & Lovers



        See price on Etsy here

        This would make an excellent gift for someone's kitchen wall if they love to make (and eat) pizza! Al Pisano is an Etsy seller who is a dimensional artist. He creates wood carvings and plaster sculpted decor and has fantastic reviews from his customers!

        This Etsy seller was a commercial artist in New York City from 1960 - 1990 and has been selling art and home décor items for over 20 years. See their work on Etsy here.



        Best Pizza Making Gift Ideas


        We hope you enjoyed this post and found the perfect gift for the pizza lover or pizza maker in your life! Be sure to save the Pin we made below to your Pinterest board. We would appreciate that!


        Best Gift Ideas For Pizza Makers And Pizza Lovers

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