11 Gift Ideas For MEN With BEARDS | 2020 Gift Guide

Gift ideas for men with beards

There are two types of men out there. Men who grow beards, and men who don't. Ok, well that may not be true, but men with beards might have a laugh and agree with that statement! When a man decides to grow a beard, it is no laughing matter. That facial hair becomes a prized possession of his. He admires it in the mirror. He grooms it with tools. He may even buy oils. And he is satisfied whenever he notices it looks longer. 

When men grow beards, there is one thing we can agree on. He becomes so easy to shop for! haha. The men in your life; brother, husband, partner, friend, father, father in law, will appreciate any beard-related gift that involves grooming, decorating or adorning. This is especially true around November when many men participate in the Movember challenge.

Gift Ideas For Men With Beards

Gift ideas for men with beards

The gift ideas for men with beards that we are listing make fantastic anytime gifts and can be appreciated at any time of the year. Even if you are looking for gift ideas for men who have everything, we have some great finds!

Gift ideas for men with beards

1. Beard Gift: A Fantastic Razor (At A Fantastic Price)

Every man needs a really great razor for his beard. We love Harry's Razors in our house. My husband has been using the Harry's razor for years and swears by it. It is an excellent razor and one that feels heavy in your hand. It has a flex hinge to contour the face and has 5 blades per cartridge. It is also an excellent cost-wise compared to the other brands you get at your local store. (HINT: These also make amazing Christmas presents for every man in your life to your jump-start your Christmas gift buys!)

Gift ideas for men with beards

2. Best Beard Gift Idea: Beard Trimming Tools

One thing I have learned from the man in my life with a beard, is that you can't just razor that hair off! You need to trim it short first before attacking it with a good razor.  So we have also included the Philips Norelco Multi Groomer from Amazon as our choice beard trimmer. We like that it has so many versatile functions that include ear and nose trimmers, and it can run for 5 hours on a charge.


the best gift ideas for men with beards

Check price on Amazon here

3. Beard Oil Gift Pack

Here is a really great starter pack of three different beard oils by Viking Revolution: sandalwood, pine & cedar, and clary sage. These are sure to smell absolutely amazing. Beard oil is meant to restore softness and shine to a man's beard, and it is a huge bonus when they smell divine like these ones.

gift ideas for men with beards

Check price on Amazon here

You can also DIY it and make beard oil yourself, just for him! How thoughtful would custom blends be that you created to match his style or his personality? We wrote a post on How To Make Beard Oil so you can learn to make your own custom blend especially for him. Handmade gifts are so special!

Gift ideas for men with beards

4. Leave-In Beard Conditioner Gift Idea

A leave-in beard conditioner will make his beard so soft (and smell good) and he will totally appreciate this. 

This beard leave-in conditioner by Honest Amish is a very popular one, with absolutely fantastic reviews (more than 7000 positive ones! Can read them here on Amazon yourself). I wonder how this would work on my hair... hmm... Anyways, this leave-in beard conditioner is hand-crafted in the USA and will really take the coarseness out of that beard hair. Sounds like a winner to me.

the best gift ideas for men with beards

Check price on Amazon here

3. A Beard-Shaping Gift

This beard tool is a fun add-on tool to manscape the lumberjack-worthy appearance of his bearded face. This would make a great stocking stuffer and is just handy, especially when it has hard (and oh so important) to have even sides!

You can help him manscape his way to perfection with this beauty!

the best gift ideas for men with beards

Check prices on Amazon here

4. Plaid. The Best Gift Idea For Men With Beards

What style would be complete without a timeless plaid shirt? I feel like this is a staple that every man should own. Now that may just be me, but men look so good in a plaid shirt I think! Plus, this totally brings out their inner lumberjack they are probably feeling like with that facial hair. 

There are so many plaids to choose from, but this one is a very stylish find. We particularly love the corduroy detail in the sleeve roll and collar! Check this one out!

gift ideas for men with beards

Check prices on Amazon here

5. The Beard Mug Makes A Great Man Gift

We are including this hilarious beard mug, because, he wants to be noticed when his morning coffee cup may be hiding that bearded face. Plus, you can fill it with his favorite coffee beans or candies, and wrap it in cellophane to show him your mad crafting skills which we know you have!!!

gift ideas for men with beardsCheck prices on Amazon here

6. Beard Ornaments As A Gift Idea

We will just leave this one here because, you need to laugh too ;) Plus, imagine him at your next ugly Christmas sweater party with these dangling from his beard?  Folks, we're not playing around here. These are sure to turn heads if your guy truly needs some love and attention.

gift ideas for men with beards

Check price on Amazon here

7. The Beard Bib Gift Idea

The Beard Bib was first featured on Shark Tank! Great for catching all those hairs during the mighty shave! This makes a great gift idea for men with beards. 

I personally really like this one, since I am married to a man with a beard, I can always tell when there has been beard trimming going on. Evidence all over the sink lol. This just makes it easy, and I am calling this a gift to whoever cleans the house as well! 

gift ideas for men with beards

Check price on Amazon here

8. Beard Cookie Cutters Gift Idea

For a real treat, I would highly recommend some home-made yummy mustache cookies. And if you really want to be the Queen of the theme, we will just leave the link to these little mustache cookie cutters right here.

gift ideas for men with beards

We may or may not personally own this exact cookie cutter set (spoiler alert: we do!)

gift ideas for men with beards

Check price on Amazon here

9. DIY Handmade Beard Gift Box

Something we think would make a great gift is a handmade beard-lovers box! Make a box (or even a basket) to fill with some of the amazing gift ideas for men with beards that we mentioned above. I would recommend a box that is both durable and one that can be decorated with whatever design you can dream up.

These white, empty gift boxes have magnetic closures and are great for decorating! Just make sure you evaluate how many items you are going to put in the box before buying just one, as this particular one offers a discount if you buy a pack of five

gift ideas for men with beardsThese boxes do have a laminated-like surface, so I would say to either print out pictures and modge podge them on, or try Sharpie Paint Markers to create the design (or do both! These markers are great to embellish a printed picture). We tried and tested these markers ourselves, and think they are pretty amazing. 

See our unboxing and review of Sharpie Paint Markers here

Review and Unboxing of Sharpie Paint Markers

Check price on Amazon here

We also offer a variety of printable paper full of amazing designs that you can print right from your own printer! And they are free, for a limited time. For this project, check out our Movember or our vintage and ephemera paper under our Printables tab! Print one out, cut it to size, modge podge it on the lid of the box and add your own artistic flair!

Printable paper for beard gift box gift idea

Voila. Beard lovers gift box done. What a great gift idea for a man with a beard!

10. Pre-Made Beard Gift Box Idea

And for those of you who want a little bit of everything, be sure to have a look at this Beard Kit For Men from Amazon.

It comes with beard wash, beard oil, beard balm, several types of brushes and a few more goodies. It also comes with a downloadable E-book called Beard Bible!

Beard kit gift idea for men with beards

11. Beard Gift Kit Including Beard Decor

To end this list we found the beard kit that has it all, including that beard decor. Check out this beard kit from Amazon. It has all of your beard grooming, conditioning, trimming, blams and waxes, tools and decorations. This is an all in one beard gift pack we approve of!

Gift ideas for men with beards

This concludes our list of the best gifts and gift ideas for men with beards! We hope you found some fantastic gift inspiration and ideas from it!

And if this is a post you want to remember for when his birthday rolls around, or an anniversary, Valentine's Day or anything else, be sure to PIN one of our pictures above NOW so you can find it again LATER :) Thanks for stopping by!

Gift ideas for men with beards

Have a crafty day!

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