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Handmade Watercolor Paints On Etsy | The Art Spirits

handmade watercolor paints on etsy

Hi friends, we have found another fabulous shop on Etsy that we wanted to share with you for this feature. This shop has the most gorgeous handmade watercolor paints. And if you are looking to get into a new hobby like painting, then you are going to want to give this shop a look. And let's not forget about the artist in your life, they would love to get any of these watercolor paint pans as a gift.

Meet Rebecca from The Art Spirits. This will be your new favorite shop for handmade watercolors. We ordered a set of the gorgeous limited edition gold metallic paints for some upcoming tutorials and the colors are so beautiful. You will see them being used on our YouTube channel. Please subscribe.


Rebecca, who owns The Art Spirits, makes artisan handmade watercolor paints from scratch. She offers complete sets and individual pans. Rebecca's customers are raving about her customer service and high quality paints. Each watercolor pan arrives in it's very own custom wrapping, so when you receive you order it's like unwrapping a gift.

SHOP THE ART SPIRITS to see the full selection of handmade watercolor paints.

Here's our favorite watercolor paints and pans from The Art Spirits. Keep in mind that these watercolor paints are all handmade and some are a limited edition so we will link directly to The Art Spirit shop so you can see what's available at any given time.

Rebecca's watercolor paints and pans are all lovingly handmade from scratch, so you know that you are going to get amazing pigments and pure colors for your art projects.


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These gold metallic paints are stunning. Each pan is completely handmade with quality pigments and Rebecca really packs the color and shimmer into these little gems.

If you are wanting to add extra shimmer to your handmade greeting cards or have a gold themed theme for your planners, then you are going to fall in love with her golds.

best handmade watercolor paints theartspirits

Check out these golds 

♡ ♥💕❤😘



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There's also watercolor sets like this mixed color palette. The packaging is so adorable, she literally wraps every single pan so that it's like opening a special gift. Customers are raving about the pigment load in all of her paints and pans:

"The handmade watercolours are so fun, beautiful glittery effects, and that Sage is gorgeous. Seller packaged them so wonderfully, I didn't want to throw the paper away. Thank you so much!"

best handmade watercolor sets


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A gorgeous selection of watercolor paints with names like Apple Shimmer, Parmar Violet and Sparkling Wine.

One thing to note about all of the watercolor sets in this shop is that there are no fillers in the paints, only pure pigments and the binder. So a little is going to go a very long way.

best handmade watercolor paints


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The Art Spirits has an option for you to go through their shop and pick and choose your favorite colors. So if you are looking for specific shades then you are going to love that you can create your own custom pans.

handmade watercolor paints on etsy


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If you are on a budget or simply just want to try out a single color, then you have the option of purchasing single pans. The Rose Gold is super popular and people are also falling in love with the pigment of the Magic Fairy Dust holo watercolor paints.

rose gold metallic watercolor paints

We hope you check out this amazing shop on Etsy. Feel free to Pin any of the images so that you can come back to this post later, or share on your painting boards.

best handmade watercolor paints on etsy


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