Plan With Us | Episode 1 | Planner Spread Ideas

Plan with us | Planner ideas and inserts

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We have new printable planners and planner bundles! This is so exciting! Not only are we going to be sharing new product releases, but we also want to give our planner community ways to help keep you totally organized. We are going to share our best tips and tricks for your journals and planners.

We have so many new releases in the works such as weekly planners, planner pages, schedules, planner spread ideas, printable planner stickers, and printable calendars. So many things on the go right now! If you want us to create or cover something in particular or want to see a certain spread, let us know in the comments.

So who is ready to plan with us and get organized?! We hope you are! This is our very first plan with us episode and to start things off, we have a brand new release to share with you today. This printable planner pack is called My Sweet Planner and it’s available on our website right here.

planner spread ideas

So this digital pack comes with a total of 20 printable pages. It includes some pretty floral, butterfly, and note stickers! It features 12 months on a pretty light floral background, dates, and then a few more design elements that we included to make it perfect. This printable planner pack can either be printed on sticker paper or you can just print it on regular printer paper and then glue them into your journal or other projects.

printable planner stickers

planner printables

And I should also mention that this pack comes in 5 colors. All of the colors are included in your download so you will have cyan, blue, raspberry, lime, and violet! These planner sheets print out on a regular 8.5 x 11 paper sheet.

So when I’m using printable packs, I like to print them and then cut them right away or I find that they just kind of sit there. I'm using a Fiskars paper trimmer. Check price on Amazon.

plan with us printable planner bundles

Most planners have a pocket at the back so I put the stickers that I use most often there and for the other ones, I like to store them in a photo book! One day I’ll show you how I store my planner stickers. I have a lot!

I love using printable bundles because you can use them in so many ways like to cover mistakes with them or for jotting down a quick note. You can also most definitely use these for your junk journals. Whatever you like!

I like to use my Wink Of Stella shimmer pens for added accents on the floral stickers. I can't seem to stay away from shimmer and glitter. Check prices on Wink Of Stella here on Amazon.

We also have a really great tutorial on how to use every last glitter speck on How To Refill A Wink Of Stella Shimmer Pen.

planner spread ideas to print

planner spread ideas

planner spreads to print

Like I mentioned above, this printable planner pack comes in 5 colors! It's hard to pick a favorite but I'm really loving the raspberry color!

printable planner spreads in pink

If you don't have a planner yet, you might want to check out our latest reviews Archer & Olive and Scribbles That Matter.

Ok here is the video on how to use this planner pack and you can grab the pack right here and follow along with us!

I want to mention that we have a great influencer program so if you want to check that out, you might be able to get access to our whole collection of downloads and printables to use on your own channels and blogs for free! Check if you qualify.

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planner bundles to print | digital planner stickers

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